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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  At the same instant the woman inside drew a second handkerchieffrom her pocket, and exchanged it for that which had just beenshown to her. Then some words were spoken by the two women. Atlength the shutter closed. The woman who was outside the windowturned round, and passed within four steps of D'Artagnan, pullingdown the hood of her mantle; but the precaution was too late,D'Artagnan had already recognized Mme. Bonacieux.Mme. Bonacieux! The suspicion that it was she had crossed themind of D'Artagnan when she drew the handkerchief from herpocket; but what probability was there that Mme. Bonacieux, whohad sent for M. Laporte in order to be reconducted to the Louvre,should be running about the streets of Paris at half past elevenat night, at the risk of being abducted a second time?This must be, then, an affair of importance; and what is the mostimportant affair to a woman of twenty-five! Love.But was it on her own account, or on account of another, that sheexposed herself to such hazards? This was a question the youngman asked himself, whom the demon of jealousy already gnawed,being in heart neither more nor less than an accepted lover.There was a very simple means of satisfying himself whither Mme.Bonacieux was going; that was to follow her. This method was sosimple that D'Artagnan employed it quite naturally andinstinctively.
2.  Athos looked at his watch.
3.  "Upon my honor," said Rochefort, "it takes you, my dear countess, toperform such miracles!"
4.  "Oh, he conceals them too little for you not to divine them.""I seek to divine nothing, madame; I wait till I am confided in,and apart from that which Lord de Winter has said to me beforeyou, he has confided nothing to me."
5.  "Yes, we are going--" said Aramis.
6.  "BOULOGNE, evening of the twenty-fifth.


1.  The conversation between Milady and the cavalier was soanimated that D'Artagnan stopped on the other side of thecarriage without anyone but the pretty SOUBRETTE perceivinghis presence.
2.  All this she owes to D'Artagnan, without doubt. From whom cancome so many disgraces heaped upon her head, if not from him? Healone could have transmitted to Lord de Winter all thesefrightful secrets which he has discovered, one after another, bya train of fatalities. He knows her brother-in-law. He musthave written to him.
3.  No signature.
4.  "That man, then, was not--"
5.  "Go, sir, I command you!"
6.  "Who is he?"


1.  "Oh, my God! You remind me of my fright! If he should haveknown me again!"
2.  "Not yet; wait a little! This evening, you said.""Well, this evening will come, thank God! And perhaps you lookfor it with as much impatience as I do; perhaps this eveningMadame Bonacieux will visit the conjugal domicile.""Madame Bonacieux is not at liberty this evening," replied thehusband, seriously; "she is detained at the Louvre this eveningby her duties."
3.  "And now," said Athos, "while they bring the wine, tell me,D'Artagnan, what has become of the others, come!"D'Artagnan related how he had found Porthos in bed with astrained knee, and Aramis at a table between two theologians. Ashe finished, the host entered with the wine ordered and a hamwhich, fortunately for him, had been left out of the cellar."That's well!" said Athos, filling his glass and that of hisfriend; "here's to Porthos and Aramis! But you, D'Artagnan, whatis the matter with you, and what has happened to you personally?You have a sad air."
4.  Scarcely had he descended the first stair, when a hand of ironseized him by the belt and stopped him.
5.   "One of my friends."
6.  "I believed that Madame loved him."


1.  Athos profited by this moment of strength which the hope of vengeancerestored to his unfortunate friend to make a sign to Porthos and Aramisto go and fetch the superior.
2.  He started, and the prisoner saw that start--for though her eyeswere cast down, nothing escaped her.
3.  He passed his tongue over a spoonful of preserves, and stuckhis teeth into the sticky pastry of Mme. Coquenard."Now," said he, "the sacrifice is consummated! Ah! if I hadnot the hope of peeping with Madame Coquenard into herhusband's chest!"
4、  "What were you doing on that armchair?" asked he."Of what consequence?" replied Milady.
5、  Nevertheless, it was necessary to finish. The watch might comeup and take all the combatants, wounded or not, royalists orcardinalists. Athos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan surrounded Bicarat,and required him to surrender. Though alone against all and witha wound in his thigh, Bicarat wished to hold out; but Jussac, whohad risen upon his elbow, cried out to him to yield. Bicarat wasa Gascon, as D'Artagnan was; he turned a deaf ear, and contentedhimself with laughing, and between two parries finding time topoint to a spot of earth with his sword, "Here," cried he,parodying a verse of the Bible, "here will Bicarat die; for Ionly am left, and they seek my life."




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      "My dear friend," said Aramis, "remember that he goes in an oppositedirection from that I which we are going, that he has a fresh horse, andours are fatigued, so that we shall disable our own horses without evena chance of overtaking him. Let the man go, D'Artagnan; let us save thewoman."

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      "Base coward! false gentleman!" cried D'Artagnan, springingforward, in his turn, after the servant. But his wound hadrendered him too weak to support such an exertion. Scarcely hadhe gone ten steps when his ears began to tingle, a faintnessseized him, a cloud of blood passed over his eyes, and he fell inthe middle of the street, crying still, "Coward! coward! coward!""He is a coward, indeed," grumbled the host, drawing near toD'Artagnan, and endeavoring by this little flattery to make upmatters with the young man, as the heron of the fable did withthe snail he had despised the evening before.

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       And the cardinal made him a sign with his hand, to whichBonacieux replied by bowing to the ground. He then went outbackward, and when he was in the antechamber the cardinal heardhim, in his enthusiasm, crying aloud, "Long life to theMonseigneur! Long life to his Eminence! Long life to the greatcardinal!" The cardinal listened with a smile to this vociferousmanifestation of the feelings of M. Bonacieux; and then, whenBonacieux's cries were no longer audible, "Good!" said he, "thatman would henceforward lay down his life for me." And thecardinal began to examine with the greatest attention the map ofLa Rochelle, which, as we have said, lay open on the desk,tracing with a pencil the line in which the famous dyke was topass which, eighteen months later, shut up the port of thebesieged city. As he was in the deepest of his strategicmeditations, the door opened, and Rochefort returned."Well?" said the cardinal, eagerly, rising with a promptitudewhich proved the degree of importance he attached to thecommission with which he had charged the count.

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      "To your health!" repeated Porthos and Aramis.

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    {  There only remained in the closet of the wounded duke Laporte andPatrick. A physician was sought for, but none was yet found."You will live, my Lord, you will live!" repeated the faithful servantof Anne of Austria, on his knees before the duke's sofa."What has she written to me?" said Buckingham, feebly, streaming withblood, and suppressing his agony to speak of her he loved, "what has shewritten to me? Read me her letter."

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      "Well! The carriage is at the door; you bid me adieu; you mount thestep to embrace me a last time; my brother's servant, who comes to fetchme, is told how to proceed; he makes a sign to the postillion, and weset off at a gallop."}

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      "My dear Athos, I admire you, but nevertheless we were in thewrong, after all."

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      "Have you not said that that abduction was entirely political?""Yes; but that abduction had for its object the betrayal of mymistress, to draw from me by torture confessions that mightcompromise the honor, and perhaps the life, of my augustmistress."

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       "I also," said Aramis.

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    {  "For everything," cried D'Artagnan, who knew beforehand thathe had not much to risk in engaging himself thus."Well, now let us talk a little seriously," said Milady, inher turn drawing her armchair nearer to D'Artagnan's chair."I am all attention, madame," said he.

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      "Perfectly well."