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0.5~5km long-distance pan/tilt, laser pan/tilt camera, support ONVIF/RTSP/RTMP and other protocols
Brand: JieShiAn



g Features

= Vertical speed up to 60°/s (belt), 40°/s (turbine)

= Horizontal speed up to 150°/s (belt), 40°/s (turbine)

= Optional30~52 times 2~8 million pixel HD movement

= Aluminum alloy structure design, waterproof grade IP66

= Use laser synchronous generator, irradiation distance is 1000~3000 meters

= Support H.265/H.264 encoding, high compression ratio, good image quality

= 360° continuous rotation in horizontal direction, -90°40° in vertical direction

= Support Onvif optional GB28181 protocol, can provide SDK for easy integration

= Optional support for three defenses can be used in harsh environments such as sea

= Turbine scroll type, suitable for low power consumption such as solar power supply

= Support cold start at -40℃, can be used in severe cold areas, anti-freeze and dustproof

g Dimensions


g Application

l Safe City

l Telemedicine

l Outdoor sports

l Mobility control

l Wedding Recording

l Distance education

l Law enforcement vehicles

l Road administration vehicles

l Highway mobile law enforcement

l Urban management law enforcement

g Specifications


g System applications

Laser PTZ Camera

g   Jiesan Company's main product line list


g   Main application product line application scenarios



15 years[2005~2020]Industry accumulation Focus on specialty and create quality


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