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1. 然而,一项由前英格兰银行经济学家牵头的学术研究指出,每个国家都有一条贯穿一生的幸福曲线,发展中国家的最不幸福的确切年龄为48.2岁,发达国家最不幸福的确切年龄是47.2岁。
2. 政府以行政方式指示各大财团给企业放贷。
3. 武汉返乡谎称菲律宾归来、致4000余人居家观察。
4. 个人信息汇报之后,镇上某书记亲自到我家叮嘱,医院派车送医生到家为我测体温检查,镇派出所、区公安分局、防疫部门都来调查和叮嘱。
5.   Time was, when a poet sat upon a stool in a public place, and mused in the sight of men. Mr. Cruncher, sitting on stool in a public place, but not being a poet, mused as little as possible, and looked about him.
6. 由以上所述可以看到,商品资本代表可能的货币资本的那种特性,在危机中和一般在营业停滞时期,将会大大丧失。虚拟资本,生息的证券,在它们本身是作为货币资本而在证券交易所内流通的时候,也是如此。它们的价格随着利息的提高而下降。其次,它们的价格还会由于信用的普遍缺乏而下降,这种缺乏强使证券


1.   On this Eumaeus took his seat again, and when he had finished hisdinner he left the courts and the cloister with the men at table,and went back to his pigs. As for the suitors, they presently began toamuse themselves with singing and dancing, for it was now getting ontowards evening.
2.   'My dear Agnes,' I began, 'if you mean Steerforth -'
3.   I don't understand it."
4.   Look yonder, what a dainty pair! Here is the maid! the knave is there!(To the beasts)
5. 强壮的骡子一次可以驮400公斤货物,每天走30多公里山路,驮运物资近10吨,能赚1000元,除了人和骡子的吃喝,能挣800元,都是辛苦钱。
6.   Here I lived in darkness and misery until my provisions were exhausted, but just as I was nearly dead from starvation the rock was rolled away overhead and I saw that a bier was being lowered into the cavern, and that the corpse upon it was a man. In a moment my mind was made up, the woman who followed had nothing to expect but a lingering death; I should be doing her a service if I shortened her misery. Therefore when she descended, already insensible from terror, I was ready armed with a huge bone, one blow from which left her dead, and I secured the bread and water which gave me a hope of life. Several times did I have recourse to this desperate expedient, and I know not how long I had been a prisoner when one day I fancied that I heard something near me, which breathed loudly. Turning to the place from which the sound came I dimly saw a shadowy form which fled at my movement, squeezing itself through a cranny in the wall. I pursued it as fast as I could, and found myself in a narrow crack among the rocks, along which I was just able to force my way. I followed it for what seemed to me many miles, and at last saw before me a glimmer of light which grew clearer every moment until I emerged upon the sea shore with a joy which I cannot describe. When I was sure that I was not dreaming, I realised that it was doubtless some little animal which had found its way into the cavern from the sea, and when disturbed had fled, showing me a means of escape which I could never have discovered for myself. I hastily surveyed my surroundings, and saw that I was safe from all pursuit from the town.


1.   'No; I know I should think well of myself; but that is notenough: if others don't love me I would rather die than live- I cannotbear to be solitary and hated, Helen. Look here; to gain some realaffection from you, or Miss Temple, or any other whom I truly love,I would willingly submit to have the bone of my arm broken, or tolet a bull toss me, or to stand behind a kicking horse, and let itdash its hoof at my chest-'
2. "Oh, my! Oh, my!" Sara heard her say hoarsely, in wild delight. "OH my>!"
3. 原标题:iPhone需求强劲,苹果市值有望突破两万亿美元文/杨剑勇2019年,苹果股价累计涨幅高达86%,是丰收的一年,尤其投资者对5GiPhone超高预期,帮助苹果股价连续创出新高,到如今市值近1.4万亿美元。
4. 2015年的外卖市场,饿了么是行业老兵,整体市场份额略微领先,百度外卖来势汹汹,最先拿下白领市场。
5. 动漫、影视和游戏领域中诞生了属于这个世代的经典,也创造了我们共同的文化记忆。
6.   `Enough!' said Defarge, with grim impatience. `Long live the Devil! Go on.'


