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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "He laid a wager he would tame Medeah in the space of sixmonths. You understand now that if he were to get rid of theanimal before the time named, he would not only lose hisbet, but people would say he was afraid; and a brave captainof Spahis cannot risk this, even to gratify a pretty woman,which is, in my opinion, one of the most sacred obligationsin the world."
2.  "De Villefort!" The abbe burst into a fit of laughter, whileDantes gazed on him in utter astonishment.
3.  "And I, sir," said Danglars, "shall be most happy to receiveyou." Upon which he offered to take Cavalcanti in hiscarriage to the Hotel des Princes, if it would not bedepriving him of the company of his son. To this Cavalcantireplied by saying that for some time past his son had livedindependently of him, that he had his own horses andcarriages, and that not having come together, it would notbe difficult for them to leave separately. The major seatedhimself, therefore, by the side of Danglars, who was moreand more charmed with the ideas of order and economy whichruled this man, and yet who, being able to allow his son60,000 francs a year, might be supposed to possess a fortuneof 500,000 or 600,000 livres.
4.  "What is it?" said Albert; "arranging your papers,apparently."
5.  "You only look back to the past, and it is, indeed, badenough. Well, picture to yourself a future more gloomy still-- certainly frightful, perhaps sanguinary." The baronessknew how calm Villefort naturally was, and his presentexcitement frightened her so much that she opened her mouthto scream, but the sound died in her throat. "How has thisterrible past been recalled?" cried Villefort; "how is itthat it has escaped from the depths of the tomb and therecesses of our hearts, where it was buried, to visit usnow, like a phantom, whitening our cheeks and flushing ourbrows with shame?"
6.  "Here, your excellency," said Peppino, taking the fowl fromthe young bandit and placing it on the worm-eaten table,which with the stool and the goat-skin bed formed the entirefurniture of the cell. Danglars asked for a knife and fork."Here, excellency," said Peppino, offering him a littleblunt knife and a boxwood fork. Danglars took the knife inone hand and the fork in the other, and was about to cut upthe fowl. "Pardon me, excellency," said Peppino, placing hishand on the banker's shoulder; "people pay here before theyeat. They might not be satisfied, and" --


1.  "You condemned me to a horrible, tedious death; you killedmy father; you deprived me of liberty, of love, andhappiness."
2.  "Certainly. And when I told you I had foreseen the result,it is the honor of your visit I alluded to."
3.  "You, sir? -- you are my adopted father. But it was not you,I presume, who placed at my disposal 100,000 francs, which Ispent in four or five months; it was not you whomanufactured an Italian gentleman for my father; it was notyou who introduced me into the world, and had me invited toa certain dinner at Auteuil, which I fancy I am eating atthis moment, in company with the most distinguished peoplein Paris -- amongst the rest with a certain procureur, whoseacquaintance I did very wrong not to cultivate, for he wouldhave been very useful to me just now; -- it was not you, infact, who bailed me for one or two millions, when the fataldiscovery of my little secret took place. Come, speak, myworthy Corsican, speak!"
4.  "You perceive, then, that he is not happy?" said the count."Yes," replied the young woman; "and fear much that he findsour home but a dull one."
5.  "Your ruin? I accelerate your ruin? What do you mean? I donot understand you."
6.  Caderousse lingered for a moment, then taking leave of oldDantes, he went downstairs to rejoin Danglars, who awaitedhim at the corner of the Rue Senac.


1.  "Ah, my dear friend," said Madame Danglars, with the samesimplicity we before noticed, "it is a fact. I heard it fromM. Debray, who was present at the explanation." Valentinealso knew the truth, but she did not answer. A single wordhad reminded her that Morrel was expecting her in M.Noirtier's room. Deeply engaged with a sort of inwardcontemplation, Valentine had ceased for a moment to join inthe conversation. She would, indeed, have found itimpossible to repeat what had been said the last fewminutes, when suddenly Madame Danglars' hand, pressed on herarm, aroused her from her lethargy.
2.  "Mercedes!" called a joyous voice from without, --"Mercedes!"
3.  "Oh, the Champs Elysees? Ah, yes; we burn, as they say atthe game of pincette. The Champs Elysees? Come, let us talka little about my father."
4.  "Perfect, madame, as you have seen," replied the count; "andI frequently make use of it -- with all possible prudencethough, be it observed," he added with a smile of
5.   "Then the police have vainly tried to lay hands on him?"
6.  Such was the state of society in Paris at the period webring before our readers, when Monte Cristo went one eveningto pay M. Danglars a visit. M. Danglars was out, but thecount was asked to go and see the baroness, and he acceptedthe invitation. It was never without a nervous shudder,since the dinner at Auteuil, and the events which followedit, that Madame Danglars heard Monte Cristo's nameannounced. If he did not come, the painful sensation becamemost intense; if, on the contrary, he appeared, his noblecountenance, his brilliant eyes, his amiability, his politeattention even towards Madame Danglars, soon dispelled everyimpression of fear. It appeared impossible to the baronessthat a man of such delightfully pleasing manners shouldentertain evil designs against her; besides, the mostcorrupt minds only suspect evil when it would answer someinterested end -- useless injury is repugnant to every mind.When Monte Cristo entered the boudoir, -- to which we havealready once introduced our readers, and where the baronesswas examining some drawings, which her daughter passed toher after having looked at them with M. Cavalcanti, -- hispresence soon produced its usual effect, and it was withsmiles that the baroness received the count, although shehad been a little disconcerted at the announcement of hisname. The latter took in the whole scene at a glance.


1.  "The last?"
2.  "Very well, my dear sir; then I consent to cut throats withyou. But I require three weeks' preparation; at the end ofthat time I shall come and say to you, `The assertion isfalse, and I retract it,' or `The assertion is true,' when Ishall immediately draw the sword from its sheath, or thepistols from the case, whichever you please."
3.  This was another little piece of Italian the baron hadlearned from hearing his daughter sing Italian duets withCavalcanti. But mio caro did not reply. Danglars then openedthe window.
4、  "Go on," said the count in the Romaic language.
5、  "No, no," said Noirtier's look.




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      "Go, sir," said the king; "and should I forget you (kings'memories are short), do not be afraid to bring yourself tomy recollection. Baron, send for the minister of war.Blacas, remain."

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      "Did he send you?"

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       A despairing cry escaped the pale lips of Mercedes; the oldman sank into a chair.

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      "So you recommend" --

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    {  "So that when you went on board the Pharaon, everybody couldsee that you held a letter in your hand?"

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      "Who, then, am I?"}

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      We saw in a preceding chapter how Madame Danglars wentformally to announce to Madame de Villefort the approachingmarriage of Eugenie Danglars and M. Andrea Cavalcanti. Thisannouncement, which implied or appeared to imply, theapproval of all the persons concerned in this momentousaffair, had been preceded by a scene to which our readersmust be admitted. We beg them to take one step backward, andto transport themselves, the morning of that day of greatcatastrophes, into the showy, gilded salon we have beforeshown them, and which was the pride of its owner, BaronDanglars. In this room, at about ten o'clock in the morning,the banker himself had been walking to and fro for someminutes thoughtfully and in evident uneasiness, watchingboth doors, and listening to every sound. When his patiencewas exhausted, he called his valet. "Etienne," said he, "seewhy Mademoiselle Eugenie has asked me to meet her in thedrawing-room, and why she makes me wait so long."

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      "To kill the turnkey?"

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       "No; the letter."

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    {  Franz, astonished, advanced a step. "To me, sir?" said he.

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      "Reverend sir," said Caderousse, drawing still nearer.