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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  She did not do the part as she had at rehearsal, but she wasbetter. The audience was at least not irritated. Theimprovement of the work of the entire company took away directobservation from her. They were making very fair progress, andnow it looked as if the play would be passable, in the lesstrying parts at least.
2.  "Rubber!" he called back as she looked after him. There wasnothing of the gallant in him.
3.  "Yes," said Minnie.
4.  Not all of this was delivered by one man. It came from here andthere, incorporated with much more of the same sort and curses.
5.  They were happy in being near one another--in looking into eachother's eyes. Finally, when the long flush of delight had subsided, he said:
6.  "I don't know what you are talking about," said Carrie. Could itbe he would refer so rudely to Hurstwood's flight with her?


1.  Some of the other players quit, but observant loungers took theirplaces. Time passed, and it came to twelve o'clock. Hurstwoodheld on, neither winning nor losing much. Then he grew weary,and on a last hand lost twenty more. He was sick at heart.
2.  "Well," he said to Carrie, "to-day's my last day on earth."
3.  "What kind?" said Hurstwood.
4.  "Oh, no," said Carrie.
5.  "The finest resort in town. It's a way-up, swell place."
6.  The morrow was Saturday, a half-holiday in many businessquarters, and besides it was a balmy, radiant day, with the treesand grass shining exceedingly green after the rain of the nightbefore. When she went out the sparrows were twittering merrilyin joyous choruses. She could not help feeling, as she lookedacross the lovely park, that life was a joyous thing for thosewho did not need to worry, and she wished over and over thatsomething might interfere now to preserve for her the comfortablestate which she had occupied. She did not want Drouet or hismoney when she thought of it, nor anything more to do withHurstwood, but only the content and ease of mind she hadexperienced, for, after all, she had been happy--happier, atleast, than she was now when confronted by the necessity ofmaking her way alone.


1.  "I wish," he said pathetically, "you would come to me. I don'tlike to be away from you this way. What good is there inwaiting? You're not any happier, are you?"
2.  Hurstwood paid some little attention to this. Somehow, he felt alittle superior to these two--a little better off. To him thesewere ignorant and commonplace, poor sheep in a driver's hand.
3.  The truth is that Mrs. Hale was not the only one who had athought on this score. The housemaid who had welcomed Hurstwoodhad her opinion also. She had no particular regard for Carrie,whom she took to be cold and disagreeable. At the same time, shehad a fancy for the merry and easy-mannered Drouet, who threw hera pleasant remark now and then, and in other ways extended herthe evidence of that regard which he had for all members of thesex. Hurstwood was more reserved and critical in his manner. Hedid not appeal to this bodiced functionary in the same pleasantway. She wondered that he came so frequently, that Mrs. Drouetshould go out with him this afternoon when Mr. Drouet was absent.She gave vent to her opinions in the kitchen where the cook was.As a result, a hum of gossip was set going which moved about thehouse in that secret manner common to gossip.
4.  Carrie felt deeply grateful for this. She almost loved Lola forthe sympathy and praise she extended. It was so helpful to her--so almost necessary.
5.   Crack came an officer's club on his forehead. He blinked hiseyes blindly a few times, wabbled on his legs, threw up hishands, and staggered back. In return, a swift fist landed on theofficer's neck.
6.  "Oh," thought Carrie, "if she were to come here and see him?"


1.  One experienced youth volunteered, anyhow.
2.  "Deal me a hand," he said at the beginning of a new shuffle. Hepulled up a chair and studied his cards. Those playing made thatquiet study of him which is so unapparent, and yet invariably sosearching.
3.  Hurstwood resolved a thousands things, Drouet as well. Theyjoined equally in the burst of applause which called Carrie out.Drouet pounded his hands until they ached. Then he jumped upagain and started out. As he went, Carrie came out, and, seeingan immense basket of flowers being hurried down the aisle towardher she waited. They were Hurstwood's. She looked toward themanager's box for a moment, caught his eye, and smiled. He couldhave leaped out of the box to enfold her. He forgot the need ofcircumspectness which his married state enforced. He almostforgot that he had with him in the box those who knew him. Bythe Lord, he would have that lovely girl if it took his all. Hewould act at once. This should be the end of Drouet, and don'tyou forget it. He would not wait another day. The drummershould not have her.
4、  "That's right," agreed Hurstwood, shamefacedly.
5、  "Good."




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      "No, it's your wife. She brings me luck. Why shouldn't shewin?"

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      The next morning at breakfast she felt like apologising.

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       "Humph!" ejaculated Hurstwood, who had been so sturdilydisplaced.

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      It surprised her that he should speak of disposition. Was she,then, so clearly in his mind?

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    {  He left her revived by the possibilities, sure that she had foundsomething at last. Instantly the blood crept warmly over herbody. Her nervous tension relaxed. She walked out into the busystreet and discovered a new atmosphere. Behold, the throng wasmoving with a lightsome step. She noticed that men and womenwere smiling. Scraps of conversation and notes of laughterfloated to her. The air was light. People were already pouringout of the buildings, their labour ended for the day. Shenoticed that they were pleased, and thoughts of her sister's homeand the meal that would be awaiting her quickened her steps. Shehurried on, tired perhaps, but no longer weary of foot. Whatwould not Minnie say! Ah, the long winter in Chicago--thelights, the crowd, the amusement! This was a great, pleasingmetropolis after all. Her new firm was a goodly institution.Its windows were of huge plate glass. She could probably do wellthere. Thoughts of Drouet returned--of the things he had toldher. She now felt that life was better, that it was livelier,sprightlier. She boarded a car in the best of spirits, feelingher blood still flowing pleasantly. She would live in Chicago,her mind kept saying to itself. She would have a better timethan she had ever had before--she would be happy.

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      "Well?" he said, not venturing to ask what news.}

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      Not long after this Mrs. Hurstwood came with a similarproposition, only it was to a matinee this time.

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      "It is comfortable," said Carrie, who was lifting a lace curtainand looking down into crowded Broadway.

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       A sharp voice answered her mental interrogation, driving away allimmediate fears on that score.

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    {  For a young man, this was rather a morbid turn of character, andso affected Carrie. Indeed, it affected the entire atmosphere ofthe flat, as such things are inclined to do, and gave to hiswife's mind its subdued and tactful turn, anxious to avoidtaciturn replies. Under the influence of Carrie's announcement hebrightened up somewhat.

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      To those who have never wavered in conscience, the predicament ofthe individual whose mind is less strongly constituted and whotrembles in the balance between duty and desire is scarcelyappreciable, unless graphically portrayed. Those who have neverheard that solemn voice of the ghostly clock which ticks withawful distinctness, "thou shalt," "thou shalt not," "thou shalt,""thou shalt not," are in no position to judge. Not alone insensitive, highly organised natures is such a mental conflictpossible. The dullest specimen of humanity, when drawn by desiretoward evil, is recalled by a sense of right, which isproportionate in power and strength to his evil tendency. Wemust remember that it may not be a knowledge of right, for noknowledge of right is predicated of the animal's instinctiverecoil at evil. Men are still led by instinct before they areregulated by knowledge. It is instinct which recalls thecriminal--it is instinct (where highly organised reasoning isabsent) which gives the criminal his feeling of danger, his fearof wrong.