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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It is time for us to go."
3.  "These," said he, "are all that I have left to remind me of theadventure of the Musgrave Ritual."
4.  I saw nothing of my friend for the next few days, but on thefollowing Monday evening I had a short note asking me to meet him nextday at the train. From what he told me as we travelled up to Camfordall was well, the peace of the professor's house had been unruffled,and his own conduct perfectly normal. This also was the report whichwas given us by Mr. Bennett himself when he called upon us thatevening at our old quarters in the Chequers. "He heard from his Londoncorrespondent to-day. There was a letter and there was a small packet,each with the cross under the stamp which warned me not to touch them.There has been nothing else."
5.  "I did."
6.  "What are promises to such people as these? You have no guaranteethat he will not be spirited away again. To humour your guilty elderson, you have exposed your innocent younger son to imminent andunnecessary danger. It was a most unjustifiable action."The proud lord of Holdernesse was not accustomed to be so rated inhis own ducal hall. The blood flushed into his high forehead, buthis conscience held him dumb.


1.  "She was next of kin, no doubt, and you were aware that the oldfellow would make no will."
2.  "Ah, that, of course, would be different."
3.  "That should be helpful, Watson," he remarked as we took our seatsin the Woolwich train. "We certainly owe Brother Mycroft a debt forhaving introduced us to what promises to be a really very remarkablecase."
5.  "Did you hear from Mr. Staunton in London?"
6.  "Can I see her first?"


1.  "I have a great fancy to see this lodger of yours, Mrs. Warren.""I don't see how that is to be managed, unless you break in thedoor. I always hear him unlock it as I go down the stair after I leavethe tray."
2.  "Yes; I shall not feel easy until I have told my story.""Then my servant will call a cab, and I shall be with you in aninstant." I rushed upstairs, explained the matter shortly to mywife, and in five minutes was inside a hansom, driving with my newacquaintance to Baker Street.
3.  Mrs. Hudson had appeared with a lady's card upon her salver.Holmes glanced at it, raised his eyebrows, and handed it over to me."Ask Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope if she will be kind enough to stepup," said he.
4.  "'But my clothes? My jewels?'
5.   "And very recently discharged," remarked the brother.
6.  Yet we added one more sheaf to our harvest before we left WoolwichStation. The clerk in the ticket office was able to say withconfidence that he saw Cadogan West- whom he knew well by sight-upon the Monday night, and that he went to London by the 8:15 toLondon Bridge. He was alone and took a single third-class ticket.The clerk was struck at the time by his excited and nervous manner. Soshaky was he that he could hardly pick up his change, and the clerkhad helped him with it. A reference to the timetable showed that the8:15 was the first train which it was possible for West to takeafter he had left the lady about 7:30.


1.  "But there has been some official investigation?"
2.  "I don't know whether you are playing a game with us, Mr. SherlockHolmes," said he. "If you know anything, you can surely say it withoutall this tomfoolery."
3.  He had hardly spoken before there rushed into the room one of themost lovely young women that I have ever seen in my life. Her violeteyes shining, her lips parted, a pink flush upon her cheeks, allthought of her natural reserve lost in her overpowering excitement andconcern.
4、  The assassin staggered back, amazement in his convulsed face. For aninstant he half raised his loaded cane once more, as if he wouldturn his violence from the effigy to the original; but there wassomething in that steady gray eye and mocking smile which caused hishand to sink to his side.
5、  Mistress and maid were both staring at Holmes with pale faces andfrightened eyes.




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      "Yes, sir, it is true that he threw the decanter at me. I heardhim call my mistress a name, and I told him that he would not dareto speak so if her brother had been there. Then it was that he threwit at me. He might have thrown a dozen if he had but left my bonnybird alone. He was forever ill-treating her, and she too proud tocomplain. She will not even tell me all that he has done to her. Shenever told me of those marks on her arm that you saw this morning, butI know very well that they come from a stab with a hatpin. The slydevil- God forgive me that I should speak of him so, now that he isdead! But a devil he was, if ever one walked the earth. He was allhoney when first we met him- only eighteen months ago, and we bothfeel as if it were eighteen years. She had only just arrived inLondon. Yes, it was her first voyage- she had never been from homebefore. He won her with his title and his money and his false Londonways. If she made a mistake she has paid for it, if ever a womandid. What month did we meet him? Well, I tell you it was just after wearrived. We arrived in June, and it was July. They were married inJanuary of last year. Yes, she is down in the morning-room again,and I have no doubt she will see you, but you must not ask too much ofher, for she has gone through all that flesh and blood will stand."Lady Brackenstall was reclining on the same couch, but lookedbrighter than before. The maid had entered with us, and began oncemore to foment the bruise upon her mistress's brow.

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      "Any views, Watson?" he asked at last.

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       "My eye caught the name of Openshaw, and the heading `TragedyNear Waterloo Bridge.' Here is the account:

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      "I think that there is a small experiment which we may tryto-morrow, Watson, in order to throw some light on the matter.Meanwhile, if we mean to keep up our characters, I suggest that wehave our host in for a glass of his own wine and hold some highconverse upon eels and dace, which seems to be the straight road tohis affections. We may chance to come upon some useful local gossip inthe process."

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    {  "Well, I should put the original cost of the pipe at seven andsixpence. Now it has, you see, been twice mended, once in the woodenstem and once in the amber. Each of these mends, done, as you observe,with silver bands, must have cost more than the pipe did originally.The man must value the pipe highly when he prefers to patch it uprather than buy a new one with the same money."

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      "I can make nothing of this mystification of Scott Eccles.""But the crime?"}

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      "I think, with your permission, I will now take a stroll round thepremises. I do not recall any other question which I desired to ask."He examined the lock of the safe, the door of the room, andfinally the iron shutters of the window. It was only when we were onthe lawn outside that his interest was strongly excited. There was alaurel bush outside the window, and several of the branches bore signsof having been twisted or snapped. He examined them carefully with hislens, and then some dim and vague marks upon the earth beneath.Finally he asked the chief clerk to close the iron shutters, and hepointed out to me that they hardly met in the centre, and that itwould be possible for anyone outside to see what was going on withinthe room.

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      "I'll tell you what I did first, and how I came to do itafterwards," said he. "After leaving you at the station I went for acharming walk through some admirable Surrey scenery to a pretty littlevillage called Ripley, where I had my tea at an inn and took theprecaution of filling my flask and of putting a paper of sandwiches inmy pocket. There I remained until evening, when I set off for Wokingagain and found myself in the highroad outside Briarbrae just aftersunset.

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       "Well, if you really must know, she is an old nurse of my wife's,Rose Spender by name, whom we found in the Brixton WorkhouseInfirmary. We brought her round here, called in Dr. Horsom, of 13Firbank Villas- mind you take the address, Mr. Holmes- and had hercarefully tended, as Christian folk should. On the third day she died-certificate says senile decay- but that's only the doctor's opinion,and of course you know better. We ordered her funeral to be carriedout by Stimson and Co., of the Kennington Road, who will bury her ateight o'clock to-morrow morning. Can you pick any hole in that, Mr.Holmes? You've made a silly blunder, and you may as well own up to it.I'd give something for a photograph of your gaping, staring facewhen you pulled aside that lid expecting to see the Lady FrancesCarfax and only found a poor old woman of ninety."

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    {  "Ah, if I could give it a name it might go a long way towardssolving the case. On the whole, it was probably some creature of theweasel and stoat tribe-and yet it is larger than any of these that Ihave seen."

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      A Juryman: Did you see nothing which aroused your suspicions whenyou returned on hearing the cry and found your father fatally injured?Witness: Nothing definite.