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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What the devil do you mean? Once again I ask you, where is yourwarrant?" shouted the furious Peters, his big red face glaring overthe farther end of the coffin.
2.  In choosing a few typical cases which illustrate the remarkablemental qualities of my friend, Sherlock Holmes, I have endeavoured, asfar as possible, to select those which presented the minimum ofsensationalism, while offering a fair field for his talents. It is,however, unfortunately impossible entirely to separate the sensationalfrom the criminal, and a chronicler is left in the dilemma that hemust either sacrifice details which are essential to his statement andso give a false impression of the problem, or he must use matter whichchance, and not choice, has provided him with. With this short prefaceI shall turn to my notes of what proved to be a strange, though apeculiarly terrible, chain of events.
3.  The garden gate of The Haven had opened and a man had emerged. Therewas no mistaking that tall, angular, straggling figure. It was IanMurdoch, the mathematician. A moment later we confronted him uponthe road.
4.  "One night, when Gennaro returned from his work, he brought afellow-countryman back with him. His name was Gorgiano, and he hadcome also from Posilippo. He was a huge man, as you can testify, foryou have looked upon his corpse. Not only was his body that of a giantbut everything about him was grotesque, gigantic, and terrifying.His voice was like thunder in our little house. There was scarceroom for the whirl of his great arms as he talked. His thoughts, hisemotions, his passions, all were exaggerated and monstrous. He talked,or rather roared, with such energy that others could but sit andlisten, cowed with the mighty stream of words. His eyes blazed atyou and held you at his mercy. He was a terrible and wonderful man.I thank God that he is dead!
5.  "I knew that you did it."
6.  "'Who shall have


1.  "...face bled considerably from the cuts and blows, But it wasnothing to the bleeding of his heart as he saw that lovely face, theface for which he had been prepared to sacrifice his very life,looking out at his agony and humiliation, She smiled- yes, byHeaven! she smiled, like the heartless fiend she was, as he lookedup at her. It was at that moment that love died and hate was born. Manmust live for something. If it is not for your embrace, my lady,then it shall surely be for your undoing and my complete revenge.""Queer grammar!" said Holmes with a smile as he handed the paperback to the inspector. "Did you notice how the 'he' suddenly changedto 'my'? The writer was so carried away by his own story that heimagined himself at the supreme moment to be the hero.
2.  Stanley Hopkins and I stared in amazement. Something like a sneerquivered over the gaunt features of the old professor.
3.  "Very good, Lestrade," said Holmes, laughing. "You really are veryfine indeed. Let me see it." He took up the paper in a listless way,but his attention instantly became riveted, and he gave a little cryof satisfaction. "This is indeed important," said he.
4.  "Exactly. This end, which we can examine, is frayed. He wascunning enough to do that with his knife. But the other end is notfrayed. You could not observe that from here, but if you were on themantelpiece you would see that it is cut clean off without any mark offraying whatever. You can reconstruct what occurred. The man neededthe rope. He would not tear it down for fear of giving the alarm byringing the bell. What did he do? He sprang up on the mantelpiece,could not quite reach it, put his knee on the bracket- you will seethe impression in the dust- and so got his knife to bear upon thecord. I could not reach the place by at least three inches- from whichI infer that he is at least three inches a bigger man than I. Lookat that mark upon the seat of the oaken chair! What is it?""Blood."
5.  "Pshaw, my dear fellow, what do the public, the great unobservantpublic, who could hardly tell a weaver by his tooth or a compositor byhis left thumb, care about the finer shades of analysis and deduction!But, indeed, if you are trivial, I cannot blame you, for the days ofthe great cases are past. Man, or at least criminal man, has lostall enterprise and originality. As to my own little practice, it seemsto be degenerating into an agency for recovering lost lead pencils andgiving advice to young ladies from boarding-schools. I think that Ihave touched bottom at last, however. This note I had this morningmarks my zero-point, I fancy. Read it!" He tossed a crumpled letteracross to me.
6.  There was a big boulder just above the ledge, and we pushed it untilit fell with a tremendous splash into the water. When the rippleshad cleared we saw that it had settled upon the ledge below. Oneflapping edge of yellow membrane showed that our victim was beneathit. A thick oily scum oozed out from below the stone and stained thewater round, rising slowly to the surface.


