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晨丽娱乐官网【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Well, Watson, it's as well we have not to turn out to-night,"said Holmes, laying aside his lens and rolling up the palimpsest."I've done enough for one sitting. It is trying work for the eyes.So far as I can make out, it is nothing more exciting than anAbbey's accounts dating from the second half of the fifteenth century.Halloa! halloa! halloa! What's this?"   "There cannot be the least doubt that he would have made a murderousattack upon me. It is, however, a game at which two may play. Thequestion now is whether we should take a premature lunch here, orrun our chance of starving before we reach the buffet at Newhaven."We made our way to Brussels that night and spent two days there,moving on upon the third day as far as Strasbourg. On the Mondaymorning Holmes had telegraphed to the London police, and in theevening we found a reply waiting for us at our hotel. Holmes tore itopen, and then with a bitter curse hurled it into the grate."I might have known it!" he groaned. "He has escaped!"

    "Good-bye, Susan. Paregoric is the stuff.... Now," he continued,turning suddenly from lively to severe when the door had closed behindthe flushed and angry woman, "this gang means business. Look how closethey play the game. Your letter to me had the 10 P.M. postmark. Andyet Susan passes the word to Barney. Barney has time to go to hisemployer and get instructions; he or she- I incline to the latter fromSusan's grin when she thought I had blundered- forms a plan. BlackSteve is called in, and I am warned off by eleven o'clock nextmorning. That's quick work, you know."

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   "'Excuse my amusement, Mr. Holmes,' said he, 'but it is really funnyto see you trying to play a hand with no cards in it. I don't thinkanyone could do it better, but it is rather pathetic, all the same.Not a colour card there, Mr. Holmes, nothing but the smallest of thesmall.'

   There was a sound upon the stairs, and our door was opened toadmit as fine a specimen of manhood as ever passed through it. Hewas a very tall young man, golden-moustached, blue-eyed, with a skinwhich had been burned by tropical suns, and a springy step, whichshowed that the huge frame was as active as it was strong. He closedthe door behind him, and then he stood with clenched hands and heavingbreast, choking down some overmastering emotion.


    It may have been a comedy, or it may have been a tragedy. It costone man his reason, it cost me a blood-letting, and it cost yetanother man the penalties of the law. Yet there was certainly anelement of comedy. Well, you shall judge for yourselves.I remember the date very well, for it was in the same month thatHolmes refused a knighthood for services which may perhaps some day bedescribed. I only refer to the matter in passing, for in my positionof partner and confidant I am obliged to be particularly careful toavoid any indiscretion. I repeat, however, that this enables me to fixthe date, which was the latter end of June, 1902, shortly after theconclusion of the South African War. Holmes had spent several daysin bed, as was his habit from time to time, but he emerged thatmorning with a long foolscap document in his hand and a twinkle ofamusement in his austere gray eyes.

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   "`And what are they worth?' I asked.

    "I shall indeed be indebted to you if you can throw a light whereall is so dark to us. To a poor bookworm and invalid like myselfsuch a blow is paralyzing. I seem to have lost the faculty of thought.But you are a man of action- you are a man of affairs. It is part ofthe everyday routine of your life. You can preserve your balance inevery emergency. We are fortunate, indeed, in having you at our side."Holmes was pacing up and down one side of the room whilst the oldprofessor was talking. I observed that he was smoking withextraordinary rapidity. It was evident that he shared our host'sliking for the fresh Alexandrian cigarettes.

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   "Yes, sir."

    "You will observe," said Holmes, laying down the volume, "thatthe sudden breaking up of the society was coincident with thedisappearance of Openshaw from America with their papers. It maywell have been cause and effect. It is no wonder that he and hisfamily have some of the more implacable spirits upon their track.You can understand that this register and diary may implicate someof the first men in the South, and that there may be many who willnot sleep easy at night until it is recovered."

<  "I have said, gentlemen, that I am this man's wife. He was fifty andI a foolish girl of twenty when we married. It was in a city ofRussia, a university- I will not name the place."   "Oh, Mr. Holmes! As if I should not know him!"

    "Well, take my advice. Examine him carefully. Don't do it before us.Well wait here. You take him into the back room. You'll be more likelyto get a confession out of him alone. Ask him how he dared to admitpeople and leave them alone in this room. Don't ask him if he has doneit. Take it for granted. Tell him you know someone has been here.Press him. Tell him that a full confession is his only chance offorgiveness. Do exactly what I tell you!"


<  "Yes, but she is a good sort, or I am mistaken. She and herbrother are the only children of an iron-master somewhere upNorthumberland way. He got engaged to her when travelling last winter,and she came down to be introduced to his people, with her brotheras escort. Then came the smash, and she stayed on to nurse herlover, while brother Joseph, finding himself pretty snug, stayed on,too. I've been making a few independent inquiries, you see. But to-daymust be a day of inquiries."   "Well, it must be the creature who lives in the only comfortableroom in the place and has her photograph above his fireplace. Uponmy word, Watson, there is something very attractive about that lividface at the window, and I would not have missed the case for worlds.""You have a theory?"

    "If it was one of a pair you should surely be able to match it.""Well, we have them all laid out at the house if you would care tolook them over."





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