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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "My mistress above all," repeated he, mechanically; "and why herrather than another?"
2.  "You think so?"
3.  "Do you think, then, monsieur, that we shall travel faster withtwo horses apiece?" said Planchet, with his shrewd air."No, Monsieur Jester," replied D'Artagnan; "but with our fourhorses we may bring back our three friends, if we should have thegood fortune to find them living."
4.  "So be it," said D'Artagnan. "Go to bed, Planchet, andsleep soundly."
5.  "No, I have good luck, that is all. But how do you mean to passyour time till I come back? No more theses, no more glosses uponthe fingers or upon benedictions, hey?"
6.  It was evident that without suspecting it, and actuatedsolely by their chivalrous and adventurous character, ourthree friends had just rendered a service to someone thecardinal honored with his special protection.


1.  The sermon over, the procurator's wife advanced toward the holyfont. Porthos went before her, and instead of a finger, dippedhis whole hand in. The procurator's wife smiled, thinking thatit was for her Porthos had put himself to this trouble; but shewas cruelly and promptly undeceived. When she was only aboutthree steps from him, he turned his head round, fixing his eyessteadfastly upon the lady with the red cushion, who had risen andwas approaching, followed by her black boy and her woman.When the lady of the red cushion came close to Porthos, Porthosdrew his dripping hand from the font. The fair worshippertouched the great hand of Porthos with her delicate fingers,smiled, made the sign of the cross, and left the church.This was too much for the procurator's wife; she doubted notthere was an intrigue between this lady and Porthos. If she hadbeen a great lady she would have fainted; but as she was only aprocurator's wife, she contented herself saying to the Musketeerwith concentrated fury, "Eh, Monsieur Porthos, you don't offer meany holy water?"
2.  "You are young," replied Athos; "and your bitter recollections have timeto change themselves into sweet remembrances."
3.  "Well, agreed for a pretty mule," said Porthos; "you areright, I have seen very great Spanish nobles whose wholesuite were mounted on mules. But then you understand,Madame Coquenard, a mule with feathers and bells.""Be satisfied," said the procurator's wife.
4.  "From Monsieur Laporte."
5.  The officers were full of thanks, and took away their prey. Asthey were going down D'Artagnan laid his hand on the shoulder oftheir leader.
6.  "That is because love has come suddenly upon me, and for thefirst time; and because I am only twenty."


1.  These verses were not excellent--very far from it; but as it iswell known, the Puritans did not pique themselves upon theirpoetry.
2.  "Fortunately," said D'Artagnan, "all this will be onlynecessary till after tomorrow evening, for when once withthe army, we shall have, I hope, only men to dread.""In the meantime," said Athos, "I renounce my plan ofseclusion, and wherever you go, I will go with you. Youmust return to the Rue des Fossoyeurs; I will accompanyyou."
3.  "It is only to poets that such things happen," said Athos,gravely.
4.  A little before they came to Fromelles the storm burst. They spreadtheir cloaks. There remained three leagues to travel, and they did itamid torrents of rain.
5.   "And now," said D'Artagnan, "as there is no longer any fearof being overheard, I hope you are going to let me into yoursecret."
6.  When D'Artagnan was out of the Louvre, and consulted his friendsupon the use he had best make of his share of the forty pistoles,Athos advised him to order a good repast at the Pomme-de-Pin,Porthos to engage a lackey, and Aramis to provide himself with asuitable mistress.


1.  "That will do," said Milady; "go into your own room, andtomorrow endeavor again to get me an answer to the letter Igave you."
2.  But the clerks were not the dupes of this deceit, and theirlugubrious looks settled down into resigned countenances.Mme. Coquenard distributed this dish to the young men withthe moderation of a good housewife.
3.  "Ah, you are awake, madame," he said; "then I have nothing moreto do here. If you want anything you can ring."
4、  "This moment was frightful; if I had any doubts as to mymisfortune, these doubts had vanished in an overwhelming reality.I was in the power of a man whom I not only detested, butdespised--of a man capable of anything, and who had already givenme a fatal proof of what he was able to do."
5、  "Half an hour had not passed when the same symptoms began toappear; but as I had only drunk half a glass of the water, Icontended longer, and instead of falling entirely asleep, I sankinto a state of drowsiness which left me a perception of what waspassing around me, while depriving me of the strength either todefend myself or to fly.




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      "Go down, Athos--he mistrusts you less than me--and see if hebe still at his door."

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      However ill the king might sleep, M. de Treville slept stillworse. He had ordered his three Musketeers and their companionto be with him at half past six in the morning. He took themwith him, without encouraging them or promising them anything,and without concealing from them that their luck, and even hisown, depended upon the cast of the dice.

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       "Yes, that first, and other things afterward."

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      "Ha, ha!" cried Lord de Winter; "ha, ha! Don't you see, my braveFelton; don't you see what I told you? That knife was for you,my lad; she would have killed you. Observe, this is one of herpeculiarities, to get rid thus, after one fashion or another, ofall the people who bother her. If I had listened to you, theknife would have been pointed and of steel. Then no more ofFelton; she would have cut your throat, and after that everybodyelse's. See, John, see how well she knows how to handle aknife."

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    {  *A watered liquor, made from the second pressing of the grape.The two Musketeers reddened to the whites of their eyes.D'Artagnan did not know where he was, and wished himself ahundred feet underground.

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      Grimaud was already ahead, with the basket and the dessert.The four friends followed, ten paces behind him.}

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      "Ah, to be sure," cried Porthos, "there is a diamond. Whythe devil, then, do we plague ourselves about money, whenthere is a diamond?"

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      Athos smiled.

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       "Well, if he does not come, it will be because he has beendelayed, that's all. He may have fallen from his horse, hemay have cut a caper from the deck; he may have traveled sofast against the wind as to have brought on a violentcatarrh. Eh, gentlemen, let us reckon upon accidents! Lifeis a chaplet of little miseries which the philosopher countswith a smile. Be philosophers, as I am, gentlemen; sit downat the table and let us drink. Nothing makes the futurelook so bright as surveying it through a glass ofchambertin."

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    {  "Make haste, dear lodger," said he; "there is a very prettygirl waiting for you upstairs; and you know women don't liketo be kept waiting."

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      D'Artagnan passed a very bad night. Three or four times hestarted up, imagining that a man was approaching his bed forthe purpose of stabbing him. Nevertheless, day dawnedwithout darkness having brought any accident.