1.  "Because we have in this case one singular incident coming closeto the heels of another singular incident. The police are making themistake of concentrating their attention upon the second, because ithappens to be the one which is actually criminal. But it is evident tome that the logical way to approach the case is to begin by tryingto throw some light upon the first incident- the curious will, sosuddenly made, and to so unexpected an heir. It may do something tosimplify what followed. No, my dear fellow, I don't think you can helpme. There is no prospect of danger, or I should not dream ofstirring out without you. I trust that when I see you in theevening, I will be able to report that I have been able to dosomething for this unfortunate youngster, who has thrown himselfupon my protection."
2.  Mr. Sidney Johnson, the senior clerk, met us at the office andreceived us with that respect which my companion's card alwayscommanded. He was a thin, gruff, bespectacled man of middle age, hischeeks haggard, and his hands twitching from the nervous strain towhich he had been subjected.
3.  "Mr. Mortimer Tregennis died during the night, and with exactlythe same symptoms as the rest of his family."
4.  "This is Wednesday evening," said Mr. Melas. "Well, then, it wasMonday night-only two days ago, you understand-that all this happened.I am an interpreter, as perhaps my neighbour there has told you. Iinterpret all languages-or nearly all-but as I am a Greek by birth andwith a Grecian name, it is with that particular tongue that I amprincipally associated. For many years I have been the chief Greekinterpreter in London, and my name is very well known in the hotels."It happens not unfrequently that I am sent for at strange hoursby foreigners who get into difficulties, or by travellers who arrivelate and wish my services. I was not surprised, therefore, on Mondaynight when a Mr. Latimer, a very fashionably dressed young man, cameup to my rooms and asked me to accompany him in a cab which waswaiting at the door. A Greek friend had come to see him upon business,he said, and as he could speak nothing but his own tongue, theservices of an interpreter were indispensable. He gave me tounderstand that his house was some little distance off, in Kensington,and he seemed to be in a great hurry, bustling me rapidly into the cabwhen we had descended to the street.
5.   Finding that Holmes was too absorbed for conversation I had tossedaside the barren paper, and leaning back in my chair I fell into abrown study. Suddenly my companion's voice broke in upon my thoughts:"You are right, Watson," said he. "It does seem a most
6.  "He began by drawing a most formidable-looking bludgeon loadedwith lead from his pocket, and switching it backward and forwardseveral times, as if to test its weight and strength. Then he placedit without a word upon the seat beside him. Having done this, hedrew up the windows on each side, and I found to my astonishmentthat they were covered with paper so as to prevent my seeing throughthem.


1.  "What did you say, Holmes?" I asked.
2.  "The first page on the floor, the second in the window, the thirdwhere you left it," said he.
3.  "Yes."
4、  "Only about a mile, sir."
5、  "Feeling sure that the window had been open at the time of thetragedy, I conceived that there might have been a third person inthe affair, who stood outside this opening and fired through it. Anyshot directed at this person might hit the sash. I looked, andthere, sure enough, was the bullet mark!"




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      I don't understand it."

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      "Well, some call them that and some call them ichneumon," said theman. "Snake-catcher is what I call them, and Teddy is amazing quick oncobras. I have one here without the fangs, and Teddy catches itevery night to please the folk in the canteen."

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       "And where was it?"

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      "There were hardly any."

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    {  Holmes smiled, and clapped Lestrade upon the shoulder.

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      "Susan did."}

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      "Since nearly ten weeks have elapsed, then, and nothing has beenheard, it is not unfair to suppose that for some reason the treaty hasnot reached them."

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      "Only that it is a remarkable cow which walks, canters, and gallops.By George! Watson, it was no brain of a country publican thatthought out such a blind as that. The coast seems to be clear, savefor that lad in the smithy. Let us slip out and see what we can see."There were two rough-haired, unkempt horses in the tumble-downstable. Holmes raised the hind leg of one of them and laughed aloud."Old shoes, but newly shod-old shoes, but new nails. This casedeserves to be a classic. Let us go across to the smithy."The lad continued his work without regarding us. I saw Holmes'seye darting to right and left among the litter of iron and woodwhich was scattered about the floor. Suddenly, however, we heard astep behind us, and there was the landlord, his heavy eyebrows drawnover his savage eyes, his swarthy features convulsed with passion.He held a short, metal-headed stick in his hand, and he advanced in somenacing a fashion that I was right glad to feel the revolver in mypocket.

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       "And it did, though they hardly found upon the mud-bank what theyhad feared to find. It was Neville St. Clair's coat, and not NevilleSt. Clair, which lay uncovered as the tide receded. And what do youthink they found in the pockets?"

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    {  I was horrified for I had heard nothing of his illness. I need notsay that I rushed for my coat and my hat. As we drove back I asked forthe details.

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      "My dear Holmes!"