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15Kg medium-sized intelligent variable speed monitoring pan/tilt, suitable for application integrati
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15Kg medium-sized intelligent variable speed monitoring pan/tilt, suitable for application integrati

Brand JieShiAn
Model JSA-EFPTZL20 series



g product description

The JSAEFPTZ520 series outdoor intelligent variable speed gimbal series is divided into three configurations: high, medium and low. The shell and base of the whole machine are made of high   strength aluminum alloy materials, which have the    characteristics of comprehensive functions and high stability. Choose different product configurations for different application environments, and become the leading product in the monitoring industry with the highest cost performance. This series of gimbals have the functions of 360 ° continuous rotation, automatic scanning, and automatic cruise. They are suitable for large area monitoring, and can be widely used in airports, stations, urban roads, traffic surveys, enterprise security, warehouse monitoring, and residential community security prevention. Important areas.

g Dimensions


g Features

1. Presets position: the pre-stored spatial position corresponding to a set of data including the PTZ coordinates and lens focal length, focus and other parameters. The Presets position function is that the gimbal can store the horizontal angle, vertical angle and camera lens position parameters of the gimbal in the current state into the non-volatile memory. These parameters can be quickly recalled from the non-volatile memory when needed. By adjusting the PTZ and camera lens to the recorded position, the operator can easily and quickly set and recall the Presets position through the control keyboard and other devices.

2. Automatic scanning: the process of the gimbal moving back and forth horizontally at a fixed speed between two fixed points or two set points. Pre-set the left limit (angle of view boundary) and right limit (angle of view boundary), which can realize the reciprocating patrol of the gimbal in the left and right limit interval, and the patrol speed can be set in advance by programming.

3. Automatic cruise: The process of the PTZ cyclically calling the Presets position according to a certain sequence and a certain time interval. The automatic cruise function means that certain Presets positions can be arranged into the queue of the automatic cruise in the required order through pre-programming. With only one command, the gimbal can automatically follow the Presets position sequence and set The set time interval moves back and forth. By setting Presets positions at each important position, the PTZ can automatically cruise between Presets positions.

4. Watch: When the standby time of the gimbal reaches the set value, it can automatically run Presets functions, auto cruise, auto scan and other functions. Set a function for the gimbal (such as an already set Presets position, an auto cruise route, and an auto scan route). After the gimbal maintains the Presets standby time in the standby state, it will automatically execute this function. Some also call the watch position the watch.

5. Structure and materials: Outdoor intelligent variable-speed gimbal, the body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, the appearance design can resist strong wind, the operation is stable and the precision is high. The product uses a combination of high-precision stepper motor and precision worm gear drive mode, which can be self-locked when the power is off; the device can be equipped with an automatic heating system, which can automatically start the heating function at low temperature to ensure that the product can be applied to cold areas.

6. Interface and speed: The device supports RS485 / RS422 communication interface, and can be equipped with network models with network transmission signal up to 100Mbps; the device program can be upgraded remotely to facilitate device maintenance. The visual pitch angle range is wide, the monitoring range is wide, and the horizontal rotation speed can reach 60 ° / s.

7. Other features: support a variety of lens Presets functions, zoom adaptive function, rotation speed can be automatically adjusted according to the lens zoom magnification. Support power-off memory function, re-power on after accidental power-off, remember the last running state, can be restored to the running state before power off.

g Specifications





spinning speed

Horizontal: 0.1 ° / s-60 ° / s   

Pitch: 0.1 ° / s-30 ° / s

Horizontal: 1 ° / s-9 ° / s   

Tilt: 1 ° / s-4 ° / s

Horizontal: 0.1 ° / s-60 ° / s   

Pitch: 0.1 ° / s-20 ° / s

Rotation angle

Horizontal: 360 ° continuous   Pitch: -75 ° ~ + 40 °

Horizontal: 360 ° continuous   Pitch: -75 ° ~ + 40 °

Horizontal: 360 ° continuous   Pitch: -75 ° ~ + 40 °

transfer method

Worm gear drive

Gear belt

Horizontal gear belt, vertical worm gear

Carrying method

Top load (Side load compatible)


Support 200 effective Presets positions

Presets accuracy




Lens Presets

Support, can adapt to multiple lenses

Lens control

Zoom, focus control speed is continuously adjustable


Support speed adaptation

Auto cruise


Auto scan


Watch function

1 Presets position or 1 auto cruise route or 1 auto scan route can be set

Power-off memory

Support (can restore the position before power failure, Presets position status, cruise status, line scan status)


Pelco D / P protocol optional

Baud rate

2400/4800/9600 / 19200bps optional

Communication Interface

RS485 communication, support angle query return(Optional RS422, support real-time angle return)/ RJ45 network port (network PTZ configuration)

RS485 communication, support angle query return(Optional RS422, support real-time angle return)/ RJ45 network port (network PTZ configuration)

Input range

AC24V ± 20%, 50 / 60Hz or DC24V ± 10%

power consumption




Operating temperature

-25 ℃ + 65 ℃, 90% ± 5% (without heating)

-40 ℃ + 70 ℃, 90% ± 5% (with heating / optional)

Storage temperature


Maximum load


Protection level





Aluminum alloy




Laser PTZ Camera

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