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1.   Clifford looked at Connie, with his pale, slightly prominent blue eyes, in which a certain vagueness was coming. He seemed alert in the foreground, but the background was like the Midlands atmosphere, haze, smoky mist. And the haze seemed to be creeping forward. So when he stared at Connie in his peculiar way, giving her his peculiar, precise information, she felt all the background of his mind filling up with mist, with nothingness. And it frightened her. It made him seem impersonal, almost to idiocy.
2.   In keeping Peggotty company, and doing all I could for her (little enough at the utmost), I was as grateful, I rejoice to think, as even now I could wish myself to have been. But I am afraid I had a supreme satisfaction, of a personal and professional nature, in taking charge of Mr. Barkis's will, and expounding its contents.
3. 突袭之痛下游的餐饮门店,肯定是指望不上了。
4.   Faust
5. 科学家不仅认为人类的感觉是神圣的,甚至还为此找出了很好的进化理由。在达尔文之后,生物学家开始提出解释,认为所谓感觉也是通过演化千锤百炼的复杂算法,能够帮助动物做出正确的决定。人类的爱情、恐惧和热情,并不只是能用来写诗的暧昧灵性,反而是体现了几百万年来的务实智慧。读《圣经》,收获的是古代耶路撒冷几位神父和拉比的建议;相较之下,聆听内心的声音,遵循的是几百万年进化而成的算法,而且这套算法已经通过了自然选择的最高规格测试。你的感觉正是几百万祖先的声音,而且他们都撑过了严酷的环境,成功生存和繁衍下来。当然,你的感觉并不见得总是准确,但已经比大多数其他指导更可靠。几百万年以来,人的感觉就是全世界最好的算法。因此,就算是在孔子、穆罕默德或斯大林的时代,人也应该聆听自己的感觉。
6. 湃新闻记者:谢煜楠点击进入专题:身负7条人命女逃犯潜逃20年落网


1. Guo Jingjing's alleged romance with Kenneth Fok, the grandson of late Hong Kong tycoon Henry Fok, has captured the imagination of a country that seems to have become as interested in the private lives of its athletes as in their athletic performances.
2. 这广告商和门禁公司又有何种关系?他们收集业主的资料后又如何保管呢?封面新闻记者将继续关注。
3. 四川在线消息近日,广安华蓥市西岭岗巷常出现一位身材瘦小的小女孩推着轮椅上的父亲出现在巷口乘凉的一幕。据附近居民介绍,轮椅上的男子代小平4年前因病瘫痪,妻子不辞而别,留下瘫痪男子和当时年仅5岁的女儿代嘉欣相依为命。这位9岁女儿一边上学一边照顾瘫痪父亲的故。
4. 随后,唐某泼来到枧塘派出所报案,将杨某打工的详细地点告诉民警。
5.   My house is lonely. I, my old housekeeper, and my bees have theestate all to ourselves. Half a mile off, however, is HaroldStackhurst's well-known coaching establishment, The Gables, quite alarge place, which contains some score of young fellows preparingfor various professions, with a staff of several masters. Stackhursthimself was a well-known rowing Blue in his day, and an excellentall-round scholar. He and I were always friendly from the day I cameto the coast, and he was the one man who was on such terms with methat we could drop in on each other in the evenings without aninvitation.
6. 北京协和医院感染科主任李太生在接受中青报·中青网记者采访时表示,通过接触传播是指手接触过污染物后,他再用被污染的手揉眼睛、抠鼻子、摸嘴巴,会直接导致病毒传播。


1. 过去收不满车的大店可能会拆成更为灵活的小店。
2.   Connie guessed, however, that her father had said something, and that something was in Clifford's mind. She knew that he didn't mind whether she were demi-vierge or demi-monde, so long as he didn't absolutely know, and wasn't made to see. What the eye doesn't see and the mind doesn't know, doesn't exist.
3. 图注:柳传志(左四)在和别人讨论柳传志如此钟情于要转型制造,源于他对行业的解读和思考:中关村内遍地都是大大小小的销售商,每个人都沉浸在赚差价这种来块钱的活。
4.   I would not have thee Mithridanes, to wonder at my counsel ordetermination; because, since age hath made mee Maister of mine ownewill, and I resolved to doe that, wherein thou hast begun to followme: never came any man to mee, whom I did not content (if I could)in any thing he demanded of me. It was thy fortune to come for mylife, which when I saw thee so desirous to have it, I resolvedimmediately to bestow it on thee: and so much the rather, because thoushouldst not be the onely man, that ever departed hence, withoutenjoying whatsoever hee demanded. And, to the end thou mightst themore assuredly have it, I gave thee that advice, least by not enjoyingmine, thou shouldest chance to loose thine owne. I have had the use ofit full fourescore yeares, with the consummation of all my delightsand pleasures: and well I know, that according to the course of Nature(as it fares with other men, and generally all things else) itcannot bee long before it must leave mee.
5. 用大数据和鸡蛋骗老年人买保健品除了那些高级产品外,骗局也存在保健品中。
6. 广告行业经常需要加班,有时候得折腾到夜里12点才能到家。


1. 该礼盒售价1499元,毫无疑问其所包含的商品价值远超价格,如果打算入手这款手机的话,那么礼盒版绝对是最超值的选择。
2. 南京中院认为,赵某采取驾车故意冲撞警察的暴力方法阻碍警察依法执行公务,其行为已经构成妨害公务罪。
3. 因上呼吸道感染,听从社区医院进行推拿调理后,仅仅过去了18分钟,孩子出现异常
4. 在这样的竞争环境下,如何提高投放效率是关键。
5. 比如,那个站在马云背后的女人,云锋基金董事总经理李颖。
6. 好些人说我是新制度经济学的其中一个始作俑者,那大概是对的吧。六十年代初期起全力参与其事的,只有四个人。一个是我的老师艾智仁(A.AAAAlchian)。艾师后来被称为产权经济学之父,主要是他当年的口述传统。


1.   My uncle went first, and I followed him. When we reached the bottom of the stairs we stepped into a sort of ante-room, filled with such a dense smoke that it was hardly possible to see anything. However, we passed through the smoke into a large chamber, which at first seemed quite empty. The room was brilliantly lighted, and in another moment we perceived a sort of platform at one end, on which were the bodies of the prince and a lady, both half-burned, as if they had been dragged out of a fire before it had quite consumed them.
2. 随后,该院迅速启动提前介入机制,并引导侦查取证。
3. 在清洁高处时可以将机器进行分体式连接,做到了将机器重量进行分解在左右手,右手手持主机只需自然下垂,左手举起金属杆便可以清洁高处。

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      24. "I hold a mouse's wit not worth a leek, That hath but one hole for to starte to" A very old proverb in French, German, and Latin.