1. 那么,美军在这些国家的驻军经费分摊情况如何,经历了哪些变化,这些钱又都怎么花呢?日本天价保护费用在哪在美国的盟国中,日本一直以来是担负驻军费用最多的国家。
2. 在你考虑结婚对象或职业又或是否应该开战的时候,数据主义告诉你,别再浪费时间爬上高山看落日了。至于去博物馆、写日记或与朋友谈心也是多此一举。没错,想做出正确决定,你确实要进一步认识自己。但在21世纪,已经有了比登山、去博物馆或写日记更好的办法。以下是一些实用的数据主义指示:
3. 点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情。
4. 单词credit 联想记忆:
5.   "Yes, to escort him into the capital. Really, my dearGerard, you are but a child; you think yourself wellinformed because the telegraph has told you, three daysafter the landing, `The usurper has landed at Cannes withseveral men. He is pursued.' But where is he? what is hedoing? You do not know at all, and in this way they willchase him to Paris, without drawing a trigger."
6. 他非常看好,但是我也经常给他说要有足够的耐心,企业服务是一个长周期,而且它在木桶里面,决定你的是最短的那个短板,是这样的一个因素,所以企业服务有一个规律,投资方对企业服务的关注,从某种程度上加快了企业的发展,但是因为它和TO C场景不一样,它的资金发挥的效率没有那么直接和明显,所以如果说TO B服务的时候1年融10人下去,我自己认为,从我的角度来讲,我可能很难理解这样的一个企业服务怎么做得到的,因为它的资金效益发挥得没有那么明显,TO C拿钱了之后就开始砸,就开始扩展用户,所以我们作为创始团队就是要耐住耐心,把你的短板补上,对企业服务到位,这才是对投资者最好的回报。


1. 该榜单统计了自2018年7月1日至2019年9月30日各上榜企业家的套现金额,以此进行排名。
2. Confluence:内部的文档,包括已成型的设计文档(如内部的RFC文档),Wiki等。
3.  事后大家纷纷谴责小伙子的恶毒与围观群众的冷漠,北京警方也在两会安保繁忙工作中拨冗擒获了这个岁数还不如王凯歆的少年,等待他的或将是治安处罚。

