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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I will do everything in my power to carry out your wishes,your excellency. I should be glad, however, to receive yourexcellency's commands concerning the dinner."
2.  There, seated before a walnut table he had brought with himfrom Hartwell, and to which, from one of those fancies notuncommon to great people, he was particularly attached, theking, Louis XVIII., was carelessly listening to a man offifty or fifty-two years of age, with gray hair,aristocratic bearing, and exceedingly gentlemanly attire,and meanwhile making a marginal note in a volume ofGryphius's rather inaccurate, but much sought-after, editionof Horace -- a work which was much indebted to the sagaciousobservations of the philosophical monarch.
3.  "Shall I tell you plainly one thing, sir? I dread almost asmuch to receive any tidings of my vessel as to remain indoubt. uncertainty is still hope." Then in a low voiceMorrel added, -- "This delay is not natural. The Pharaonleft Calcutta the 5th February; she ought to have been herea month ago."
4.  "Oh, this is what I feared!" said Morrel.
5.  "Enough, enough!" replied Caderousse; "say no more about it;I will take all the consequences upon myself." And he beganhis story.
6.  "Possibly, possibly," said Beauchamp immediately; "but everysimpleton would not be able to understand your heroism, andsooner or later you will find yourself compelled to explainit to them more energetically than would be convenient toyour bodily health and the duration of your life. May I giveyou a friendly counsel? Set out for Naples, the Hague, orSt. Petersburg -- calm countries, where the point of honoris better understood than among our hot-headed Parisians.Seek quietude and oblivion, so that you may return peaceablyto France after a few years. Am I not right, M. deChateau-Renaud?"


1.  Meantime the subject of the arrest was being canvassed inevery different form.
2.  "A pretty silence truly!" said the old father of thebride-groom, as he carried to his lips a glass of wine ofthe hue and brightness of the topaz, and which had just beenplaced before Mercedes herself. "Now, would anybody thinkthat this room contained a happy, merry party, who desirenothing better than to laugh and dance the hours away?"
3.  "That is right," cried the marquise. "I love to see youthus. Now, then, were a conspirator to fall into your hands,he would be most welcome."
4.  Chapter 9The Evening of the Betrothal.
5.  "I am perfectly aware of that fact," answered Monte Cristocalmly. Then, turning towards Ali, he said, "Let all thehorses in my stables be led before the windows of your younglady, that she may select those she prefers for hercarriage. Request her also to oblige me by saying whether itis her pleasure to dine with me; if so, let dinner be servedin her apartments. Now, leave me, and desire my valet dechambre to come hither." Scarcely had Ali disappeared whenthe valet entered the chamber. "Monsieur Baptistin," saidthe count, "you have been in my service one year, the time Igenerally give myself to judge of the merits or demerits ofthose about me. You suit me very well." Baptistin bowed low."It only remains for me to know whether I also suit you?"
6.  "I say that Valentine is dead!" replied d'Avrigny, in avoice terrible in its solemn calm.


1.  "You had your portfolio with you, then? Now, how could asailor find room in his pocket for a portfolio large enoughto contain an official letter?"
2.  "I swear it."
3.  "No," said the paralytic. Notwithstanding that assurance,Morrel still hesitated. This promise of an impotent old manwas so strange that, instead of being the result of thepower of his will, it might emanate from enfeebled organs.Is it not natural that the madman, ignorant of his folly,should attempt things beyond his power? The weak man talksof burdens he can raise, the timid of giants he canconfront, the poor of treasures he spends, the most humblepeasant, in the height of his pride, calls himself Jupiter.Whether Noirtier understood the young man's indecision, orwhether he had not full confidence in his docility, helooked uneasily at him. "What do you wish, sir?" askedMorrel; "that I should renew my promise of remainingtranquil?" Noirtier's eye remained fixed and firm, as if toimply that a promise did not suffice; then it passed fromhis face to his hands.
4.  "Is the Baron Franz d'Epinay."
5.   "Indeed?"
6.  "Are we alone?"


