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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Meantime the subject of the arrest was being canvassed inevery different form.
2.  "A play?"
3.  "Doctor, I resist no longer -- I can no longer defend myself-- I believe you; but, for pity's sake, spare my life, myhonor!"
4.  "Whatever you say, my dear count; I am at your orders."
5.  "Well, never mind that, neighbor Caderousse; it is not worthwhile to contradict me for such a trifle as that. 'Tis truethat Mercedes is not actually my wife; but," added he,drawing out his watch, "in an hour and a half she will be."
6.  The scene of the previous night now came back to his mindwith startling clearness. The painful catastrophe he hadjust witnessed appeared effectually to have rent away theveil which the intoxication of the evening before had raisedbetween himself and his memory.


1.  "I spoke to her once or twice at Madame de Morcerf's, amongthe rest; she appeared to me charming, though rathermelancholy. Where is her stepmother? Do you know?"
2.  "Before you leave me, tell me what you are going to do,Maximilian." The young man smiled sorrowfully. "Speak,speak!" said Valentine; "I entreat you."
3.  "No, sir," replied Monte Cristo; "besides, has she not" --
4.  "A letter from the viscount!" exclaimed Franz.
5.  "To Monsieur Noirtier, Rue Coq-Heron, Paris." Had athunderbolt fallen into the room, Villefort could not havebeen more stupefied. He sank into his seat, and hastilyturning over the packet, drew forth the fatal letter, atwhich he glanced with an expression of terror.
6.  "Madame," said Villefort, "believe me, a fortune of 900,000francs is not so easily renounced."


1.  "A garden with two acres of land!"
2.  "Remember, the execution is fixed for the day aftertomorrow, and that you have but one day to work in."
3.  "Yes."
4.  "Was not the winning horse entered by the name of Vampa?"
5.   "But shall you be allowed to go into Normandy?"
6.  "And has the unfortunate man wife or children?" inquired theabbe.


1.  Rage supplanted religious fervor. Dantes uttered blasphemiesthat made his jailer recoil with horror, dashed himselffuriously against the walls of his prison, wreaked his angerupon everything, and chiefly upon himself, so that the leastthing, -- a grain of sand, a straw, or a breath of air thatannoyed him, led to paroxysms of fury. Then the letter thatVillefort had showed to him recurred to his mind, and everyline gleamed forth in fiery letters on the wall like themene tekel upharsin of Belshazzar. He told himself that itwas the enmity of man, and not the vengeance of heaven, thathad thus plunged him into the deepest misery. He consignedhis unknown persecutors to the most horrible tortures hecould imagine, and found them all insufficient, becauseafter torture came death, and after death, if not repose, atleast the boon of unconsciousness.
2.  Faria then drew forth from his hiding-place three or fourrolls of linen, laid one over the other, like folds ofpapyrus. These rolls consisted of slips of cloth about fourinches wide and eighteen long; they were all carefullynumbered and closely covered with writing, so legible thatDantes could easily read it, as well as make out the sense-- it being in Italian, a language he, as a Provencal,perfectly understood.
3.  "Shall I swear to you, sir?" asked Maximilian.
4、  "Well, then, did he ask you, `Who is M. Albert de Morcerf?how does he come by his name -- his fortune? what are hismeans of existence? what is his birthplace! of what countryis he a native?' Tell me, did he put all these questions toyou?"
5、  "Let us see the watch," said Albert.




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      "The Abbe Faria."

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      "Then you really lost by that affair in Spain?"

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       "You see it is yourself who have first named her -- you, herfather."

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      "Albert," she asked, "did you notice that?"

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    {  "Do not be too hasty, M. Morrel," replied Villefort. "Theorder of imprisonment came from high authority, and theorder for his liberation must proceed from the same source;and, as Napoleon has scarcely been reinstated a fortnight,the letters have not yet been forwarded."

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      "What I require is, that justice be done. I am on the earthto punish, madame," he added, with a flaming glance; "anyother woman, were it the queen herself, I would send to theexecutioner; but to you I shall be merciful. To you I willsay, `Have you not, madame, put aside some of the surest,deadliest, most speedy poison?'"}

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      "Sir," replied the host, "we will do all in our power toprocure you one -- this is all I can say."

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      "Never mind it, for I see you once more," said the old man;"and now it's all over -- everything is all right again."

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       "It shall be as you wish, madame," said Villefort; "moreespecially since your wishes coincide with mine, and as soonas M. d'Epinay arrives in Paris" --

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    {  "But," said Albert, breaking in upon his discourse, "nevermind the past; let us only remember the present. Are you notgoing to keep your promise of introducing me to the fairsubject of our remarks?"

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      "No he will not, for he will tell you, what is very true,that perhaps there were fifty officers in the Greek armybearing the same name."