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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Apprised in time of the visit paid him, Monte Cristo had,from behind the blinds of his pavilion, as minutely observedthe baron, by means of an excellent lorgnette, as Danglarshimself had scrutinized the house, garden, and servants."That fellow has a decidedly bad countenance," said thecount in a tone of disgust, as he shut up his glass into itsivory case. "How comes it that all do not retreat inaversion at sight of that flat, receding, serpent-likeforehead, round, vulture-shaped head, and sharp-hooked nose,like the beak of a buzzard? Ali," cried he, striking at thesame time on the brazen gong. Ali appeared. "SummonBertuccio," said the count. Almost immediately Bertuccioentered the apartment. "Did your excellency desire to seeme?" inquired he. "I did," replied the count. "You no doubtobserved the horses standing a few minutes since at thedoor?"
2.  "Oh, then my father has really a very large fortune, count?"
3.  "The first time, he broke my arm; the second, he wounded mein the breast; and the third time, made this large wound."The Englishman turned down his shirt-collar, and showed ascar, whose redness proved it to be a recent one. "So that,you see, there is a deadly feud between us."
4.  "Alas," said Monte Cristo, "it is the infirmity of ournature always to believe ourselves much more unhappy thanthose who groan by our sides!"
5.  "That must have cut short the projects of escape."
6.  "You are, then, a chemist?"


1.  "Ah, indeed?" said Monte Cristo.
2.  "Yes."
3.  "The chemist who came here with me."
4.  "The Marquis of Saint-Meran. Ah, I am sure he has not soldthe house for what he gave for it."
5.  "It was towards this kiosk that we were rowing. Aground-floor, ornamented with arabesques, bathing itsterraces in the water, and another floor, looking on thelake, was all which was visible to the eye. But beneath theground-floor, stretching out into the island, was a largesubterranean cavern, to which my mother, myself, and thewomen were conducted. In this place were together 60,000pouches and 200 barrels; the pouches contained 25,000,000 ofmoney in gold, and the barrels were filled with 30,000pounds of gunpowder.
6.  "There appeared in his journal last night -- but wait, andread for yourself." And Albert handed over the paper to thecount, who read as follows: --


1.  "Enough, enough!" replied Caderousse; "say no more about it;I will take all the consequences upon myself." And he beganhis story.
2.  "Oh, yes, yes, cruelly!"
3.  "Not nearly, indeed; that is exactly my loss."
4.  "True enough; he wanted to kill me!" returned the turnkey.
5.   "Don't mention it." The major drew an arm-chair towards him,and proceeded to seat himself.
6.  The general, with his head thrown back, hands extended, gazefixed, looked silently at this dreadful apparition; thenseeking the wall to support him, he glided along close to ituntil he reached the door, through which he went outbackwards, uttering this single mournful, lamentable,distressing cry, -- "Edmond Dantes!" Then, with sighs whichwere unlike any human sound, he dragged himself to the door,reeled across the court-yard, and falling into the arms ofhis valet, he said in a voice scarcely intelligible, --"Home, home." The fresh air and the shame he felt at havingexposed himself before his servants, partly recalled hissenses, but the ride was short, and as he drew near hishouse all his wretchedness revived. He stopped at a shortdistance from the house and alighted.


