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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Surely your wife knew?'
2.  Holmes grasped the doctor's hand.
3.  "How is Mr. Holmes, sir?" he asked.
4.  "'What an eye you have!' he cried with a sigh of relief. 'It is justas you say. But we won't talk of it. Of all ghosts the ghosts of ourold loves are the worst. Come into the billiard-room and have, a quietcigar.'
5.  "I see. You got the young lady into your service, and thereWoodley was to do the courting. She recognized the drunken brutethat he was, and would have nothing to do with him. Meanwhile, yourarrangement was rather upset by the fact that you had yourselffallen in love with the lady. You could no longer bear the idea ofthis ruffian owning her?"
6.  "I was shaken but not hurt by the fall; so I picked myself up andrushed off among the bushes as hard as I could run, for I understoodthat I was far from being out of danger yet. Suddenly, however, as Iran, a deadly dizziness and sickness came over me. I glanced down atmy hand, which was throbbing painfully, and then, for the firsttime, saw that my thumb had been cut off and that the blood waspouring from my wound. I endeavoured to tie my handkerchief roundit, but there came a sudden buzzing in my ears, and next moment I fellin a dead faint among the rose-bushes.


1.  "By no means."
2.  "But why? What can it matter to him that his landlady should havea word of his writing? Still, it may be as you say. Then, again, whysuch laconic messages?"
3.  Once, I remember, as we passed over the Gemmi, and walked alongthe border of the melancholy Daubensee, a large rock which had beendislodged from the ridge upon our right clattered down and roared intothe lake behind us. In an instant Holmes had raced up on to the ridge,and, standing upon a lofty pinnacle, craned his neck in everydirection. It was in vain that our guide assured him that a fall ofstones was a common chance in the springtime at that spot. He saidnothing, but he smiled at me with the air of a man who sees thefulfillment of that which he had expected.
4.  Lord St. Simon sank into a chair and passed his hand over hisforehead authority
5.  "Very possibly, Watson. Sir Robert is a man of an honourablestock. But you do occasionally find a carrion crow among the eagles.Let us for a moment argue upon this supposition. He could not flythe country until he had realized his fortune, and that fortunecould only be realized by bringing off this coup with ShoscombePrince. Therefore, he has still to stand his ground. To do this hewould have to dispose of the body of his victim, and he would alsohave to find a substitute who would impersonate her. With the maidas his confidante that would not be impossible. The woman's body mightbe conveyed to the crypt, which is a place so seldom visited, and itmight be secretly destroyed at night in the furnace, leaving behind itsuch evidence as we have already seen. What say you to that, Watson?""Well, it is all possible if you grant the original monstroussupposition."
6.  "You can't bluff me, Count Sylvius." Holmes's eyes, as he gazed athim, contracted and lightened until they were like two menacing pointsof steel. "You are absolute plate-glass. I see to the very back ofyour mind."


1.  "Well, as soon as you conveniently can. Say in an hour.""I feel quite strong enough, if I can really be of any help.""The greatest possible."
2.  It was evident that Miss Cushing had come upon a subject on whichshe felt very deeply. Like most people who lead a lonely life, she wasshy at first, but ended by becoming extremely communicative. Shetold us many details about her brother-in-law the steward, and thenwandering off on the subject of her former lodgers, the medicalstudents, she gave us a long account of their delinquencies, withtheir names and those of their hospitals. Holmes listenedattentively to everything, throwing in a question from time to time."About your second sister, Sarah," said he. "I wonder, since you areboth maiden ladies, that you do not keep house together.""Ah! you don't know Sarah's temper or you would wonder no more. Itried it when I came to Croydon, and we kept on until about two monthsago, when we had to part. I don't want to say a word against my ownsister, but she was always meddlesome and hard to please, was Sarah.""You say that she quarrelled with your Liverpool relations.""Yes, and they were the best of friends at one time. Why, she wentup there to live in order to be near them. And now she has no wordhard enough for Jim Browner. The last six months that she was here shewould speak of nothing but his drinking and his ways. He had caughther meddling, I suspect, and given her a bit of his mind, and that wasthe start of it."
3.  "Is there a cellar with a good strong lock?"
4.  "Only in colour. His face was- how shall I describe it?- it was of afish-belly whiteness. It was bleached."
5.   Inspector Baynes's small eyes twinkled with pleasure.
6.  "If they are not worth more than the last ones they are not ofmuch use," said Amberley with a malevolent scowl. None the less, hekept me company. I had already warned Holmes by telegram of the hourof our arrival, but we found a message waiting that he was at Lewishamand would expect us there. That was a surprise, but an even greaterone was to find that he was not alone in the sittingroom of ourclient. A stern-looking, impassive man sat beside him, a dark man withgray-tinted glasses and a large Masonic plan projecting from his tie."This is my friend Mr. Barker," said Holmes. "He has beeninteresting himself also in your business, Mr. Josiah Amberley, thoughwe have been working independently. But we both have the same questionto ask you!"


