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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "In the first place, both my friend and I must spend the night inyour room."
2.  "Do not think of revenge, or anything of the sort, at present.I think that we may gain that by means of the law; but we have ourweb to weave, while theirs is already woven. The firstconsideration is to remove the pressing danger which threatensyou. The second is to clear up the mystery and to punish theguilty parties."
3.  "He was writing, 'We were murdered.'"
4.  "Excuse me," be said, "but it is not my custom to discuss my mostintimate personal affairs in this public manner."
5.  "Well, Watson," said he, "a very pretty hash you have made of it!I rather think you had better come back with me to London by the nightexpress."
6.  "Surely it is easily, decided, Hope," said the Premier. "Let us havethe despatch-box brought in."


1.  "`Death,' said he, and rising from the table he retired to hisroom, leaving me palpitating with horror. I took up the envelopeand saw scrawled in red ink upon the inner flap, just above thegum, the letter K three times repeated. There was nothing elsesave the five dried pips. What could be the reason of hisoverpowering terror? I left the breakfast-table, and as Iascended the stair I met him coming down with an old rusty key,which must have belonged to the attic, in one hand, and a smallbrass box, like a cashbox, in the other.
2.  "'That was his style of talk, and at first I thought it meantnothing, but after a while, when he had tested me and sworn me in withall possible solemnity, he let me understand that there really was aplot to gain command of the vessel. A dozen of the prisoners hadhatched it before they came aboard, Prendergast was the leader, andhis money was the motive power.
3.  "I have said, gentlemen, that I am this man's wife. He was fifty andI a foolish girl of twenty when we married. It was in a city ofRussia, a university- I will not name the place."
4.  There was no rain, as Holmes had foretold, and the morning brokebright and cloudless. At nine o'clock Lestrade called for us withthe carriage, and we set off for Hatherley Farm and the Boscombe Pool."There is serious news this morning," Lestrade observed. "It is saidthat Mr. Turner, of the Hall, is so ill that his life is despairedof."
5.  "But you have recovered them?"
6.  "Oh! it's you, is it?" said our visitor, coming with anunpleasant, stealthy step round the angle of the table. "See here,Masser Holmes, you keep your hands out of other folks' business. Leavefolks to manage their own affairs. Got that, Masser Holmes?""Keep on talking," said Holmes. "It's fine."


1.  "I thought they had better hear your ladyship's story first.""I shall be glad when you can arrange matters. It is horrible tome to think of him still lying there." She shuddered and buried herface in her hands. As she did so, the loose gown fell back from herforearms. Holmes uttered an exclamation.
2.  "Yes, indeed, Holmes."
3.  "Yes."
4.  "As to the stick, Mr. Holmes, you know as well as I do that acriminal is often flurried, and does such things, which a cool manwould avoid. He was very likely afraid to go back to the room. Give meanother theory that would fit the facts."
5.   "In the country, I presume, from your complexion."
6.  "I fear that you'll have a long wait," Holmes whispered. "We maythank our stars that it is not raining. I don't think we can evenventure to smoke to pass the time. However, it's a two to one chancethat we get something to pay us for our trouble."


1.  "Here was one of my fixed points secured.
2.  two-hundred-year-old house, which is itself crushed under a heavymortgage. The last squire dragged out his existence there, livingthe horrible life of an aristocratic pauper, but his only son, mystepfather, seeing that he must adapt himself to the new conditions,obtained an advance from a relative, which enabled him to take amedical degree and went out to Calcutta, where, by his professionalskill and his force of character, he established a large practice.In a fit of anger, however, caused by some robberies which had beenperpetrated in the house, he beat his native butler to death andnarrowly escaped a capital sentence. As it was, he suffered a longterm of imprisonment and afterwards returned to England a morose anddisappointed man.
3.  "Wait here an instant," said young Alec Cunningham. "The fellow isoff his head, in my opinion. Come with me, father, and see where hehas got to!"
4、  "Do you know what I keep in this book?"
5、  Sherlock Holmes was wrong in his conjecture, however, forthere came a step in the passage and a tapping at the door. Hestretched out his long arm to turn the lamp away from himself andtowards the vacant chair upon which a newcomer must sit. "Comein!" said he.




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      "If I may give an opinion," remarked the strange gentleman, "we'vehad just a little too much secrecy over this business already. Formy part, I should like all Europe and America to hear the rights ofit." He was a small, wiry, sunburnt man, clean-shaven, with a sharpface and alert manner.

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      "He shall not compete."

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       For answer Holmes clapped the hat upon his head. It cameright over the forehead and settled upon the bridge of his nose."It is a question of cubic capacity," said he; "a man with solarge a brain must have something in it."

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      "Certainly, Mr. Holmes."

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    {  "Excellent! But I assure you you are mistaken about my allegedagents."

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      "I tell you, man, that I haven't got one. I'll let you have twohorses as far as the Hall."}

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      October 9, 1890.

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      "We used something of the sort once before."

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       "Ah, my unfortunate nephew! You can understand that our kinshipmakes it the more impossible for me to screen him in any way. I fearthat the incident must have a very prejudicial effect upon hiscareer."

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    {  "The case worried me at the time, Watson. Here are my marginal notesto prove it. I confess that I could make nothing of it. And yet Iwas convinced that the coroner was wrong. Have you no recollectionof the Abbas Parva tragedy?"

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      "That won't help us much. We've got to make up our minds what todo."