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1. 一个女孩上了车就一直大哭,姚师傅一直在劝。
2. 该标本尺寸和羽毛颜色都和其他缅北琥珀反鸟类标本有显著区别,可能代表着更成熟的个体或新的属种。
3. 廉思课题组的学生曾经跟访外卖小哥,后来发现压根儿跟不动。
4.   "We are cousins, it appears, Monsieur Porthos?" said theprocurator, rising, yet supporting his weight upon the armsof his cane chair.
5. James is proof of a trend we've seen, from Tim Duncan to Manu Ginobili to Vince Carter. Conditioning, health science and nutrition are paving the way for athletes to remain in their prime, and then serviceable, for way longer than before. James is realistically still going to be the best player on his team when he's 36, and that's straight up bonkers.
6. 你干啥去?有点事,我下去买点东西,一会就上来。


1.   By this time the day was well neere spent, and night beganne tohasten on apace: when the Scholler (immagining that he afflicted hersufficiently) tooke her Garments, and wrapping them up in his mansCloake, went thence to the Ladies house, where he found Ancilla theWaiting-woman sitting at the doore, sad and disconsolate for herLadies long absence, to whom thus he spake. How now Ancilla? Whereis thy Lady and Mistris? Alas Sir (quoth she) I know not. I thoughtthis morning to have found her in her bed, as usually I was wont todo, and where I left her yesternight at our parting: but there she wasnot, nor in any place else of my knowledge, neyther can I imagine whatis become of her, which is to me no meane discomfort.
2. 而在二手车领域,2019年1-12月全国累计完成交易1492.28万辆,累计同比增长7.96%,交易金额为9356.86亿元,累计同比增长8.76%。
3. 展开全文二、经济战疫为防止疫情再次大面积扩散,1月27日,大年初三,国务院延长3天春节假期的通知让全国人民松了一口气。
4. 与全球趋势一致,女性也是中国奢侈品支出的主力(71%)。
5. If Sara had been older or less punctilious about being quite polite to people, she could have explained herself in a very few words. But, as it was, she felt a flush rising on her cheeks. Miss Minchin was a very severe and imposing person, and she seemed so absolutely sure that Sara knew nothing whatever of French that she felt as if it would be almost rude to correct her. The truth was that Sara could not remember the time when she had not seemed to know French. Her father had often spoken it to her when she had been a baby. Her mother had been a French woman, and Captain Crewe had loved her language, so it happened that Sara had always heard and been familiar with it.
6. 国际债务危机的阴影并未消散。事实上,不发达国家的债务仍在增长,尽管一些国家已经改善了它们的负债比。消极的资金转移很可能在1984年达到了顶点,由于债务国坚持通货再膨胀以刺激经济的发展,消极资金转移的势头已经开始减小。与此同时,债权国家之间的协调却有所削弱,特别值得一提的是南非的挤兑风潮,它在美国和欧洲的银行之间打入了一个楔子。在美国金融界,中央银行与地方银行之间分歧重重,贝克计划只是表明了对存在着的问题的觉悟,距离问题的解决还差得很远,除非找出一劳永逸的解决方法,否则这一系统就会风雨飘摇,永无宁日,尽管我们还不能肯定地说下一次意外事件是否会发生。现在,银行系统已经足够坚强,可以承受一次单一事件的冲击,然而问题的严重性在于,存在着多重复合冲击同时爆发的危险。


1.   Mr. Peggotty gave his head another toss, as much as to say: 'Of course he will.'
2. 昌平线西土城站采用了岛式站台,站台宽度为15米,车站总长达到189.3米
3. Ultimately, democracy, or a democratic republic, provides a way for people with different views and even cultures to live side by side in reasonable harmony.
4. 两个函数分别发挥作用的例子很多,但有时这二者也会协同作用。认识函数的明显例证是从经验中学习,在经济学教科书中则可以找到参与函数的例证,参与者将一组给定的选择倾向应用于一组给定的条件,并在这一程序中确定价格。
5. 但目前在我国民航相关规章中,并没有配置导尿管的强制要求。
6.   There appearing to be no other door on that floor, and the keeper of the wine-shop going straight to this one when they were left alone, Mr. Lorry asked him in a whisper, with little anger:


1. 按照这些观点,凯末尔无情地清除了过去那些陈旧的制度。在变革的巨大洪流中进行了一个又一个的改革。
2. "He might not have spoken of it definitely. You never seem even to have heard her real name."
3. "Rats!" exclaimed Sara, in horror. "Are there RATS there?"
4. 同样拿到1亿元投资的还有赛浪蛋壳快洗,投资方为深圳中隆创投。
5. 张颖还说,这件事我都有点莫名其妙为什么会被卷入,但非常时段,大家有情绪观点立场,时间充裕,这些断章取义的截图被传播我也是能理解,没啥,祝大家新年快乐,平平安安是一切的基础。
6. n. 委员会,委托,委任,佣金,犯罪


1. "Well, figure it out for yourself, anyway you please. We saw plenty of kids, the first day, and we've seen those girls--"
2. 2。太学模式和博士设置对后世的影响汉代以前的西周,相传有太学之设,因时代久远,无史实可稽,儒士臆想成份多,故影响有限。汉代按儒者们的政治理想创设的太学,完善了规章制度,成为后世的楷模,产生了极其深远的影响。这主要表现在:首先,汉代太学是我国教育史上第一所有完备的规章制度、史实翔尽可考的学校。自始创至清末,历代的最高学府多被泛称为太学,其影响之深,可见一斑。
3. 在上万个供应链里,一级二级批发都有好多这样的需求:买方永远想找到更低的价格,卖方永远都想快速甩货。

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      No sooner was he gone, but the Abbot beganne to consider withhimselfe, what he were best to doe in this case, either (in thepresence of all the other Monkes) to open the Chamber doore, that sothe offence being knowne to them all, they might have no occasion ofmurmuring against him, when he proceeded in the Monkes punishment;or rather should first understand of the Damosell her selfe, how,and in what manner shee was brought thither. Furthermore, heconsidered, that shee might be a woman of respect, or some such mansdaughter, as would not take it well, to have her disgraced beforeall the Monkes. Wherefore hee concluded, first to see (himselfe)what shee was, and then (afterward) to resolve upon the rest. So goingvery softly to the Chamber, and entring in, locked the doore fast withthe key, when the poore Damosell thinking it had beene the gallantyoung Monke; but finding it to be the Lord Abbot, shee fell on herknees weeping, as fearing now to receive publike shame, by beingbetrayed in this unkinde manner.

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