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JSA-8HSOTA Series Intelligent Infrared Car PTZ Surveillance Camera 94~108mm

Brand JieShiAn


Network High Definition Intelligent PTZ Camera


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Functional characteristics

« Aluminum alloy structure design, waterproof grade IP66

« Antifogging: heating glass directly, removing fog in about 5 minutes

« Supporting ONVIF, GB28181 protocol, providing SDK for easy integration

« Horizontal 360 degrees continuous rotation, vertical (+90 degrees), automatic reversal

« Supporting cold start-up at - 35 C, can be used in cold areas: frost and dust prevention

« Selection of high quality infrared lamp, infrared irradiation distance greater than 100 meters

« Preset position: 255, maximum horizontal speed 160 degrees/S, maximum vertical speed 80 degrees/S

« Isolated power supply design, high stability, on-board power supply voltage input range: DC9V~DC36V

« Strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, suitable for complex environment such as power industry

« The highest horizontal manual speed is 160 degrees/S, and the highest vertical manual speed is 55 degrees/S.

« Brake motors are used to support self-locking of the platform to enhance the wind resistance of the platform.

« The upper and lower structure design of camera and infrared cylinder makes it faster for customers to install their own cameras.

« Optional support for automatic tracking and intelligent analysis (face detection, area intrusion, tripping line detection hovering detection, retrograde detection, items left behind, items removed, camera anomaly detection); only JSA-8HSOTC2594IRIVS model supports intelligent analysis.

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Ping'an CityUrban Management Law EnforcementOutdoor SportsWedding Video BroadcastingPolice Vehicle Law Enforcement VehicleLocation Control of Mobile Man-CarRoad Law Enforcement VehicleDistance Education/Medical CareCommunity/Park MonitoringHighway Mobile Law Enforcement

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Professional because of focus

18 years (2005~2023) industry precipitation


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