1.  "And you mean to say that I could lie upon that bed and not be awarethat a woman had entered my room?"
2.  "'Very likely. And yet if it were on the lawn, I wonder that you didnot hear it also.'
3.  "We are getting some cards in our hand, Watson," said Holmes whenthe landlord had left us. "It's not an easy one to play, but we maysee our way in a day or two. By the way, Sir Robert is still inLondon, I hear. We might, perhaps, enter the sacred domain to-nightwithout fear of bodily assault. There are one or two points on which Ishould like reassurance."
4、  "Exactly, my dear Watson. Your reflection, though profound, hadalready crossed my mind. But I daresay it may have come to your noticethat, if you walk into a postoffice and demand to see thecounterfoil of another man's message, there may be some disinclinationon the part of the officials to oblige you. There is so much redtape in these matters. However, I have no doubt that with a littledelicacy and finesse the end may be attained. Meanwhile, I should likein your presence, Mr. Overton, to go through these papers which havebeen left upon the table."
5、  "I am sure, sir, it was only my practical joke."




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      "Well, Mr. Holmes, you would hardly say it was a face at all. That'show it looked. Our milkman got a glimpse of her once peeping out ofthe upper window, and he dropped his tin and the milk all over thefront garden. that is the kind of face it is. When I saw her- Ihappened on her unawares- she covered up quick, and then she said,'Now, Mrs. Merrilow, you know at last why it is that I never raisemy veil.'"

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       Holmes sat for some time lost in thought.

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      "Let me see," said Holmes, seating himself on Staunton's bed. "Youare the day porter, are you not?"

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    {  "And why?"

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      "Yes, sir. But he was off like a deer after the shot that killedpoor William Kirwan was fired. Mr. Cunningham saw him from the bedroomwindow, and Mr. Alec Cunningham saw him from the back passage. Itwas quarter to twelve when the alarm broke out. Mr. Cunningham hadjust got into bed, and Mr. Alec was smoking a pipe in hisdressing-gown. They both heard William, the coachman, calling forhelp, and Mr. Alec ran down to see what was the matter. The backdoor was open, and as he came to the foot of the stairs he saw two menwrestling together outside. One of them fired a shot, the otherdropped, and the murderer rushed across the garden and over the hedge.Mr. Cunningham, looking out of his bedroom, saw the fellow as hegained the road, but lost sight of him at once. Mr. Alec stopped tosee if he could help the dying man, and so the villain got clean away.Beyond the fact that he was a middle-sized man and dressed in somedark stuff, we have no personal clue, but we are making energeticinquiries, and if he is a stranger we shall soon find him out.""What was this William doing there? Did he say anything before hedied?"}

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      artist-decorators, of the mystery of cyclical dates, the marks ofthe Hung-wu and the beauties of the Yung-lo, the writings ofTang-ying, and the glories of the primitive period of the Sung and theYuan. I was charged with all this information when I called uponHolmes next evening. He was out of bed now, though you would nothave guessed it from the published reports, and he sat with hismuch-bandaged head resting upon his hand in the depth of his favouritearmchair.

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      Mr. Amberley sat down heavily. He sensed impending danger. I read itin his straining eyes and his twitching features.

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       "'Where was the shadow?'

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    {  "'Only to ask a few questions of a Greek gentleman who is visitingus, and to let us have the answers. But say no more than you aretold to say, or-' here came the nervous giggle again-'you had betternever have been born.'

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      "What explanation did she give of having answered the bell whenMr. Phelps rang for the coffee?"