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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Excellent! This is far the most important of all for our purpose.It fills me with hopes. Now, Mr. Hilton Cubitt, please continue yourmost interesting statement."
2.  "This is the street," said he as we turned into a short thoroughfarelined with plain two-storied brick houses. "Ah, here is Simpson toreport."
3.  1892
4.  Holmes sat for some time lost in thought.
5.  "Good-bye, little man. You have made a strange start in life. Nurse,I should wish to have a word with you in private."
6.  "But he is in his room."


1.  "I trust, Mr. Holmes, that you can spare me a few hours of yourvaluable time. We have had a very painful incident at St. Luke's,and really, but for the happy chance of your being in town, I shouldhave been at a loss what to do."
2.  Mr. Sherlock Holmes was always of opinion that I should publishthe singular facts connected with Professor Presbury, if only todispel once for all the ugly rumours which some twenty years agoagitated the university and were echoed in the learned societies ofLondon. There were, however, certain obstacles in the way, and thetrue history of this curious case remained entombed in the tin boxwhich contains so many records of my friend's adventures. Now wehave at last obtained permission to ventilate the facts which formedone of the very last cases handled by Holmes before his retirementfrom practice. Even now a certain reticence and discretion have tobe observed in laying the matter before the public.
3.  We had not long to wait. The very next train roared from thetunnel as before, but slowed in the open, and then, with a creaking ofbrakes, pulled up immediately beneath us. It was not four feet fromthe window-ledge to the roof of the carriages. Holmes softly closedthe window.
4.  "And leave your case unfinished?"
5.  "Were they good friends at other times?"
6.  "I took the lamp from him, and I examined the machine verythoroughly. It was indeed a gigantic one, and capable of exercisingenormous pressure. When I passed outside, however, and pressed downthe levers which controlled it, I knew at once by the whishing soundthat there was a slight leakage, which allowed a regurgitation ofwater through one of the side cylinders. An examination showed thatone of the india-rubber bands which was round the head of adriving-rod had shrunk so as not quite to fill the socket alongwhich it worked. This was clearly the cause of the loss of power,and I pointed it out to my companions, who followed my remarks verycarefully and asked several practical questions as to how theyshould proceed to set it right. When I had made it clear to them, Ireturned to the main chamber of the machine and took a good look at itto satisfy my own curiosity. It was obvious at a glance that the storyof the fuller's-earth was the merest fabrication, for it would beabsurd to suppose that so powerful an engine could be designed forso inadequate a purpose. The walls were of wood, but the floorconsisted of a large iron trough, and when I came to examine it Icould see a crust of metallic deposit all over it. I had stooped andwas scraping at this to see exactly what it was when I heard amuttered exclamation in German and saw the cadaverous face of thecolonel looking down at me.


1.  "Look here, Holmes, this is simply impossible. This is a desperateman, who sticks at nothing. He may have come to murder you."I should not be surprised."
2.  thoughtfully, tossing aside the paper. "The question for us nowto solve is the sequence of events leading from a rifledjewel-case at one end to the crop of a goose in Tottenham CourtRoad at the other. You see, Watson, our little deductions havesuddenly assumed a much more important and less innocent aspect.Here is the stone; the stone came from the goose, and the goosecame from Mr. Henry Baker, the gentleman with the bad hat and allthe other characteristics with which I have bored you. So now wemust set ourselves very seriously to finding this gentleman andascertaining what part he has played in this little mystery. Todo this, we must try the simplest means first, and these lieundoubtedly in an advertisement in all the evening papers. Ifthis fail, I shall have recourse to other methods."
3.  "Have you arranged for a search?"
4.  "If you use the code which I have explained," said Holmes, "you willfind that it simply means `Come here at once.' I was convinced that itwas an invitation which he would not refuse, since he could neverimagine that it could come from anyone but the lady. And so, my dearWatson, we have ended by turning the dancing men to good when theyhave so often been the agents of evil, and I think that I havefulfilled my promise of giving you something unusual for yournotebook. Three-forty is our train, and I fancy we should be back inBaker Street for dinner."
5.   "Good God! What a week she must have spent!"
6.  "No, no, I am sure they were real friends."


