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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But he must be alive, Mr. Holmes."
2.  "The letter, then, is from a certain foreign potentate who basbeen ruffled by some recent Colonial developments of this country.It has been written hurriedly and upon his own responsibilityentirely. Inquiries have shown that his Ministers know nothing ofthe matter. At the same time it is couched in so unfortunate a manner,and certain phrases in it are of so provocative a character, thatits publication would undoubtedly lead to a most dangerous state offeeling in this country. There would be such a ferment, sir, that I donot hesitate to say that within a week of the publication of thatletter this country would be involved in a great war."
3.  "No, no; the end is matted. I suppose there could not be twopeople in your rooms, Mrs. Warren?"
4.  "Owe!" He caught up a pen. "Name the sum, and I will pay it.""No, the debt is not to me. You owe a very humble apology to thatnoble lad, your son, who has carried himself in this matter as Ishould be proud to see my own son do, should I ever chance to haveone."
5.  "They have laid the supper, then," he said, rubbing his hands."You seem to expect company. They have laid for five."
6.  "Did this man Bannister know?"


1.  "Well, what happened then?"
2.  "He could not have fractured his skull in a fall?"
3.  "He suspects that we are detectives," I suggested.
4.  "Strong language, Mr. Bates."
5.  "Good heavens!" cried my patient. "Then that explains what thegirl said."


1.  already,' said I.
2.  "Perhaps not with your tongue, my dear Watson, but certainly withyour eyebrows. So when I saw you throw down your paper and enterupon a train of thought, I was very happy to have the opportunity ofreading it off, and eventually of breaking into it, as a proof thatI had been in rapport with you."
3.  It was dated from Montague Place upon the preceding evening, and ranthus:
4.  The colonel whistled. "By Jove!" said he. "Who's killed, then? TheJ. P. or his son?"
5.   "Mr. Gibson has his enemies, as anyone would expect who knew him andhis methods," said he. "He sleeps with a loaded revolver in the drawerbeside his bed. He is a man of violence, sir, and there are times whenall of us are afraid of him. I am sure that the poor lady who haspassed was often terrified."
6.  On the bed a woman was lying who was clearly in a high fever. Shewas only half conscious, But as I entered she raised a pair offrightened but beautiful eyes and glared at me in apprehension. Seeinga stranger, she appeared to be relieved and sank back with a sigh uponthe pillow. I stepped up to her with a few reassuring words, and shelay still while I took her pulse and temperature. Both were high,and yet my impression was that the condition was rather that of mentaland nervous excitement than of any actual seizure.


1.  "What do you mean by that?"
2.  "These shoes," it ran, "were dug up in the moat of Holdernesse Hall.They are for the use of horses, but they are shaped below with acloven foot of iron, so as to throw pursuers off the track. They aresupposed to have belonged to some of the marauding Barons ofHoldernesse in the Middle Ages."
3.  "Naturally."
4、  "Precisely," said Holmes coldly. It was one of the peculiaritiesof his proud, self-contained nature that though he docketed anyfresh information very quietly and accurately in his brain, heseldom made any acknowledgment to the giver. "I rather fancy weshall know a good deal more about Cheeseman's, Lamberley, before weare through. The letter is, as I had hoped, from Robert Ferguson. Bythe way, he claims acquaintance with you."
5、  "Baron Gruner has some hold over her, then?"




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      "No, no; the end is matted. I suppose there could not be twopeople in your rooms, Mrs. Warren?"

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      "Possibly you observed whether it was a broad-leafed paper or ofthat smaller type which one associates with weeklies."

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       When we arrived at the residence of the European Secretary it wasfor Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope that Sherlock Holmes inquired. We wereshown into the morning-room.

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      "But we have no warrant for his arrest."

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    {  "'I don't know, sir. I noticed her pass, but I had no special reasonfor watching her. She seemed to be in a hurry.'

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      "I drove to the butcher's and back."}

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      "Ha! what did he say?'

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      "Exactly. I should not have known which was The Haven had I notasked a lounger who was smoking in the street. I have a reason formentioning him. He was a tall, dark, heavily moustached, rathermilitary-looking man. He nodded in answer to my inquiry and gave mea curiously questioning glance, which came back to my memory alittle later.

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       "Our French friends seem to have touched the spot this time. Nodoubt it's just as they say. She knocked at the door- surprisevisit, I guess, for he kept his life in water-tight compartments- helet her in, couldn't keep her in the street. She told him how shehad traced him, reproached him. One thing led to another, and thenwith that dagger so handy the end soon came. It wasn't all done inan instant, though, for these chairs were all swept over yonder, andhe had one in his hand as if he had tried to hold her off with it.We've got it all clear as if we had seen it."

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    {  Mr. Scott Eccles had fidgeted in his seat during this conversation."I am glad you found the note, since it corroborates my story," saidhe. "But I beg to point out that I have not yet heard what hashappened to Mr. Garcia, nor what has become of his household.""As to Garcia," said Gregson, "that is easily answered. He was founddead this morning upon Oxshott Common, nearly a mile from his home.His head had been smashed to pulp by heavy blows of a sandbag orsome such instrument, which had crushed rather than wounded. It is alonely corner, and there is no house within a quarter of a mile of thespot. He had apparently been struck down first from behind, but hisassailant had gone on beating him long after he was dead. It was amost furious assault. There are no footsteps nor any clue to thecriminals."

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      "It may not come to that," said Holmes.