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1. 还有网民配文称,楼上住户往下扔烟头,引爆了正在使用酒精消毒的住户等版本。
2. 所以,不管男友是富贵还是平庸,她都相伴左右,前男友被讨债时她也不离不弃,对他全情投入,但最终这位浪费李若彤10年美好光阴的男人选择狠心抛下她,表示不想再和李若彤在一起了。
3.   `I am highly gratified,' said Mr. Lorry, `though, upon my honour, I had no intention of rendering those trifling articles of remembrance invisible to any one. Dear me! This is an occasion that makes a man speculate on all he has lost. Dear, dear, dear! To think that there might have been a Mrs. Lorry, any time these fifty years almost!'
4. 12月4日下午,西城区大乘巷教师宿舍院,一位居民刷卡把垃圾投入对应的垃圾箱内。
5. 与早期桐城派并存的另一个古文流派是阳湖派,代表人物是前述常州词派的恽敬、张惠言。恽敬初学桐城派,不能满意,认为古文不应只学到唐宋,而要上推秦汉,知识要广博,见识要高明,接触社会实际,不以理学为根基。所以,他的作品,思想开扩,文字简洁严谨,自成一家。
6. 蒋婷被分配到综合楼5楼病区,刚来到这里,他们便对楼层的各个病房、角落进行全方位消毒。


1. 啊,_____,独立、自由、伟大,
2.   "I will enter a cloister; I will become a nun," said Milady."You were in a cloister," said the executioner, "and you left it to ruinmy brother."
3.   "It cannot change, unhappy man; you know it must not!" criedthe young girl. "Then adieu, Valentine!" Valentine shook thegate with a strength of which she could not have beensupposed to be possessed, as Morrel was going away, andpassing both her hands through the opening, she clasped andwrung them. "I must know what you mean to do!" said she."Where are you going?"
4. 目前,火车站周边部分道路仍处于施工收尾阶段,小客车可经上地东路、安宁庄西二条临时停靠,分别自火车站西、东侧进站。
5.   'Let her stand half an hour longer on that stool, and let no onespeak to her during the remainder of the day.'
6.   "True," replied Danglars; "the French have the superiorityover the Spaniards, that the Spaniards ruminate, while theFrench invent."


1.   'Old?' exclaimed Mr. Jack Maldon. 'Annie? Come!'
2. 人们踩着冰川医生搭的铝梯,通过深不见底的冰裂缝,巨大的冰塔悬在头顶上方。
3.   The Sultan was delighted with this remark, and said at once, "In that case I shall take great pleasure in watching you. Come, choose what sort of beasts you would like to hunt."
4. □毕舸(财经评论人)编辑陈莉校对付春愔。
5. 以营利为目的,未经公民同意利用其肖像做广告、商标、装饰橱窗等,应当认定为侵犯公民肖像权的行为。
6. 他不仅坚持在多多身上一以贯之地施行其教育理念,还成立了鹰爸教育科技公司,对其进行推广。


1. 女性地位继续上升。
2. Entrepreneurs are movers and shakers. They can’t afford to analyze every detail or they’d never get anywhere. There is no place for procrastination in a startup. It’s a 24/7, no-vacation-or-sick-days kind of job that demands constant forward momentum. Make a brief assessment at every step and move on it. Trust your instincts.
3.   Eliza and Georgiana, evidently acting according to orders, spoke tome as little as possible: John thrust his tongue in his cheek wheneverhe saw me, and once attempted chastisement; but as I instantlyturned against him, roused by the same sentiment of deep ire anddesperate revolt which had stirred my corruption before, he thought itbetter to desist, and ran from me uttering execrations, and vowing Ihad burst his nose. I had indeed levelled at that prominent feature ashard a blow as my knuckles could inflict; and when I saw that eitherthat or my look daunted him, I had the greatest inclination tofollow up my advantage to purpose; but he was already with his mama. Iheard him in a blubbering tone commence the tale of how 'that nastyJane Eyre' had flown at him like a mad cat: he was stopped ratherharshly-
4. 量产对于柔性屏的重要性自不用说,对于柔宇科技而言,这不仅关于其能否争夺更多企业级客户青睐,也是其未来赢得高估值的关键,只不过目前柔宇科技对外介绍似乎存在不少争议。
5.   "Did you see Harry last night?" said the girl at her left,addressing her neighbour.
6. 与此同时他还再次将矛头指向日本,称针对自己的那些毫无根据的媒体攻击都是日本政府精心策划的。


1. 因为中国素食消费者更倾向于购买猪肉替代品,而非牛肉替代品。
2.   "Shall we see you again to give us any information?"inquired the countess.
3.   (twirling the whisk which he holds in his hand, and striking among the glassesand pots)

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