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10kg PTZ, suitable for product integration applications such as ptz camera, thermal camer
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10kg PTZ, suitable for product integration applications such as ptz camera, thermal camer

Brand JieShiAn
Model JSA-EFPTZ410



g Features

   ● The maximum load can reach 10Kg; the protection level is IP66;

   ● Optional PTZ azimuth value, camera focal length value, focus value, etc.

   ● Support multiple scanning methods such as cruise scanning, pattern scanning;

   ● Support a variety of lens Presets positions; the whole machine is easy to operate and maintain;

   ● Support power-off memory function, automatically return to the monitoring scene before power-off after power-on;

   ● Continuous 360° horizontal rotation; horizontal rotation speed can reach 100°/s; high repeat positioning accuracy, can reach ± 0.1°

   ● Support watch function, Presets point / pattern scan / cruise scan can be called automatically after staying in idle state for a specified time;

   ● The shell adopts high-strength aluminum alloy die-casting material, worm gear and worm gear transmission, synchronous belt transmission mixed mode, self-locking when power is off.

g   Size


g Specifications


g System applications

Laser PTZ Camera

g Jiesan Company's main product line list


g Main application product line application scenarios



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