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    On the morrow, after dinner, arming himselfe, and two more of hisservants with him, such as he had solemnly sworne to secrecy, hemounted on horsebacke, and rode on about a mile from his owneCastle, where he lay closely ambushed in a Wood, through whichGuardastagno must needs passe. After he had stayed there some twohoures space and more, he espyed him come riding with two of hisattendants, all of them being unarmed, as no way distrusting anysuch intended treason. So soone as he was come to the place, wherehe had resolved to do the deed; hee rushed forth of the ambush, andhaving a sharpe Lance readily charged in his rest, ran mainly athim, saying: False villaine, thou art dead. Guardastagno, havingnothing wherewith to defend himselfe, nor his servants able to givehim any succour; being pierced quite through the body with theLance, downe he fell dead to the ground, and his men (fearing the likemisfortune to befall them) gallopped mainely backe againe to theirLords Castle, not knowing them who had thus murthered their Master, byreason of their armed disguises, which in those martiall times wereusually worne.


   "I believed it," answered the Sultan, "because the women attending on her told me so."

 The birthday was to be celebrated by great festivities. The schoolroom was to be decorated, and there was to be a party. The boxes containing the presents were to be opened with great ceremony, and there was to be a glittering feast spread in Miss Minchin's sacred room. When the day arrived the whole house was in a whirl of excitement. How the morning passed nobody quite knew, because there seemed such preparations to be made. The schoolroom was being decked with garlands of holly; the desks had been moved away, and red covers had been put on the forms which were arrayed round the room against the wall.





   On the spot it had occupied was a circular space, exposingan iron ring let into a square flag-stone. Dantes uttered acry of joy and surprise; never had a first attempt beencrowned with more perfect success. He would fain havecontinued, but his knees trembled, and his heart beat soviolently, and his sight became so dim, that he was forcedto pause. This feeling lasted but for a moment. Edmondinserted his lever in the ring and exerted all his strength;the flag-stone yielded, and disclosed steps that descendeduntil they were lost in the obscurity of a subterraneousgrotto. Any one else would have rushed on with a cry of joy.Dantes turned pale, hesitated, and reflected. "Come," saidhe to himself, "be a man. I am accustomed to adversity. Imust not be cast down by the discovery that I have beendeceived. What, then, would be the use of all I havesuffered? The heart breaks when, after having been elated byflattering hopes, it sees all its illusions destroyed. Fariahas dreamed this; the Cardinal Spada buried no treasurehere; perhaps he never came here, or if he did, CaesarBorgia, the intrepid adventurer, the stealthy andindefatigable plunderer, has followed him, discovered histraces, pursued them as I have done, raised the stone, anddescending before me, has left me nothing." He remainedmotionless and pensive, his eyes fixed on the gloomyaperture that was open at his feet.








   41. Sell: sill of the door, threshold; French, "seuil," Latin, "solum," the ground.





美国太空军首任司令宣誓就职:现年57岁 系空军上将重庆景区回应让猪蹦极:猪没事,已送屠宰场,以后不会再办   After many intricate and distracted cogitations, which molestedhis braines incessantly, regarding more his loves wanton heate, thenreason, kindred, and honourable hospitality; he resolutelydetermined (whatsoever ensued thereupon) to bereave the Prince ofhis faire felicity, that none but himselfe might possesse such atreasure, which he esteemed to bee the height of all happinesse. Hiscourage being conformable to his bad intent, with all hast it mustbe put in execution; so that equity, justice, and honesty, being quiteabandoned, nothing but subtile stratagems were now his meditations.【详细】

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