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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, if you take it in that sense," said Caderousse, "it isanother thing. But I thought you were a Catalan, and theytold me the Catalans were not men to allow themselves to besupplanted by a rival. It was even told me that Fernand,especially, was terrible in his vengeance."
2.  "Ma foi, yes."
3.  "Gentlemen," said he, "although a companion is agreeable,perfect freedom is sometimes still more agreeable. I come tosay that to-day, and for the remainder of the Carnival, Ileave the carriage entirely at your disposal. The host willtell you I have three or four more, so that you will notinconvenience me in any way. Make use of it, I pray you, foryour pleasure or your business."
4.  Emmanuel had scarcely uttered these words when the sound ofthe bell was heard, the well-known signal given by theporter that a visitor had arrived. Nearly at the sameinstant the door was opened and the Count of Monte Cristoappeared on the threshold. The young people uttered a cry ofjoy, while Maximilian raised his head, but let it fall againimmediately. "Maximilian," said the count, without appearingto notice the different impressions which his presenceproduced on the little circle, "I come to seek you."
5.  "Why, my dear mother, it is necessary, in order to make youradvice turn to account, that I should know beforehand what Ihave to distrust. The count never plays, he only drinks purewater tinged with a little sherry, and is so rich that hecannot, without intending to laugh at me, try to borrowmoney. What, then, have I to fear from him?"
6.  "In your service, excellency, where everything is learned."


1.  "Why should I stand in a comrade's way?" said Caderousse.
2.  "Oh, monsieur, this is cruel of you," said Julie, muchaffected; and the young lady's eyes swam with tears.
3.  "You shall see," said Eugenie. And with her left handseizing the thick mass, which her long fingers couldscarcely grasp, she took in her right hand a pair of longscissors, and soon the steel met through the rich andsplendid hair, which fell in a cluster at her feet as sheleaned back to keep it from her coat. Then she grasped thefront hair, which she also cut off, without expressing theleast regret; on the contrary, her eyes sparkled withgreater pleasure than usual under her ebony eyebrows. "Oh,the magnificent hair!" said Louise, with regret.
4.  "And what did the letter contain?"
5.  "True," said the abbe, with a stifled sigh, "Mercedes itwas."
6.  "Well," said Renee, "I cannot help regretting you had notchosen some other profession than your own -- a physician,for instance. Do you know I always felt a shudder at theidea of even a destroying angel?"


1.  The count put his head out of the window and whistled, andthe horses appeared to fly. The carriage rolled with athundering noise over the pavement, and every one turned tonotice the dazzling meteor. Ali, smiling, repeated thesound, grasped the reins with a firm hand, and spurred hishorses, whose beautiful manes floated in the breeze. Thischild of the desert was in his element, and with his blackface and sparkling eyes appeared, in the cloud of dust heraised, like the genius of the simoom and the god of thehurricane. "I never knew till now the delight of speed,"said Morcerf, and the last cloud disappeared from his brow;"but where the devil do you get such horses? Are they madeto order?"
2.  "If he says true," said the captain doubtingly. "But in hispresent condition he will promise anything, and take hischance of keeping it afterwards."
3.  "Decidedly, my dear duke."
4.  "Do you desire to know her name?" --
5.   "`Thank you,' said Luigi, drawing back his hand; `I render aservice, I do not sell it.' -- `Well,' replied thetraveller, who seemed used to this difference between theservility of a man of the cities and the pride of themountaineer, `if you refuse wages, you will, perhaps, accepta gift.' -- `Ah, yes, that is another thing.' -- `Then,'said the traveller, `take these two Venetian sequins andgive them to your bride, to make herself a pair ofearrings.'
6.  "Oh, if you take it in that sense," said Caderousse, "it isanother thing. But I thought you were a Catalan, and theytold me the Catalans were not men to allow themselves to besupplanted by a rival. It was even told me that Fernand,especially, was terrible in his vengeance."


1.  "If they did not speak of me, I am sure they thought aboutme, and I am in despair."
2.  For a week since he had resolved to die, and during the fourdays that he had been carrying out his purpose, Edmond hadnot spoken to the attendant, had not answered him when heinquired what was the matter with him, and turned his faceto the wall when he looked too curiously at him; but now thejailer might hear the noise and put an end to it, and sodestroy a ray of something like hope that soothed his lastmoments.
3.  Chapter 56Andrea Cavalcanti.
4、  "Are you quite impervious to good advice?"
5、  "Let us go, then," said Franz, "since you wish it; but onour way to the Piazza del Popolo, I wish to pass through theCorso. Is this possible, count?"