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      Habit is hereditary with plants, as in the period of flowering, in the amount of rain requisite for seeds to germinate, in the time of sleep, &c., and this leads me to say a few words on acclimatisation. As it is extremely common for species of the same genus to inhabit very hot and very cold countries, and as I believe that all the species of the same genus have descended from a single parent, if this view be correct, acclimatisation must be readily effected during long-continued descent. It is notorious that each species is adapted to the climate of its own home: species from an arctic or even from a temperate region cannot endure a tropical climate, or conversely. So again, many succulent plants cannot endure a damp climate. But the degree of adaptation of species to the climates under which they live is often overrated. We may infer this from our frequent inability to predict whether or not an imported plant will endure our climate, and from the number of plants and animals brought from warmer countries which here enjoy good health. We have reason to believe that species in a state of nature are limited in their ranges by the competition of other organic beings quite as much as, or more than, by adaptation to particular climates. But whether or not the adaptation be generally very close, we have evidence, in the case of some few plants, of their becoming, to a certain extent, naturally habituated to different temperatures, or becoming acclimatised: thus the pines and rhododendrons, raised from seed collected by Dr Hooker from trees growing at different heights on the Himalaya were found in this country to possess different constitutional powers of resisting cold. Mr Thwaites informs me that he has observed similar facts in Ceylon, and analogous observations have been made by Mr H. C. Watson on European species of plants brought from the Azores to England. In regard to animals, several authentic cases could be given of species within historical times having largely extended their range from warmer to cooler latitudes, and conversely; but we do not positively know that these animals were strictly adapted to their native climate, but in all ordinary cases we assume such to be the case; nor do we know that they have subsequently become acclimatised to their new homes.As I believe that our domestic animals were originally chosen by uncivilised man because they were useful and bred readily under confinement, and not because they were subsequently found capable of far-extended transportation, I think the common and extraordinary capacity in our domestic animals of not only withstanding the most different climates but of being perfectly fertile (a far severer test) under them, may be used as an argument that a large proportion of other animals, now in a state of nature, could easily be brought to bear widely different climates. We must not, however, push the foregoing argument too far, on account of the probable origin of some of our domestic animals from several wild stocks: the blood, for instance, of a tropical and arctic wolf or wild dog may perhaps be mingled in our domestic breeds. The rat and mouse cannot be considered as domestic animals, but they have been transported by man to many parts of the world, and now have a far wider range than any other rodent, living free under the cold climate of Faroe in the north and of the Falklands in the south, and on many islands in the torrid zones. Hence I am inclined to look at adaptation to any special climate as a quality readily grafted on an innate wide flexibility of constitution, which is common to most animals. On this view, the capacity of enduring the most different climates by man himself and by his domestic animals, and such facts as that former species of the elephant and rhinoceros were capable of enduring a glacial climate, whereas the living species are now all tropical or sub-tropical in their habits, ought not to be looked at as anomalies, but merely as examples of a very common flexibility of constitution, brought, under peculiar circumstances, into play.How much of the acclimatisation of species to any peculiar climate is due to mere habit, and how much to the natural selection of varieties having different innate constitutions, and how much to means combined, is a very obscure question. That habit or custom has some influence I must believe, both from analogy, and from the incessant advice given in agricultural works, even in the ancient Encyclopaedias of China, to be very cautious in transposing animals from one district to another; for it is not likely that man should have succeeded in selecting so many breeds and sub-breeds with constitutions specially fitted for their own districts: the result must, I think, be due to habit. On the other hand, I can see no reason to doubt that natural selection will continually tend to preserve those individuals which are born with constitutions best adapted to their native countries. In treatises on many kinds of cultivated plants, certain varieties are said to withstand certain climates better than others: this is very strikingly shown in works on fruit trees published in the United States, in which certain varieties are habitually recommended for the northern, and others for the southern States; and as most of these varieties are of recent origin, they cannot owe their constitutional differences to habit. The case of the Jerusalem artichoke, which is never propagated by seed, and of which consequently new varieties have not been produced, has even been advanced for it is now as tender as ever it was -- as proving that acclimatisation cannot be effected! The case, also, of the kidney-bean has been often cited for a similar purpose, and with much greater weight; but until some one will sow, during a score of generations, his kidney-beans so early that a very large proportion are destroyed by frost, and then collect seed from the few survivors, with care to prevent accidental crosses, and then again get seed from these seedlings, with the same precautions, the experiment cannot be said to have been even tried. Nor let it be supposed that no differences in the constitution of seedling kidney-beans ever appear, for an account has been published how much more hardy some seedlings appeared to be than others.On the whole, I think we may conclude that habit, use, and disuse, have, in some cases, played a considerable part in the modification of the constitution, and of the structure of various organs; but that the effects of use and disuse have often been largely combined with, and sometimes overmastered by, the natural selection of innate differences.

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      The head of one of the regular indoor messengers attached to Tellson's establishment was put through the door, and the word was given.

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      "Gone to the nearest public-house. That is the centre of countrygossip. They would have told you every name, from the master to thescullery-maid. Williamson? It conveys nothing to my mind. If he isan elderly man he is not this active cyclist who sprints away fromthat young lady's athletic pursuit. What have we gained by yourexpedition? The knowledge that the girl's story is true. I neverdoubted it. That there is a connection between the cyclist and theHall. I never doubted that either. That the Hall is tenanted byWilliamson. Who's the better for that? Well, well, my dear sir,don't look so depressed. We can do little more until next Saturday,and in the meantime I may make one or two inquiries myself."Next morning, we had a note from Miss Smith, recounting shortlyand accurately the very incidents which I had seen, but the pith ofthe letter lay in the postscript:

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    During her short life only one thing had troubled her, and that thing was "the place" she was to be taken to some day. The climate of India was very bad for children, and as soon as possible they were sent away from it--generally to England and to school. She had seen other children go away, and had heard their fathers and mothers talk about the letters they received from them. She had known that she would be obliged to go also, and though sometimes her father's stories of the voyage and the new country had attracted her, she had been troubled by the thought that he could not stay with her.

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      "I have ten left," said the man, "for here are eleven, and Ihad twenty-one, five more than last year. But I am notsurprised; the spring has been warm this year, andstrawberries require heat, sir. This is the reason that,instead of the sixteen I had last year, I have this year,you see, eleven, already plucked -- twelve, thirteen,fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. Ah, I missthree, they were here last night, sir -- I am sure they werehere -- I counted them. It must be the Mere Simon's son whohas stolen them; I saw him strolling about here thismorning. Ah, the young rascal -- stealing in a garden -- hedoes not know where that may lead him to."

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