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1080P~4K HD surveillance camera +384/640 thermal imaging dual-spectrum PTZ surveillance camera

Brand JieShiAn or KaiDian
Model JSA-8HSOTD30TH-Series



g Description and characteristics

This series of network HD thermal reloading PTZ cameras integrates the leading opto-mechatronics technology in many industries, using 384 or 640 thermal imager movement with 1080P~4K HD integrated machine movement and telephoto HD lens integrated monitoring The camera automatically adapts to the camera angle of view when the camera is zoomed, without manual intervention. The camera module is developed in depth, the night vision effect is better, and the focusing speed is ideal.

Integrated high-speed and large-torque precision head, flexible control, users can achieve horizontal 360°, vertical 90° with horizontal speed of 0.01°/sec to 12°/sec and vertical speed of 0.01°/sec to 8°/sec. No blind zone monitoring. Both the PTZ camera and the thermal imager lens can be preset, with 200 preset points, automatic cruise scanning, and scheduled execution of the user's scheduled scene. The preset point is positioned accurately, the memory function is reliable, and the power is not lost. The whole machine has IP66 protection grade, the structure is firm and fully sealed, and the surface is resistant to oxidation and salt spray. Anti-hurricane, can work normally at a wind speed of 150 kilometers per hour. Remote defrosting, anti-fogging function, waterproof and high temperature resistance, can ignore all kinds of harsh environments around the clock.

g Specifications


g Product Size


g Application field

Forest fire prevention, airport runway, urban high-altitude observation, land and resources conservation, oilfield burglary, port terminal, waterway, railway transportation, environmental monitoring, border defense, fishery management, mariculture, water conservancy, maritime search and rescue, wetland protection, etc. place.

g Camera monitoring distance reference value correspondence table


g Thermal imaging monitoring distance reference value correspondence table




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