1.  "We must go," replied Villefort, offering his arm. Theothers, attracted by curiosity, were already scattered indifferent parts of the house; for they thought the visitwould not be limited to the one room, and that, at the sametime, they would obtain a view of the rest of the building,of which Monte Cristo had created a palace. Each one wentout by the open doors. Monte Cristo waited for the two whoremained; then, when they had passed, he brought up therear, and on his face was a smile, which, if they could haveunderstood it, would have alarmed them much more than avisit to the room they were about to enter. They began bywalking through the apartments, many of which were fitted upin the Eastern style, with cushions and divans instead ofbeds, and pipes instead of furniture. The drawing-rooms weredecorated with the rarest pictures by the old masters, theboudoirs hung with draperies from China, of fanciful colors,fantastic design, and wonderful texture. At length theyarrived at the famous room. There was nothing particularabout it, excepting that, although daylight had disappeared,it was not lighted, and everything in it was old-fashioned,while the rest of the rooms had been redecorated. These twocauses were enough to give it a gloomy aspect. "Oh." criedMadame de Villefort, "it is really frightful." MadameDanglars tried to utter a few words, but was not heard. Manyobservations were made, the import of which was a unanimousopinion that there was something sinister about the room."Is it not so?" asked Monte Cristo. "Look at that largeclumsy bed, hung with such gloomy, blood-colored drapery!And those two crayon portraits, that have faded from thedampness; do they not seem to say, with their pale lips andstaring eyes, `We have seen'?" Villefort became livid;Madame Danglars fell into a long seat placed near thechimney. "Oh," said Madame de Villefort, smiling, "are youcourageous enough to sit down upon the very seat perhapsupon which the crime was committed?" Madame Danglars rosesuddenly.
2.  "Pardieu, every one exists."
3.  "So I should suppose by her dress; if you know no more thanthat, every one here is as well-informed as yourself."
4、  "I have, then, five minutes," said Monte Cristo to himself;"it is more time than I require. My dear sir, will you allowme to ask you a question?"
5、  "Well, then, he is a bandit, compared to whom the Decesarisand the Gasparones were mere children."




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      "You say that the horse was entered under the name ofVampa?"

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      "Connected by marriage, you mean," said Franz, laughingly.

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       "Edmond Dantes, Count of Monte Cristo."

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      "Pray don't mention such a thing," said the count. Baptistinre-entered with glasses, wine, and biscuits. The countfilled one glass, but in the other he only poured a fewdrops of the ruby-colored liquid. The bottle was coveredwith spiders' webs, and all the other signs which indicatethe age of wine more truly than do wrinkles on a man's face.The major made a wise choice; he took the full glass and abiscuit. The count told Baptistin to leave the plate withinreach of his guest, who began by sipping the Alicante withan expression of great satisfaction, and then delicatelysteeped his biscuit in the wine.

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    {  The young men wished to decline, but they could find no goodreason for refusing an offer which was so agreeable to them.The Count of Monte Cristo remained a quarter of an hour withthem, conversing on all subjects with the greatest ease. Hewas, as we have already said, perfectly well acquainted withthe literature of all countries. A glance at the walls ofhis salon proved to Franz and Albert that he was aconnoisseur of pictures. A few words he let fall showed themthat he was no stranger to the sciences, and he seemed muchoccupied with chemistry. The two friends did not venture toreturn the count the breakfast he had given them; it wouldhave been too absurd to offer him in exchange for hisexcellent table the very inferior one of Signor Pastrini.They told him so frankly, and he received their excuses withthe air of a man who appreciated their delicacy. Albert wascharmed with the count's manners, and he was only preventedfrom recognizing him for a perfect gentleman by reason ofhis varied knowledge. The permission to do what he likedwith the carriage pleased him above all, for the fairpeasants had appeared in a most elegant carriage thepreceding evening, and Albert was not sorry to be upon anequal footing with them. At half-past one they descended,the coachman and footman had put on their livery over theirdisguises, which gave them a more ridiculous appearance thanever, and which gained them the applause of Franz andAlbert. Albert had fastened the faded bunch of violets tohis button-hole. At the first sound of the bell theyhastened into the Corso by the Via Vittoria. At the secondturn, a bunch of fresh violets, thrown from a carriagefilled with harlequins, indicated to Albert that, likehimself and his friend, the peasants had changed theircostume, also; and whether it was the result of chance, orwhether a similar feeling had possessed them both, while hehad changed his costume they had assumed his.

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      "I am determined not to be content with anything short of anentire retractation."}

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      "None at all. I will tell you the real facts. I swear by myhonor as a sailor, by my love for Mercedes, by the life ofmy father" --

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      "When you say invisible," interrupted Albert, "it is only tokeep up the mystery; for whom do you take the blue domino atthe window with the white curtains?"

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       "When do you leave?"

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    {  "Ah, reverend sir, tell me, do you wish me dead?"

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      The old man nodded.