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1. 一开始你可能确实没有必要去做,或者说不用那么早就开始用技术创新来引导产品创新。
2. 他还表示,Uzi是自己的偶像,能够做出和Uzi一样的精彩操作,他十分开心,而能靠此夺冠,他觉得自己获得了巨大成长。
3. 他们是否要承担责任,以卫生监督所的结论为准,叶女士灌肠和肠穿孔手术隔了半个多月,责任说不清。
4. Whiteness, in this context, is more than just skin color. You could define it as membership in the “ethno-national majority,” but that’s a mouthful. What it really means is the privilege of not being defined as “other.”
5. 您是否考虑过任何其他重大的公司架构调整呢?任正非:第一,我们的治理结构本来已经公开透明,并不需要外部人进来,也不需要外部资本进来。
6.   "I don't want you to go up against a hard game that way."


1. "Mainly on yourselves," she replied.
2. 警方表示,依据《中华人民共和国刑法》和《中华人民共和国传染病防治法》等相关规定,范某芳的行为涉嫌以危险方法危害公共安全罪,2月4日,公安机关已对其立案侦查。
3. 51
4. 不过,记者注意到,这份由原来的许昌县公证处作出的(2013)许县证民字第236号公证书公证的内容为该承诺书上许昌县尚集镇人民政府的印章属实,而并没有对尚集镇政府向村民们承诺年利率20%的利息回报的实质内容作出公证。
5. 立下合同的时候,也有可能加人中立方,负责强迫各方遵照合同行事。中立方的身份在于,合同能不能得到遵守并不牵涉他的个人利益。为使中立方的强迫执行作用显得可信,必须要求他通过建立一种信誉影响,让大家知道他确实关心这项承诺是否得到遵守。在某些例子里,假如合同监管人任凭别人重写合同,他就可能丢了自己的饭碗。托马斯·谢林为如何实施这些想法提供了一个绝妙的例子。[8]在丹佛,一家康复中心治疗富有的可卡因瘾君子的办法是,让他们写一份自首书,假如他们不能通过随机尿检,这份自首书就会被公告天下。许多人在自愿陷人这样的境况之后都会反悔,想方设法要赎回这份合同。不过,假如监管这些合同的人让他们重写合同,就会被炒鱿鱼;进而,假如该中心不能及时炒掉这个同意瘾君子们重写合同的员工,它的信誉也会大打折扣。
6. 中国香港——也许香港的标志性景观是一艘驶入画面的仿古船,其背景正是这座城市举世闻名的天际线,但《孤独星球》选中此地却是因为距维多利亚港数英里之外的自然遗产。


1. 最大的鸟蛋当属鸵鸟所生的蛋,每个蛋重约有1.7千克,有一个成年人的手掌那么大,而蜂鸟的蛋却只有豌豆大小。
2. 在中国,你能做的还有什么?孩子被拐后,如果单独靠自己的力量去寻找,那是非常艰难的一条路。
3.   The rector was a nice man of about sixty, full of his duty, and reduced, personally, almost to a nonentity by the silent---You leave me alone!---of the village. The miners' wives were nearly all Methodists. The miners were nothing. But even so much official uniform as the clergyman wore was enough to obscure entirely the fact that he was a man like any other man. No, he was Mester Ashby, a sort of automatic preaching and praying concern.
4. 购物车放弃率指的是客户将商品放入购物车,但是最终由于种种原因而放弃,这些放弃的客户占总访问客户的比率。
5. 雨花台区法院经过审理对于原告某公司的诉讼请求予以支持,判决生效后,被告某经营部并没有执行法院的裁决。
6.   `Is that all?'


1. 视觉反馈的主要目的在于:·确认APP或者网页已经接收到了用户的操作或者提交的信息·传达交互的结果,结果可见也可理解。
2. 兜底扶贫既要兜住底线,又不能养懒汉、助长不劳而获的风气。
3. 活动开始前,先确定活动顺序,第一个人将小纸团扔在第1格内,随即开始单脚跳,在两格横排并列处用双脚跳,跳至第7、8格时,双脚同时跃起向后转身再往回跳,跳至第2格时弯腰捡起在第1格的小纸团,再由第2格跃到第1格外。
4. "About how many--in your country?"
5.   "Well, can you help us do so?"
6. So they set to work, to bury the dead, to plow and sow, to care for one another.


