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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Young Edward!" A burst of laughter from the auditors didnot in the least disconcert the speaker, who continued, --"Yes, gentlemen; Edward, the infant phenomenon, who is quitean adept in the art of killing."
2.  "Shall you see the king again?"
3.  "Yes, since you have known me," said Morrel, smiling; "butthat cannot apply to the time previous to our acquaintance,Valentine."
4.  "I told you one evening in the garden after Madame deSaint-Meran's death -- because his system is accustomed tothat very poison, and the dose was trifling to him, whichwould be fatal to another; because no one knows, not eventhe assassin, that, for the last twelve months, I have givenM. Noirtier brucine for his paralytic affection, while theassassin is not ignorant, for he has proved that brucine isa violent poison."
5.  "From whom?"
6.  "Yes, my dear father, and with your permission, now I haveseen you, and know you are well and have all you require, Iwill ask your consent to go and pay a visit to theCatalans."


1.  "But, sir, you spoke of vigilance and protection. Are you adoctor?"
2.  "Who, then, are you? and why, if you knew me, do you let medie?"
3.  "Monsieur Franz is his friend, you know."
4.  "I have a letter to give you from the count."
5.  Danglars looked towards Fernand, whose excitable naturereceived and betrayed each fresh impression.
6.  "Nothing," replied the count; "only, as you see, theCarnival his commenced. Make haste and dress yourself."


1.  "Oh, no, for when I had taken out the thread I required, Ihemmed the edges over again."
2.  "Swear to me," replied Faria, "to free me if what I tell youprove true, and I will stay here while you go to the spot."
3.  "Happy?" asked the count again.
4.  "Let us put down 120," added Albert, smiling. "You see I amgenerous, am I not, mother?"
5.   "You have seen the man who desired to speak with you fromyour friend?" he asked of Franz.
6.  "How are you, sir?" asked Morrel, with a sickness of heart.


1.  "I have but one question to ask you, -- what do you intendto do?"
2.  "Yes, my dear father," replied Edmond, smiling at hisfather's astonishment at the excessive honor paid to hisson.
3.  "Coming, as usual, I presume, from the extreme end of theglobe? Pardon me -- at least, such I have heard is yourcustom."
4、  Villefort dictated a petition, in which, from an excellentintention, no doubt, Dantes' patriotic services wereexaggerated, and he was made out one of the most activeagents of Napoleon's return. It was evident that at thesight of this document the minister would instantly releasehim. The petition finished, Villefort read it aloud.
5、  * ,600,000 in 1894.




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      "Incessantly, alas!" cried the abbe.

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      "But do you think we shall find the count at home?"

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       "What voices ?" asked Valentine. Morrel shuddered as hethought of the conversation of the doctor and M. deVillefort, and he thought he could see through the sheet theextended hands, the stiff neck, and the purple lips.

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      "`Thank you,' said Luigi, drawing back his hand; `I render aservice, I do not sell it.' -- `Well,' replied thetraveller, who seemed used to this difference between theservility of a man of the cities and the pride of themountaineer, `if you refuse wages, you will, perhaps, accepta gift.' -- `Ah, yes, that is another thing.' -- `Then,'said the traveller, `take these two Venetian sequins andgive them to your bride, to make herself a pair ofearrings.'

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    {  "Why, the number of persons condemned to suffer, theirnames, and description of the death they are to die."

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      "And how much is the pension?"}

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      "With pleasure, sir; twenty francs are not to be despised.Tell me what I am to do for this."

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      "On the contrary, I shall feel much pleasure." Thus, thefuture father and son-in-law stepped into the same carriage,and Morrel, seeing them pass, became uneasy. Villefort andFranz returned to the Faubourg Saint-Honore. The procureur,without going to see either his wife or his daughter, wentat once to his study, and, offering the young man a chair,-- "M. d'Epinay," said he, "allow me to remind you at thismoment, -- which is perhaps not so ill-chosen as at firstsight may appear, for obedience to the wishes of thedeparted is the first offering which should be made at theirtomb, -- allow me then to remind you of the wish expressedby Madame de Saint-Meran on her death-bed, that Valentine'swedding might not be deferred. You know the affairs of thedeceased are in perfect order, and her will bequeaths toValentine the entire property of the Saint-Meran family; thenotary showed me the documents yesterday, which will enableus to draw up the contract immediately. You may call on thenotary, M. Deschamps, Place Beauveau, Faubourg Saint-Honore,and you have my authority to inspect those deeds."

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    {  His pallor was so peculiar, that it seemed to pertain to onewho had been long entombed, and who was incapable ofresuming the healthy glow and hue of life. He was notparticularly tall, but extremely well made, and, like themen of the south, had small hands and feet. But whatastonished Franz, who had treated Gaetano's description as afable, was the splendor of the apartment in which he foundhimself. The entire chamber was lined with crimson brocade,worked with flowers of gold. In a recess was a kind ofdivan, surmounted with a stand of Arabian swords in silverscabbards, and the handles resplendent with gems; from theceiling hung a lamp of Venetian glass, of beautiful shapeand color, while the feet rested on a Turkey carpet, inwhich they sunk to the instep; tapestry hung before the doorby which Franz had entered, and also in front of anotherdoor, leading into a second apartment which seemed to bebrilliantly illuminated. The host gave Franz time to recoverfrom his surprise, and, moreover, returned look for look,not even taking his eyes off him. "Sir," he said, after apause, "a thousand excuses for the precaution taken in yourintroduction hither; but as, during the greater portion ofthe year, this island is deserted, if the secret of thisabode were discovered. I should doubtless, find on my returnmy temporary retirement in a state of great disorder, whichwould be exceedingly annoying, not for the loss itoccasioned me, but because I should not have the certainty Inow possess of separating myself from all the rest ofmankind at pleasure. Let me now endeavor to make you forgetthis temporary unpleasantness, and offer you what no doubtyou did not expect to find here -- that is to say, atolerable supper and pretty comfortable beds."

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      "But not mine, mother," replied Albert. "I am young andstrong; I believe I am courageous, and since yesterday Ihave learned the power of will. Alas, my dear mother, somehave suffered so much, and yet live, and have raised a newfortune on the ruin of all the promises of happiness whichheaven had made them -- on the fragments of all the hopewhich God had given them! I have seen that, mother; I knowthat from the gulf in which their enemies have plunged themthey have risen with so much vigor and glory that in theirturn they have ruled their former conquerors, and havepunished them. No. mother; from this moment I have done withthe past, and accept nothing from it -- not even a name,because you can understand that your son cannot bear thename of a man who ought to blush for it before another."