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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  She acknowledged that she had not.
2.  "I want to see about getting a position," she answered.
3.  "Yes," said Carrie. "You must come down and see me some time."
4.  "It is so easy," he said to Mrs. Morgan, in the usual affectedstage voice. "An audience would be the last thing to trouble me.It's the spirit of the part, you know, that is difficult."
5.  Minnie worked with less elation than she had just before Carriearrived. The sizzle of the meat frying did not sound quite sopleasing now that Carrie had reported her discontent. To Carrie,the one relief of the whole day would have been a jolly home, asympathetic reception, a bright supper table, and some one tosay: "Oh, well, stand it a little while. You will get somethingbetter," but now this was ashes. She began to see that theylooked upon her complaint as unwarranted, and that she wassupposed to work on and say nothing. She knew that she was topay four dollars for her board and room, and now she felt that itwould be an exceedingly gloomy round, living with these people.
6.  When Hurstwood put the money back, his nature again resumed itsease and daring. No one had observed him. He was quite alone.No one could tell what he wished to do. He could work this thingout for himself.


1.  In due time they reached the depot, and after helping her out hehanded the man a five-dollar bill and hurried on.
2.  "He says that's the best part. Do you think you can do it?"
3.  In the very beginning it was a delight to go home late at night,as he did, and find Carrie. He managed to run up and take dinnerwith her between six and seven, and to remain home until nineo'clock in the morning, but the novelty of this waned after atime, and he began to feel the drag of his duties.
4.  "I don't know; I guess so, if they'll take me."
5.  "Yes, sir," she said.
6.  "That's the way most girls begin," he went on, "who go on thestage. It's a good way to get experience."


1.  Hurstwood liked Drouet. The latter's genial nature and dressyappearance pleased him. He knew that Drouet was only atravelling salesman--and not one of many years at that--but thefirm of Bartlett, Caryoe & Company was a large and prosperoushouse, and Drouet stood well. Hurstwood knew Caryoe quite well,having drunk a glass now and then with him, in company withseveral others, when the conversation was general. Drouet hadwhat was a help in his business, a moderate sense of humour, andcould tell a good story when the occasion required. He couldtalk races with Hurstwood, tell interesting incidents concerninghimself and his experiences with women, and report the state oftrade in the cities which he visited, and so managed to makehimself almost invariably agreeable. To-night he wasparticularly so, since his report to the company had beenfavourably commented upon, his new samples had beensatisfactorily selected, and his trip marked out for the next sixweeks.
2.  "I can't wait any longer," urged Hurstwood. "If that is toosoon, come Saturday."
3.  "Did you ever hear any more from that wholesale house?"
4.  It was no pleasure to him, however, this stopping of passers-by.He saw one man taken up for it and now troubled lest he should bearrested. Nevertheless, he went on, vaguely anticipating thatindefinite something which is always better.
5.   "I raise you three," said the youth.
6.  "You need not trouble about that at all," interrupted Mr.Withers. "We can arrange that to your entire satisfaction at anytime. If three dollars a day is satisfactory to you, it will beso to us. All you have to do is to pay that sum to the clerk atthe end of the week or month, just as you wish, and he will giveyou a receipt for what the rooms would cost if charged for at ourregular rates."


1.  "Get in," said Hurstwood, helping her and jumping after.
2.  "If your husband gets them, he'll tell you how bad it is."
3.  Carrie only smiled consciously.
4、  "It's true," she said. "I couldn't if I wanted to, but whosefault is it? You're very free to sit and talk about who I couldassociate with. Why don't you get out and look for work?"
5、  "Swaggering, eh! What! You'll get nothing from me. What do youmean by your insinuations, anyhow?"




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      It had been tacitly understood beforehand that she was to getwork and pay her board. He was of a clean, saving disposition,and had already paid a number of monthly instalments on two lotsfar out on the West Side. His ambition was some day to build ahouse on them.

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      "Call Olsen," he said, turning to the clerk.

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       To Carrie he said nothing whatsoever. She could feel that herrequest disturbed him. To pay her would soon become adistressing thing.

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      He sidled around, dressing and fidgeting before he arranged tomake his next remark.

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    {  In the morning he came over from the hotel and opened his mail,but there was nothing in it outside the ordinary run. For somereason he felt as if something might come that way, and wasrelieved when all the envelopes had been scanned and nothingsuspicious noticed. He began to feel the appetite that had beenwanting before he had reached the office, and decided beforegoing out to the park to meet Carrie to drop in at the GrandPacific and have a pot of coffee and some rolls. While thedanger had not lessened, it had not as yet materialised, and withhim no news was good news. If he could only get plenty of timeto think, perhaps something would turn up. Surely, surely, thisthing would not drift along to catastrophe and he not find a wayout.

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      He went out and climbed on the platform. The instructor took itfor granted that no preliminaries were needed.}

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      "Now," said Drouet, "why don't you move to-night?"

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      Carrie only rocked back and forth in her chair.

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       "Oh, yes, sir. I know her."

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    {  "I wouldn't like to live in Chicago and him here," she said,thinking of Drouet.

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      Drouet heightened her opinion on this and allied subjects in sucha manner as to weaken her power of resisting their influence. Itis so easy to do this when the thing opined is in the line ofwhat we desire. In his hearty way, he insisted upon her goodlooks. He looked at her admiringly, and she took it at its fullvalue. Under the circumstances, she did not need to carryherself as pretty women do. She picked that knowledge up fastenough for herself. Drouet had a habit, characteristic of hiskind, of looking after stylishly dressed or pretty women on thestreet and remarking upon them. He had just enough of thefeminine love of dress to be a good judge--not of intellect, butof clothes. He saw how they set their little feet, how theycarried their chins, with what grace and sinuosity they swungtheir bodies. A dainty, self-conscious swaying of the hips by awoman was to him as alluring as the glint of rare wine to atoper. He would turn and follow the disappearing vision with hiseyes. He would thrill as a child with the unhindered passionthat was in him. He loved the thing that women love inthemselves, grace. At this, their own shrine, he knelt withthem, an ardent devotee.