1.  When Franz appeared again on the shore, the yacht onlyseemed like a small white speck on the horizon. He lookedagain through his glass, but even then he could notdistinguish anything. Gaetano reminded him that he had comefor the purpose of shooting goats, which he had utterlyforgotten. He took his fowling-piece, and began to hunt overthe island with the air of a man who is fulfilling a duty,rather than enjoying a pleasure; and at the end of a quarterof an hour he had killed a goat and two kids. These animals,though wild and agile as chamois, were too much likedomestic goats, and Franz could not consider them as game.Moreover, other ideas, much more enthralling, occupied hismind. Since, the evening before, he had really been the heroof one of the tales of the "Thousand and One Nights," and hewas irresistibly attracted towards the grotto. Then, inspite of the failure of his first search, he began a second,after having told Gaetano to roast one of the two kids. Thesecond visit was a long one, and when he returned the kidwas roasted and the repast ready. Franz was sitting on thespot where he was on the previous evening when hismysterious host had invited him to supper; and he saw thelittle yacht, now like a sea-gull on the wave, continuingher flight towards Corsica. "Why," he remarked to Gaetano,"you told me that Signor Sinbad was going to Malaga, whileit seems he is in the direction of Porto-Vecchio."
2.  "Ready money." And the Englishman drew from his pocket abundle of bank-notes, which might have been twice the sum M.de Boville feared to lose. A ray of joy passed across M. deBoville's countenance, yet he made an effort atself-control, and said, -- "Sir, I ought to tell you that,in all probability, you will not realize six per cent ofthis sum."
3.  "Certainly," replied Albert, "seeing that without my title Ishould be nothing; while you, sacrificing the baron, wouldstill remain the millionaire."
4、  The day passed thus; he scarcely tasted food, but walkedround and round the cell like a wild beast in its cage. Onethought in particular tormented him: namely, that during hisjourney hither he had sat so still, whereas he might, adozen times, have plunged into the sea, and, thanks to hispowers of swimming, for which he was famous, have gained theshore, concealed himself until the arrival of a Genoese orSpanish vessel, escaped to Spain or Italy, where Mercedesand his father could have joined him. He had no fears as tohow he should live -- good seamen are welcome everywhere. Hespoke Italian like a Tuscan, and Spanish like a Castilian;he would have been free, and happy with Mercedes and hisfather, whereas he was now confined in the Chateau d'If,that impregnable fortress, ignorant of the future destiny ofhis father and Mercedes; and all this because he had trustedto Villefort's promise. The thought was maddening, andDantes threw himself furiously down on his straw. The nextmorning at the same hour, the jailer came again.
5、  "And then made you swear never to utter the name ofNoirtier?"




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      "I think so."

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      "Have you served under the usurper?"

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       "He had not even a knitting-needle."

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      "I will confess to you, Albert," replied Franz, "the countis a very singular person, and the appointment you have madeto meet him in Paris fills me with a thousandapprehensions."

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    {  "And why among us four?" inquired Caderousse.

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      "Well, then, you must give me your word to returnimmediately to your hotel, and make no attempt to followthis man to-night. There are certain affinities between thepersons we quit and those we meet afterwards. For heaven'ssake, do not serve as a conductor between that man and me.Pursue your chase after him to-morrow as eagerly as youplease; but never bring him near me, if you would not see medie of terror. And now, good-night; go to your rooms, andtry to sleep away all recollections of this evening. For myown part, I am quite sure I shall not be able to close myeyes." So saying, the countess quitted Franz, leaving himunable to decide whether she were merely amusing herself athis expense, or whether her fears and agitations weregenuine.}

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      "I have not quitted you since yesterday," returned Fernandsorrowfully.

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      "But where is the doctor?" exclaimed Villefort; "where ishe?" Madame de Villefort now deliberately descended thestaircase. In one hand she held her handkerchief, with whichshe appeared to be wiping her face, and in the other abottle of English smelling-salts. Her first look on enteringthe room was at Noirtier, whose face, independent of theemotion which such a scene could not fail of producing,proclaimed him to be in possession of his usual health; hersecond glance was at the dying man. She turned pale, and hereye passed quickly from the servant and rested on themaster.

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       "Do you see," said Caderousse, "all my happiness is marredby one thought?"

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    {  "O doctor!"

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      "Never mind, sir, we will not forget you; make your mindeasy. In the meanwhile" (the king here detached the cross ofthe Legion of Honor which he usually wore over his bluecoat, near the cross of St. Louis, above the order ofNotre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel and St. Lazare, and gave it toVillefort) -- "in the meanwhile take this cross."