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      "Or will you allow me to show you several fine statues byThorwaldsen, Bartoloni, and Canova? -- all foreign artists,for, as you may perceive, I think but very indifferently ofour French sculptors."

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      Madame Danglars (who, although past the first bloom ofyouth, was still strikingly handsome) was now seated at thepiano, a most elaborate piece of cabinet and inlaid work,while Lucien Debray, standing before a small work-table, wasturning over the pages of an album. Lucien had found time,preparatory to the count's arrival, to relate manyparticulars respecting him to Madame Danglars. It will beremembered that Monte Cristo had made a lively impression onthe minds of all the party assembled at the breakfast givenby Albert de Morcerf; and although Debray was not in thehabit of yielding to such feelings, he had never been ableto shake off the powerful influence excited in his mind bythe impressive look and manner of the count, consequentlythe description given by Lucien to the baroness bore thehighly-colored tinge of his own heated imagination. Alreadyexcited by the wonderful stories related of the count by DeMorcerf, it is no wonder that Madame Danglars eagerlylistened to, and fully credited, all the additionalcircumstances detailed by Debray. This posing at the pianoand over the album was only a little ruse adopted by way ofprecaution. A most gracious welcome and unusual smile werebestowed on M. Danglars; the count, in return for hisgentlemanly bow, received a formal though graceful courtesy,while Lucien exchanged with the count a sort of distantrecognition, and with Danglars a free and easy nod.

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       "Let us start, then; we need no witnesses."

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      Morrel extended his hand. "Now I understand," he said, "whyyou had me brought here to this desolate spot, in the midstof the ocean, to this subterranean palace; it was becauseyou loved me, was it not, count? It was because you loved mewell enough to give me one of those sweet means of death ofwhich we were speaking; a death without agony, a death whichallows me to fade away while pronouncing Valentine's nameand pressing your hand."

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    {  "Does your majesty wish me to drop the subject?"

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      "And that is the very thing that alarms me," returnedDantes. "Man does not appear to me to be intended to enjoyfelicity so unmixed; happiness is like the enchanted palaceswe read of in our childhood, where fierce, fiery dragonsdefend the entrance and approach; and monsters of all shapesand kinds, requiring to be overcome ere victory is ours. Iown that I am lost in wonder to find myself promoted to anhonor of which I feel myself unworthy -- that of being thehusband of Mercedes."}

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      The inspector visited, one after another, the cells anddungeons of several of the prisoners, whose good behavior orstupidity recommended them to the clemency of thegovernment. He inquired how they were fed, and if they hadany request to make. The universal response was, that thefare was detestable, and that they wanted to be set free.

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      "You wish to speak to me alone?" said the marquis.

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       "He knew so well, that from that moment he shut himself inhis house, and never went out unattended, seeking me highand low. Fortunately, I was so well concealed that he couldnot find me. Then he became alarmed, and dared not stay anylonger at Nimes, so he solicited a change of residence, and,as he was in reality very influential, he was nominated toVersailles. But, as you know, a Corsican who has sworn toavenge himself cares not for distance, so his carriage, fastas it went, was never above half a day's journey before me,who followed him on foot. The most important thing was, notto kill him only -- for I had an opportunity of doing so ahundred times -- but to kill him without being discovered --at least, without being arrested. I no longer belonged tomyself, for I had my sister-in-law to protect and providefor. For three months I watched M. de Villefort, for threemonths he took not a step out-of-doors without my followinghim. At length I discovered that he went mysteriously toAuteuil. I followed him thither, and I saw him enter thehouse where we now are, only, instead of entering by thegreat door that looks into the street, he came on horseback,or in his carriage, left the one or the other at the littleinn, and entered by the gate you see there." Monte Cristomade a sign with his head to show that he could discern inthe darkness the door to which Bertuccio alluded. "As I hadnothing more to do at Versailles, I went to Auteuil, andgained all the information I could. If I wished to surprisehim, it was evident this was the spot to lie in wait forhim. The house belonged, as the concierge informed yourexcellency, to M. de Saint-Meran, Villefort's father-in-law.M. de Saint-Meran lived at Marseilles, so that this countryhouse was useless to him, and it was reported to be let to ayoung widow, known only by the name of `the baroness.'

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    {  "We will."

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      "Go on!"