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Dual-spectrum anti-wind ball laser turntable, 1080P~4K HD camera +2000~5000m laser integration
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Dual-spectrum anti-wind ball laser turntable, 1080P~4K HD camera +2000~5000m laser integration

Brand JieShiAn or KaiDian
Model JSA-8TSOAX680LA-Series



JSA-8TSOAX680 series dual-spectrum anti-wind table turntable camera is a remote day and night monitoring product developed by our company for border defense monitoring, coastal defense monitoring, shipboard monitoring, forest fire prevention, Haihe waterway, water conservancy project, etc. It is designed and produced by military technology and has high performance. Accurate positioning, anti-strong wind, anti-seawater corrosion performance; used in harsh environments, the image can maintain high definition and smooth, no jitter; small maintenance, long service life.

The system integrates leading optical and electromechanical technologies from multiple industries, integrating precision heavy-duty power systems, infrared thermal imaging, infrared fog imaging and laser synchronizer technology, sealing and metal corrosion protection technology, designed for special applications. The device is easy to operate, and the preset position is powerful and intelligent. Optional installation of target locking and automatic tracking (customized), timely capture and tracking of captured targets, tracking control speed of up to 0.01 ° / s.

The JSA-8TSOAX680 series is close to the global appearance, with a thick structure and excellent wind resistance. Whether in high wind or during motion, the image remains stable, jitter-free, and jam-free. The image does not shake and does not shake when starting and braking. The whole machine adopts high-strength aluminum alloy material, designed according to IP66 protection level, multiple protection measures such as lightning and surge, intelligent temperature control system and strong heat dissipation path. It is almost maintenance-free under outdoor outdoor conditions, which is suitable for long-term low air, Real-time monitoring of slow and small targets.

g Characteristics

1], surge protection and lightning protection, effective anti-radar 6KV/3KA;

2], the image in the hurricane resistant to hurricane 40 m / s can be kept stable;

3], global body design, compact structure, low turning clearance, fine operation;

4], large-size high-definition visible light image sensor, star-level imaging sensitivity;

5, energy-saving design, suitable for solar energy and other power supply environments;

6], anti-freeze design of rotating parts, no freezing in cold and humid weather, no blocking;

7], dynamic intelligent noise reduction technology, no noise in the image in low light environment;

8], using precision heavy-duty power system, stable operation, responsive and accurate positioning;

9], the body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, with three-proof and IP66 protection design;

10], PTC variable power heater, the lower the temperature, the higher the power, adapt to the extremely cold weather;

11], optional 1080P~4K high-definition camera [up to 1000mm lens] and 384/640 resolution 15~200mm thermal image    lens or 20~ 5000m laser dual-spectrum or three-spectrum integration.

g Specifications


g Product Size


g Application field

Forest fire prevention, airport runway, urban high-altitude observation, land and resources conservation, oilfield burglary, port terminal, waterway, railway transportation, environmental monitoring, border defense, fishery management, mariculture, water conservancy, maritime search and rescue, wetland protection, etc. place.

g Application scenario


g Application topology


g Camera monitoring distance reference value correspondence table


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