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    The disconsolate journalist had seated himself at a writing-table."I must try and make something of it," said he, "though I have nodoubt that the first editions of the evening papers are out alreadywith full details. It's like my luck! You remember when the stand fellat Doncaster? Well, I was the only journalist in the stand, and myjournal the only one that had no account of it, for I was too shakento write it. And now I'll be too late with a murder done on my owndoorstep."


   "Nothing," she replied with a violent effort. "I want air,that is all."



  He was hot about it. Lucky he had so much money--we might have had to beg and advertise for years to start the thing, and then it would have been a matter of public amusement--just sport for the papers.




    The Lady hearing these words (not without much paine and difficulty)restrayned her teares, quite contrary to the naturall inclination ofwomen, and thus answered. Great Marquesse, I never was so empty ofdiscretion, but did alwayes acknowledge, that my base and humblecondition, could not in any manner sute with your high blood andNobility, and my being with you, I ever acknowledged, to proceedfrom heaven and you, not any merit of mine, but onely as a favour lentme, which you being now pleased to recall backe againe, I ought tobe pleased (and so am) that it bee restored. Here is the Ring,wherewith you Espoused me; here (in all humility) I deliver it to you.You command me, to carry home the marriage Dowry which I broughtwith me: there is no need of a Treasurer to repay it me, neither anynew purse to carry it in, much lesse any Sumpter to be laden withit. For (Noble Lord) it was never out of my memory, that you tookeme starke naked, and if it shall seeme sightly to you, that thisbody which hath borne two children, and begotten by you, must againebe seene naked; willingly must I depart hence naked. But I humblybeg of your Excellency, in recompence of my Virginity, which I broughtyou blamelesse, so much as in thought: that I may have but one of mywedding Smocks, onely to conceale the shame of nakednesse, and thenI depart rich enough.


   Upon the clamour and noise of the Lady, the Courtiers quicklyflocked thither; and, as lies soone winne beleefe in hasty opinions,upon any silly or shallow surmise: so did her accusation passe forcurrant, and the Counts advancement being envied by many, made hishonest carriage (in this case) the more suspected. In hast and maddingfury, they ran to the Counts houses, to arrest his person, and carryhim to prison: but when they could not finde him, they raced hisgoodly buildings downe to the ground, and used all shamefullviolence to them. Now, as ill newes sildome wants a speedyMessenger; so, in lesse space then you will imagine, the King andDolphin heard thereof in the Campe,-and were therewith so highlyoffended, that the Count had a sodaine and severe condemnation, allhis progeny being sentenced with perpetuall exile, and promises ofgreat and bountifull rewards, to such as could bring his body alive ordead.










直击全国首例单身女性冻卵案:不想结婚,只想生个孩子可以吗飞机上帮患者排干净尿液 海南人民医院医生获奖十万 规矩镜:因其铸造雕镂都非常精细规矩,镜纹有规则的TLV形装饰格式而得名,外国学者也称之为TLV镜。其程式相当标准,一般均划分镜背而为若干装饰区,从纽座起,以圆纽为中心作为一个单独装饰单位,纽座的外形有圆形、方形、覆萼形几种。紧接着纽座的幅面为内区,是主要花纹的部位。花纹中的TL形,常常是在铜镜内区的四面,对称地排列于主花中,起着穿插作用。再向外为外区,多装饰上由卷草纹或鸟兽纹以及几何纹组成的带状图案。最后的外缘区,有全素的,有作简单联弧纹的,也有加饰绳纹、锯齿纹花边的。内外区之间多加饰上铭文带。其分成五个区域,布局严谨端正,但机械呆板少变化,给人以千篇一律的感觉。规矩镜在东汉前期还在流行,但发生了一定变化。这时期的铜镜多在内区主花位置铸造青龙、白虎、朱雀、玄武所谓四神,有的还在纽座边加上十二生肖铭文,或左龙右虎掌四方,朱雀玄武顺阴阳的字句,所以也称规矩四神镜。TLV实系古代六博的棋局,山东费县曾出土石六博盘,长沙马王堆三号墓曾出土全套博具,其棋局上均有TLV纹。规矩镜在汉镜的发展中,是流行时间最长的一种,也是汉镜中最为优秀的一种。【详细】

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