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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Finally, as the hour for her interview with the countapproached, Milady had everything about her darkened, andordered Kitty to return to her own chamber, and introduce DeWardes whenever he presented himself.
2.  "Oh, yes," said Kitty, clapping her hands, "very willing.""Well, then, come here, my dear," said D'Artagnan,establishing himself in an easy chair; "come, and let metell you that you are the prettiest SOUBRETTE I ever saw!"And he did tell her so much, and so well, that the poorgirl, who asked nothing better than to believe him, didbelieve him. Nevertheless, to D'Artagnan's great
3.  "I was afraid I had made a mistake in the chamber, and that I hadfound my way into the apartment of some churchman. Then anothererror seized me on seeing you in company with these gentlemen--Iwas afraid you were dangerously ill."
4.  "Which has happened to you?"
5.  "Would you like better to be hanged in your true name, Milady?You know that the English laws are inexorable on the abuse ofmarriage. Speak freely. Although my name, or rather that of mybrother, would be mixed up with the affair, I will risk thescandal of a public trial to make myself certain of getting ridof you."
6.  Although the Musketeer was not expected before one o'clock,the procurator's wife had been on the watch ever sincemidday, reckoning that the heart, or perhaps the stomach, ofher lover would bring him before his time.


1.  There was a moment of trouble and confusion in the assembly.Everybody had remarked that something had passed between the kingand queen; but both of them had spoken so low that everybody, outof respect, withdrew several steps, so that nobody had heardanything. The violins began to sound with all their might, butnobody listened to them.
2.  "No less," said Athos, as pale as a corpse. "But methinks I needwine!" and he seized by the neck the last bottle that was left,put it to his mouth, and emptied it at a single draught, as hewould have emptied an ordinary glass.
3.  "I wished to make an effort; I attempted to cry out. By anincredible effort of will I even raised myself up, but only tosink down again immediately, and to fall into the arms of mypersecutor."
4.  "And now," said Athos, "while they bring the wine, tell me,D'Artagnan, what has become of the others, come!"D'Artagnan related how he had found Porthos in bed with astrained knee, and Aramis at a table between two theologians. Ashe finished, the host entered with the wine ordered and a hamwhich, fortunately for him, had been left out of the cellar."That's well!" said Athos, filling his glass and that of hisfriend; "here's to Porthos and Aramis! But you, D'Artagnan, whatis the matter with you, and what has happened to you personally?You have a sad air."
5.  The host had not quite so good a bargain as he at firsthoped for, but he made amends by slipping in two bottles ofAnjou wine instead of two bottles of champagne.
6.  "It is a wound that confines him to his bed?"


1.  "That is he, that is he; but his name?"
2.  "The Marechale d'Ancre was no more than the Marechale d'Ancre. AFlorentine adventurer, sire, and that was all; while the augustspouse of your Majesty is Anne of Austria, Queen of France--thatis to say, one of the greatest princesses in the world.""She is not the less guilty, Monsieur Duke! The more she hasforgotten the high position in which she was placed, the moredegrading is her fall. Besides, I long ago determined to put anend to all these petty intrigues of policy and love. She hasnear her a certain Laporte."
3.  "But you will not follow me; you will not watch me?""I will return home instantly."
4.  "But these two words would bring about my condemnation, divorce,exile!"
5.   It was, then, Richelieu's object, not only to get rid of anenemy of France, but to avenge himself on a rival; but thisvengeance must be grand and striking and worthy in every wayof a man who held in his hand, as his weapon for combat, theforces of a kingdom.
6.  "But," cried Felton, "that is a FLEUR-DE-LIS which I see there.""And therein consisted the infamy," replied Milady. "The brandof England!--it would be necessary to prove what tribunal hadimposed it on me, and I could have made a public appeal to allthe tribunals of the kingdom; but the brand of France!--oh, bythat, by THAT I was branded indeed!"


1.  "We should only be three, one of whom is wounded, with theaddition of a boy," resumed Athos; "and yet it will not be theless said we were four men."
2.  "By five minutes."
3.  "You are accused of high treason," said the cardinal, slowly."So I have been told already, monseigneur," cried Bonacieux,giving his interrogator the title he had heard the officer givehim, "but I swear to you that I know nothing about it."The cardinal repressed a smile.
4、  "Immediately," replied D'Artagnan; "we have not a minute tolose."
5、  "PESTE! They are three superb animals!"




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      "Yes, monseigneur; but in that unfortunate affair atMeung--"

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      "If he persists--" His Eminence made a pause, and resumed:"If he persists--well, then I shall hope for one of thoseevents which change the destinies of states."

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       "Monsieur, we must not confound prudence with cowardice; prudenceis a virtue."

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      "Don't be afraid, you idiot; there is nothing in hand but a partyof pleasure."

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    {  "Ah, his name? I do not know that."

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      Aramis, in a black gown, his head enveloped in a sort of roundflat cap, not much unlike a CALOTTE, was seated before an oblongtable, covered with rolls of paper and enormous volumes in folio.At his right hand was placed the superior of the Jesuits, and onhis left the curate of Montdidier. The curtains were half drawn,and only admitted the mysterious light calculated for beatificreveries. All the mundane objects that generally strike the eyeon entering the room of a young man, particularly when that youngman is a Musketeer, had disappeared as if by enchantment; and forfear, no doubt, that the sight of them might bring his masterback to ideas of this world, Bazin had laid his hands upon sword,pistols, plumed hat, and embroideries and laces of all kinds andsorts. In their stead D'Artagnan thought he perceived in anobscure corner a discipline cord suspended from a nail in thewall.}

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      The host approached with hesitation.

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      "In the room adjoining the chamber in which she changed hertoilet."

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       Planchet had followed the road; like Athos, he had discovered the stainsof blood; like Athos, he had noted the spot where the horses had halted.But he had gone farther than Athos--for at the village of Festubert,while drinking at an inn, he had learned without needing to ask aquestion that the evening before, at half-past eight, a wounded man whoaccompanied a lady traveling in a post-chaise had been obliged to stop,unable to go further. The accident was set down to the account ofrobbers, who had stopped the chaise in the wood. The man remained inthe village; the woman had had a relay of horses, and continued herjourney.

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    {  As for D'Artagnan, he immediately repaired to the cabaret of thePomme-de-Pin, where he found Porthos and Aramis awaiting him.Without giving them any explanation of the alarm andinconvenience he had caused them, he told them that he hadterminated the affair alone in which he had for a moment believedhe should need their assistance.

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      "Now, my friends," said Athos, "finish them at a blow. Tothe wall; to the wall!"