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HDMI encoding RTMP push streaming server, Support Youtube or Wowza mainstream media platform
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HDMI encoding RTMP push streaming server, Support Youtube or Wowza mainstream media platform

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The HDMI-encoded RTMP push streaming live server uses the HiSilicon codec solution. The product is an HDMI network high-definition encoder for security video surveillance, IPTV network live broadcast, remote teaching, remote medicine, celebrations, remote video conferencing, and self-media live broadcast applications. A high-performance, single-chip SOC chip is used to implement a media processor that integrates audio and video capture, compression, and transmission. The standard H.265 and H.264 Baseline and Mainprofile encoding algorithms ensure clearer and smoother video transmission. The embedded Web Server allows users to easily realize real-time monitoring and remote control of front-end video through the IE browser.

Support and compatible with mainstream service media servers such as Tencent Cloud, LeTV Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Witness, Youtube and Wowza, compatible with mainstream H.265 NVR products such as Hikvision, Dahua, Jieshian, and support TS streaming, RTMP, Protocols such as HTTP, RTSP and ONVIF; support audio encoding such as AAC, G.711U and G.711A. As well as various occasions that need to be applied to remote network video transmission and live broadcasting, this product is easy to install and easy to operate.

The product adopts HiSilicon's advanced H.265 network high-definition digital audio and video chip compression technology, which has stable, reliable, high-definition, low bit rate, low delay and other technical characteristics. The input of this product is high-definition HDMI video signal, after the main chip video compression coding processing, the standard TS stream and RTMP video stream are output through the network. The introduction of this product fills the gap in the industry, directly replaces the traditional video capture card, and uses an embedded operating system to ensure that the product is more stable. PCB or software specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

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rtmp encoder

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g   Video surveillance live/Rtmp application scenarios


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Laser PTZ Camera

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