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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  This last expression of Richelieu's conveyed a terribledoubt; it alarmed D'Artagnan more than a menace would havedone, for it was a warning. The cardinal, then, was seekingto preserve him from some misfortune which threatened him.He opened his mouth to reply, but with a haughty gesture thecardinal dismissed him.
2.  "Yes, monsieur."
3.  "Were you there, then?"
4.  "Who, I believe, is the mainspring of all this, I confess," saidthe cardinal.
5.  This succor, which came to Porthos at the moment in which hewas attacked in his gastronomic hopes, inspired muchgratitude in the Musketeer toward the procurator's wife.The hour of dinner soon arrived. They passed into the eatingroom--a large dark room situated opposite the kitchen.The clerks, who, as it appeared, had smelled unusual perfumesin the house, were of military punctuality, and held theirstools in hand quite ready to sit down. Their jaws movedpreliminarily with fearful threatenings.
6.  Buckingham at once remembered the circumstance, and suspectingthat something was going on in France of which it was necessaryhe should be informed, he only took the time to inquire where themessenger was, and recognizing from afar the uniform of theGuards, he put his horse into a gallop, and rode straight up toD'Artagnan. Patrick discreetly kept in the background."No misfortune has happened to the queen?" cried Buckingham, theinstant he came up, throwing all his fear and love into thequestion.


1.  "There is myself," replied Milady.
2.  "Well, one day when she was hunting with her husband," continuedAthos, in a low voice, and speaking very quickly," she fell fromher horse and fainted. The count flew to her to help, and as sheappeared to be oppressed by her clothes, he ripped them open withhis poinard, and in so doing laid bare her shoulder.D'Artagnan," said Athos, with a maniacal burst of laughter,"guess what she had on her shoulder."
4.  "Well, what is the matter?" asked the young lieutenant."You told me to open the door if I heard anyone cry out," saidthe soldier; "but you forgot to leave me the key. I heard youcry out, without understanding what you said. I tried to openthe door, but it was locked inside; then I called the sergeant.""And here I am," said the sergeant.
5.  "I do not think he is; as you see, his shutter is closed, and youcan see no light shine through the chinks of the shutters.""All the same, it is well to be certain."
6.  "You are not an enemy of our holy faith?" said she, hesitatingly."Who--I?" cried Milady; "I a Protestant? Oh, no! I call to witnessthe God who hears us, that on the contrary I am a fervent Catholic!""Then, madame," said the abbess, smiling, "be reassured; the house inwhich you are shall not be a very hard prison, and we will do all in ourpower to make you cherish your captivity. You will find here, moreover,the young woman of whom I spoke, who is persecuted, no doubt, inconsequence of some court intrigue. She is amiable and well-behaved.""What is her name?"


1.  "To take the hundred pistoles, D'Artagnan. With the hundredpistoles we can live well to the end of the month. We haveundergone a great deal of fatigue, remember, and a little restwill do no harm."
2.  "I don't know; the secret has been well kept."
3.  "I ask no better," said Aramis, with that ingenious air ofconfidence which every poet has in himself; "but let me beproperly acquainted with the subject. I have heard here andthere that this sister-in-law was a hussy. I have obtainedproof of it by listening to her conversation with thecardinal."
4.  The abbess introduced them to each other. When this formality wasended, as her duties called her to chapel, she left the two young womenalone.
5.   The ceremony of reception over, the four friends were soonin one another's arms.
6.  As to D'Artagnan, he fought purely and simply on thedefensive; and when he saw his adversary pretty wellfatigued, with a vigorous side thrust sent his sword flying.The baron, finding himself disarmed, took two or three stepsback, but in this movement his foot slipped and he fellbackward.


1.  One day when oppressed with a mortal weariness of mind, withouthope in the negotiations with the city; without news fromEngland, the cardinal went out, without any other aim than to beout of doors, and accompanied only by Cahusac and La Houdiniere,strolled along the beach. Mingling the immensity of his dreamswith the immensity of the ocean, he came, his horse going at afoot's pace, to a hill from the top of which he perceived behinda hedge, reclining on the sand and catching in its passage one ofthose rays of the sun so rare at this period of the year, sevenmen surrounded by empty bottles. Four of these men were ourMusketeers, preparing to listen to a letter one of them had justreceived. This letter was so important that it made them forsaketheir cards and their dice on the drumhead.
2.  "And I an the more grateful to your Eminence," replied Anne ofAustria, with a smile that proved she was not the dupe of thisingenious gallantry, "from being certain that these two studsalone have cost you as much as all the others cost his Majesty."Then saluting the king and the cardinal, the queen resumed herway to the chamber in which she had dressed, and where she was totake off her costume.
3.  "Exactly as I have the honor to tell your Excellency."The host, who was not endowed with great perspicacity, did notobserve the expression which his words had given to thephysiognomy of the stranger. The latter rose from the front ofthe window, upon the sill of which he had leaned with his elbow,and knitted his brow like a man disquieted.
4、  And he left the chamber without once looking behind him.At the door he found the two men and the spare horse whichthey held.
5、  "Because I alone know--"




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      The procurator's wife was piqued.

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      "Instantly, monseigneur." And Rochefort went hastily out of theapartment.

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       "Sell a jewel which came from my mother! I vow I shouldconsider it a profanation."

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      "At a quarter of a league from the city. Look, you may see itfrom here--at the foot of that little hill, that slated roof.""Very well," said the gentleman. And, with his lackey, he tookthe road to the governor's country house.

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    {  "You shall not pass."

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      "Hotel of the Guards, company of Dessessart."}

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      "You came through Meung, where something befell you. Idon't very well know what, but still something."

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      He leaped with Planchet into the boat, and five minutes afterthey were on board. It was time; for they had scarcely sailedhalf a league, when D'Artagnan saw a flash and heard adetonation. It was the cannon which announced the closing of theport.

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       The Englishman, quite triumphant, did not even give himself thetrouble to shake the dice. He threw them on the table withoutlooking at them, so sure was he of victory; D'Artagnan turnedaside to conceal his ill humor.

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    {  "You have conspired with your wife, with Madame de Chevreuse, andwith my Lord Duke of Buckingham."

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      "'Ah!' said my enemy, in a jeering tone, 'that's quite anotherthing. My faith! everything considered, you are very well offhere. You shall want for nothing, and if you let yourself die ofhunger that will be your own fault.'