1. The long rest and penetrating dry heat were good for us, and that night we covered a considerable distance, keeping always in the rough forested belt of land which we knew bordered the whole country. Sometimes we were near the outer edge, and caught sudden glimpses of the tremendous depths beyond.
2.   The doctor examined Connie carefully, and asked her all about her life. `I see your photograph, and Sir Clifford's, in the illustrated papers sometimes. Almost notorieties, aren't you? That's how the quiet little girls grow up, though you're only a quiet little girl even now, in spite of the illustrated papers. No, no! There's nothing organically wrong, but it won't do! It won't do! Tell Sir Clifford he's got to bring you to town, or take you abroad, and amuse you. You've got to be amused, got to! Your vitality is much too low; no reserves, no reserves. The nerves of the heart a bit queer already: oh, yes! Nothing but nerves; I'd put you right in a month at Cannes or Biarritz. But it mustn't go on, mustn't, I tell you, or I won't be answerable for consequences. You're spending your life without renewing it. You've got to be amused, properly, healthily amused. You're spending your vitality without making any. Can't go on, you know. Depression! Avoid depression!'
3. Will the Federal Reserve's path out of bond buying get bumpy?



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      The priest him busied, all that e'er he can, To do as this canon, this cursed man, Commanded him, and fast he blew the fire For to come to th' effect of his desire. And this canon right in the meanewhile All ready was this priest eft* to beguile, *again and, for a countenance,* in his hande bare *stratagem An hollow sticke (take keep* and beware); *heed Of silver limaile put was, as before Was in his coal, and stopped with wax well For to keep in his limaile every deal.* *particle And while this priest was in his business, This canon with his sticke gan him dress* *apply To him anon, and his powder cast in, As he did erst (the devil out of his skin Him turn, I pray to God, for his falsehead, For he was ever false in thought and deed), And with his stick, above the crosselet, That was ordained* with that false get,** *provided **contrivance He stirr'd the coales, till relente gan The wax against the fire, as every man, But he a fool be, knows well it must need. And all that in the sticke was out yede,* *went And in the croslet hastily* it fell. *quickly Now, goode Sirs, what will ye bet* than well? *better When that this priest was thus beguil'd again, Supposing naught but truthe, sooth to sayn, He was so glad, that I can not express In no mannere his mirth and his gladness; And to the canon he proffer'd eftsoon* *forthwith; again Body and good. "Yea," quoth the canon soon, "Though poor I be, crafty* thou shalt me find; *skilful I warn thee well, yet is there more behind. Is any copper here within?" said he. "Yea, Sir," the prieste said, "I trow there be." "Elles go buy us some, and that as swithe.* *swiftly Now, goode Sir, go forth thy way and hie* thee." *hasten He went his way, and with the copper came, And this canon it in his handes name,* *took <15> And of that copper weighed out an ounce. Too simple is my tongue to pronounce, As minister of my wit, the doubleness Of this canon, root of all cursedness. He friendly seem'd to them that knew him not; But he was fiendly, both in work and thought. It wearieth me to tell of his falseness; And natheless yet will I it express, To that intent men may beware thereby, And for none other cause truely. He put this copper in the crosselet, And on the fire as swithe* he hath it set, *swiftly And cast in powder, and made the priest to blow, And in his working for to stoope low, As he did erst,* and all was but a jape;** *before **trick Right as him list the priest *he made his ape.* *befooled him* And afterward in the ingot he it cast, And in the pan he put it at the last Of water, and in he put his own hand; And in his sleeve, as ye beforehand Hearde me tell, he had a silver teine;* *small piece He silly took it out, this cursed heine* *wretch (Unweeting* this priest of his false craft), *unsuspecting And in the panne's bottom he it laft* *left And in the water rumbleth to and fro, And wondrous privily took up also The copper teine (not knowing thilke priest), And hid it, and him hente* by the breast, *took And to him spake, and thus said in his game; "Stoop now adown; by God, ye be to blame; Helpe me now, as I did you whilere;* *before Put in your hand, and looke what is there."

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      "Run and fetch them," answered Ulysses, "while my arrows hold out,or when I am alone they may get me away from the door."

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      If ever there was dressiness it was here. It was thepersonification of the old term spick and span.

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    "Good thing to have a botanist on hand," I agreed. "Sure there are no medicinal ones? Or any for pure ornament?"

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      Ulysses answered, "I hope you may be as dear to the gods as youare to me, for having saved me from going about and getting intotrouble; there is nothing worse than being always ways on the tramp;still, when men have once got low down in the world they will gothrough a great deal on behalf of their miserable bellies. Sincehowever you press me to stay here and await the return ofTelemachus, tell about Ulysses' mother, and his father whom he left onthe threshold of old age when he set out for Troy. Are they stillliving or are they already dead and in the house of Hades?"

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      We went to the Golden Cross at Charing Cross, then a mouldy sort of establishment in a close neighbourhood. A waiter showed me into the coffee room; and a chambermaid introduced me to my small bedchamber, which smelt like a hackney-coach, and was shut up like a family vault. I was still painfully conscious of my youth, for nobody stood in any awe of me at all: the chambermaid being utterly indifferent to my opinions on any subject, and the waiter being familiar with me, and offering advice to my inexperience.