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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Brander
2.  Faust
3.  We're too well - bred to squabble here, Or insult back to render; But mayyou wither soon, my dear, Although so young and tender.Leader of the Band
4.  Go, you'll laugh at me!
5.  Margaret
6.  At Padua, in St. Anthony's, In holy ground his body lies; Quiet and cool hisplace of rest, With pious ceremonials blest.


1.  As if his frame love wasted.
2.  My friend,
3.  How! add insult, too! Vile broomstick!
4.  (who all this time has been standing before a looking - glass, nowapproaching, and now retiring from it)
5.  Margaret
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  What super - earthly ecstasy! at night, To lie in darkness on the dewy height,Embracing heaven and earth in rapture high, The soul dilating to a deity; Withprescient yearnings pierce the core of earth, Feel in your labouring breast thesix - days' birth, Enjoy, in proud delight what no one knows, While your love- rapture o'er creation flows, The earthly lost in beatific vision, And then thelofty intuition
2.  Mephistopheles
3.  How so?
4.  If it so please thee, I'm at thy command; Only on this condition, understand;That worthily thy leisure to beguile, I here may exercise my arts awhile.Faust
5.   In every garb I needs must feel oppress'd, My heart to earth's low cares aprey. Too old the trifler's part to play, Too young to live by no desirepossess'd. What can the world to me afford? Renounce! renouce! is still theword; This is the everlasting song In every ear that ceaseless rings, Andwhich, alas, our whole life long, Hoarsely each passing moment sings. But tonew horror I awake each morn, And I could weep hot tears, to see the sunDawn on another day, whose round forlorn Accomplishes no wish of mine -not one. Which still, with froward captiousness, impains E'en the presentimentof every joy, While low realities and paltry cares The spirit's fond imaginingsdestroy. Then must I too, when falls the veil of night, Stretch'd on my palletlanguish in despair, Appalling dreams my soul affright; No rest vouchsafed meeven there. The god, who throned within my breast resides, Deep in my soulcan stir the springs; With sovereign sway my energies he guides, He cannotmove external things; And so existence is to me a weight. Death fondly Idesire, and life I hate.
6.  A dog dost see, no spectre have we here; He growls, doubts, lays him on hisbelly, too, And wags his tail - as dogs are wont to do.Faust


1.  Faust
2.  To - night, I see, I shall in naught succeed; But I'm prepar'd my travels topursue, And hope, before my final step indeed, To triumph over bards anddevils too.
3.  How all unlike the influence of this sign! Earth - spirit, thou to me art nigher,E'en now my strength is rising higher, E'en now I glow as with new wine;Courage I feel, abroad the world to dare, The woe of earth, the bliss of earthto bear, With storms to wrestle, brave the lightning's glare, And mid thecrashing shipwreck not despair.
4、  'Tis true: Sybilla told me so to - day! That comes of being proud, methinks;She played the fool at last.
5、  Chorus of Angels




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      Love - greetings and love kisses! Thou shalt not hinder me!(Sings)

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       What wilt thou wager? Him thou yet shall lose, If leave to me thou wilt butgive, Gently to lead him as I choose!

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      He's my good friend, with whom 'twill prosper well; I grudge him not thechoicest of thy store. Now draw thy circle, speak thy spell, And straight abumper for him pour!

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    {  And dare a voice of merely human birth, E'en here, where shapes immortalthrong'd intrude? Yet ah! thou poorest of the sons of earth, For once, I e'ento thee feel gratitude. Despair the power of sense did well - nigh blast, Andthou didst save me ere I sank dismay'd, So giant - like the vision seem'd, sovast, I felt myself shrink dwarf'd as I survey'd!I, God's own image, from this toil of clay Already freed, with eager joy whohail'd The mirror of eternal truth unveil'd, Mid light effulgent and celestial day:I, more than cherub, whose unfetter'd soul With penetrative glance aspir'd toflow Through nature's veins, and, still creating, know The life of gods, - howam I punish'd now! One thunder - word hath hurl'd me from the goal!Spirit! I dare not lift me to thy sphere. What though my power compell'd theeto appear, My art was powerless to detain thee here. In that great moment,rapture - fraught, I felt myself so small, so great; Fiercely didst thrust me fromthe realm of thought Back on humanity's uncertain fate! Who'll teach me now?What ought I to forego? Ought I that impulse to obey? Alas! our every deed,as well as every woe, Impedes the tenor of life's onward way!E'en to the noblest by the soul conceiv'd, Some feelings cling of baser quality;And when the goods of this world are achiev'd, Each nobler aim is termed acheat, a lie. Our aspirations, our soul's genuine life, Grow torpid in the din ofearthly strife. Though youthful phantasy, while hope inspires, Stretch o'er theinfinite her wing sublime, A narrow compass limits her desires, When wreck'dour fortunes in the gulf of time. In the deep heart of man care builds her nest,O'er secret woes she broodeth there, Sleepless she rocks herself and scarethjoy and rest; Still is she wont some new disguise to wear, She may as houseand court, as wife and child appear, As dagger, poison, fire and flood;Imagined evils chill thy blood,

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      What feelings, great man, must thy breast inspire, At homage paid thee by thiscrowd! Thrice blest Who from the gifts by him possessed Such benefit candraw! The sire Thee to his boy with reverence shows; They press around,inquire, advance, Hush'd is the fiddle, check'd the dance. Where thou dostpass they stand in rows, And each aloft his bonnet throws, But little fails andthey to thee, As though the Host came by, would bend the knee.Faust

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    {  But take heed! Hover round, above, below,

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