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36, 48 or 60 disk high-performance monitoring storage and forwarding server

Brand JieShiAn
Model JSA-6STMTS600I300F


g product description

STMTS series products are all-in-one integrated platform storage and forwarding management server that integrates data management, storage, forwarding, and transcoding. Each sub-module is based on the project's demand based on the access capacity, and multiple functional modules can be integrated in a single machine. It also supports distributed deployment of various sub-modules on different physical machines. Support ONVIF, RTSP and other protocols, support deployment in the Internet, private network, cloud and other environments; is a new generation of professional management storage and forwarding products launched by Jieshian Technology, based on high-performance, highly reliable intel Server or HiSilicon platform design, the software is based on the Jessian storage software platform adopts a modular design architecture, integrates VRAID2.0, HASS industry-leading hard disk management technology, cross-platform device management GUI, with high performance, high reliability, and large capacity , Easy to expand and easy to manage and other characteristics, widely used in data center, small and medium-sized enterprises, radio and television and video surveillance applications. It is specially designed for the overall solution of network high-definition monitoring. It integrates management, storage, forwarding, transcoding, and control integrated products. It is embedded in professional security integrated platform management system software, which can carry out fine and perfect system management, and can centrally manage massive front-end equipment. , Storage equipment, decoding matrix on the wall and other equipment, support multi-level server cluster, cascade, provide customers with a complete security management system. It can be widely used in public security, transportation, justice, buildings, finance, energy, education, agriculture, tourism, environmental protection, logistics, medical treatment and other fields.


g System module features

® VRAID2.0 technology

VRAID (Advanced Virtual RAID) is a collection of innovative RAID technologies of Jessian Storage, covering disk hot-swap, synchronization/reconstruction, fault-tolerant processing and other technologies, achieving second-level reconstruction, automatic synchronization, and permanent protection of RAID metadata.

◆ Delta reconstruction

Delta reconstruction is an optimized reconstruction method designed for the case where the data disk is offline and online for a short time, so that other disks can write normally during the data disk offline. During this period, the data corresponding to the offline data disk is invalid data. When the offline data is back online, only invalid data is rebuilt, which greatly reduces the reconstruction time, so that the array can be restored to the redundant state in the shortest time.

◆ Delta synchronization

Delta synchronization is an innovation to the existing synchronization, as long as the data block has been written, the synchronization is skipped, which greatly reduces the amount of synchronized data. At the same time, unsynchronized arrays always use writes to small data blocks without causing performance degradation.

◆ Read error repair

During the normal operation of the array, if the data of one disk cannot be read, the usual method is to calculate the checksum by reading other disks and return the user data, but the error will be stored until the user writes the data block next time In order to repair, read the repair technology in the data returned to the user at the same time, write the wrong data block at the same time, and repair in time to make the array recover to the redundant state as soon as possible.

◆ RAID metadata permanent protection

The metadata of RAID records the important information of RAID structure and running status. VRAID2.0 adopts multiple data storage and hard disk separation technology to ensure that metadata is always correct and reliable.

◆ Support RAID roaming

RAID groups can use roaming technology to roam to other devices to maintain their original state and data integrity.

® HASS technology

HASS (Hard Disk Active Stabilization System) is an application research based on the rotary magnetic hard disk (HDD) of Jasper Storage, which continuously improves the reliability of hard disk processing technology and reduces the hard disk failure rate by more than 80%.

◆ Active medical examination

Actively check the disk periodically to discover potential hard disk errors in time.

◆ Real-time data analysis

Real-time tracking of various errors in the hard disk, and system analysis with historical data.

◆ SMART analysis

Monitor SMART data changes online and analyze hard disk health status online.

In the process of detection and analysis, according to its health status, corresponding processing, such as repair, alarm, etc., will be carried out.

® Highly reliable hardware design

◆ Data center-level high availability

Based on Intel 64-bit multi-core processor, it can choose to support ECC DDR memory, 64-bit storage operating system that can give full play to multi-core performance, to ensure 7X24-hour stable and reliable operation of the system.

◆ BMC design

BMC (baseboard management controller) design, BMC has been collecting board-level sensor data in the background, and records various errors and alarms for the operating system analysis and processing, and improves the reliability of the system.

◆ Redundant power module with high energy efficiency ratio

The high-performance model adopts the energy-efficient 1+1 redundant hot-swap power supply design. When the power supply fails or is powered off, it automatically switches to another power supply system. The failed power supply module supports online replacement.

◆ Redundant fan module with temperature control and energy saving

The use of energy-efficient redundant pluggable fan design, when one fan module fails, the other fan module of the system can still meet the heat dissipation requirements of the entire system, the fan module will adjust the fan speed in real time according to the system temperature, on the premise of ensuring heat dissipation Next, reduce the input power.

◆ Over temperature protection

Due to factors such as environment (air conditioning failure, power failure, etc.), the system temperature exceeds the protection threshold, the system will automatically shut down to protect the device and hard disk data.

◆ Power protection

Since the hard disk needs a large current to start up, the system will sequentially power on the hard disk after it detects the hard disk is inserted to reduce the inrush current caused by the hard disk startup and ensure the safe operation of the system.

◆ Automatic call start

After an abnormal power failure, the power is automatically started to resume business in the shortest time.

◆ Rich alarm function

Support indicator light alarm, buzzer alarm, mail alarm and other functions.

® Green technology

◆ Cold standby quickly restores 1+1 redundant power supply, always maintaining more than 80% power supply efficiency.

◆ Efficient DC-DC conversion to reduce the conversion loss in the device; CPU automatically adjusts energy consumption according to    load.

◆ Temperature-controlled fan: Continuously collect system temperature changes, and intelligently adjust the speed of the fan according to    the temperature to reduce energy consumption.

® B/S management is simple and easy to use

The Chinese and English graphical interface based on B/S management visualization, the navigation tree and the design of what you see, make configuration and management very simple and easy to use, greatly reducing the cost of management and maintenance.

g   High performance series [36/48/60HDD bit]


g Device application network diagram


g Server system and disk configuration interface


g Video surveillance storage video management interface


g System applications

Laser PTZ Camera

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