1.  Holmes shook his head sadly.
2.  "Well, I thought over the matter all day, and by evening I wasin low spirits again; for I had quite persuaded myself that thewhole affair must be some great hoax or fraud, though what itsobject might be I could not imagine. It seemed altogether pastbelief that anyone could make such a will, or that they would paysuch a sum for doing anything so simple as copying out theEncyclopaedia Britannica. Vincent Spaulding did what he could tocheer me up, but by bedtime I had reasoned myself out of the wholething. However, in the morning I determined to have a look at itanyhow, so I bought a penny bottle of ink, and with a quill-pen,and seven sheets of foolscap paper, I started off for Pope'sCourt.
3.  "Well, then, ask Mrs. Oakshott for it."
4、  "His carriage is at his door now," said I."There he is stepping intoit. I saw him glance up at our window as he did so. Suppose I try myluck upon the bicycle?"
5、  "Dear me! Dear me!" he said at last. "Well, now, who would havethought it? And how deceptive appearances may be, to be sure! Such anice young man to look at! It is a lesson to us not to trust our ownjudgment, is it not, Lestrade?"




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      Again the gentle murmur.

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      "If I take it up I must understand every detail," said he. "Taketime to consider. The smallest point may be the most essential. Yousay that the man came ten days ago and paid you for a fortnight'sboard and lodging?"

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       "How long did he wait?"

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      "I said to her that if I could marry her I would, but that it wasout of my power. I said that money was no object and that all Icould do to make her happy and comfortable would be done.""Very generous, I am sure," said Holmes with a sneer.

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    {  "Well, from that time Sarah hated me with her whole heart andsoul, and she is a woman who can hate, too. I was a fool to let her goon biding with us- a besotted fool- but I never said a word to Mary,for I knew it would grieve her. Things went on much as before, butafter a time I began to find that there was a bit of a change inMary herself. She had always been so trusting and so innocent, but nowshe became queer and suspicious, wanting to know where I had beenand what I had been doing, and whom my letters were from, and what Ihad in my pockets, and a thousand such follies. Day by day she grewqueerer and more irritable, and we had ceaseless rows about nothing. Iwas fairly puzzled by it all. Sarah avoided me now, but she and Marywere just inseparable. I can see now how she was plotting and schemingand poisoning my wife's mind against me, but I was such a blind beetlethat I could not understand it at the time. Then I broke my blueribbon and began to drink again, but I think I should not have done itif Mary had been the same as ever. She had some reason to be disgustedwith me now, and the gap between us began to be wider and wider. Andthen this Alec Fairbairn chipped in, and things became a thousandtimes blacker.

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      "Curious, Miss Dunbar, very curious. Why should it appear at thevery time of the tragedy, and why at the very place?"}

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      "A chaotic case, my dear Watson," said Holmes over an eveningpipe. "It will not be possible for you to present it in that compactform which is dear to your heart. It covers two continents, concernstwo groups of mysterious persons, and is further complicated by thehighly respectable presence of our friend, Scott Eccles, whoseinclusion shows me that the deceased Garcia had a scheming mind anda well-developed instinct of self-preservation. It is remarkableonly for the fact that amid a perfect jungle of possibilities we, withour worthy collaborator, the inspector, have kept our close hold onthe essentials and so been guided along the crooked and windingpath. Is there any point which is not quite clear to you?""The object of the mulatto cook's return?"

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      "I could deceive you by saying so, Mr. Holmes, but it would not betrue. De Merville is a broken man. The strong soldier has been utterlydemoralized by this incident. He has lost the nerve which never failedhim on the battlefield and has become a weak, doddering old man,utterly incapable of contending with a brilliant, forceful rascal likethis Austrian. My client, however, is an old friend, one who has knownthe General intimately for many years and taken a paternal interest inthis young girl since she wore short frocks. He cannot see thistragedy consummated without some attempt to stop it. There isnothing in which Scotland Yard can act. It was his own suggestion thatyou should be called in, but it was, as I have said, on the expressstipulation that he should not be personally involved in the matter. Ihave no doubt, Mr. Holmes, with your great powers you could easilytrace my client back through me, but I must ask you, as a point ofhonour, to refrain from doing so, and not to break in upon hisincognito."

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       "Strange, Watson, that we should see tracks all along our line,but never a cow on the whole moor. Very strange, Watson, eh?""Yes, it is strange."

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    {  "And you can do nothing until then?"

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      I could see that Holmes was favourably impressed by the manner andspeech of his new client. He looked her over in his searching fashion,and then composed himself, with his lids drooping and hisfinger-tips together, to listen to her story.