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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  By the aid of the lightening they perceived the village of Erquinheim."Is she there, Grimaud?" asked Athos.
2.  At three o'clock came two companies of the Guards, one French,the other Swiss. The company of French guards was composed ofhalf of M. Duhallier's men and half of M. Dessessart's men.At six in the evening the guests began to come. As fast as theyentered, they were placed in the grand saloon, on the platformsprepared for them.
3.  "Oh, as to that, I do not engage myself. That depends upon thesentiments with which you may inspire me."
4.  M. de Treville was in his saloon with his habitual court ofgentlemen. D'Artagnan, who was known as a familiar of the house,went straight to his office, and sent word that he wished to seehim on something of importance.
5.  "You have asked for me?" said the Musketeer.
6.  "He took her for the queen!" said D'Artagnan.


1.  "That is true, but we then only risked our pistoles; thistime we risk our blood. One plays with anybody; but onefights only with equals."
2.  "We took good care not to do that; he would have found in whatfashion we had executed his commission."
3.  "And why not?" demanded D'Artagnan.
4.  The first object that met the eyes of D'Artagnan on enteringthe room was Brisemont, stretched upon the ground androlling in horrible convulsions.
5.  "Thank you," said the cardinal, biting his lips with anger."Athos, then, went to pay a visit to one of his friends absent atthe time," continued Treville, "to a young Bearnais, a cadet inhis Majesty's Guards, the company of Monsieur Dessessart, butscarcely had he arrived at his friend's and taken up a book,while waiting his return, when a mixed crowd of bailiffs andsoldiers came and laid siege to the house, broke open severaldoors--"
6.  "Monsieur d'Artagnan," said Athos, "what is the penalty you demandagainst this woman?"


1.  "Oh, I know this country marvelously!"
2.  "We should only be three, one of whom is wounded, with theaddition of a boy," resumed Athos; "and yet it will not be theless said we were four men."
3.  "That is to say," stammered Milady, "I am not really very intimate withany of them. I know them from having heard one of their friends,Monsieur d'Artagnan, say a great deal about them.""You know Monsieur d'Artagnan!" cried the novice, in her turn seizingthe hands of Milady and devouring her with her eyes.Then remarking the strange expression of Milady's countenance, she said,"Pardon me, madame; you know him by what title?"
4.  "Admirable and dogmatic!" repeated the curate, who, about asstrong as D'Artagnan with respect to Latin, carefully watched theJesuit in order to keep step with him, and repeated his wordslike an echo.
5.   Porthos succeeded him; and thanks to one of those disappearancesto which he was accustomed, he was able to provide for the wantsof all for a fortnight. At last it became Aramis's turn, whoperformed it with a good grace and who succeeded--as he said, byselling some theological books--in procuring a few pistoles.Then, as they had been accustomed to do, they had recourse to M.de Treville, who made some advances on their pay; but theseadvances could not go far with three Musketeers who were alreadymuch in arrears and a Guardsman who as yet had no pay at all.At length when they found they were likely to be really in want,they got together, as a last effort, eight or ten pistoles, withwhich Porthos went to the gaming table. Unfortunately he was ina bad vein; he lost all, together with twenty-five pistoles forwhich he had given his word.
6.  "No doubt some invisible witness had seen me draw the water fromthat fountain, and had taken advantage of my confidence in it,the better to assure my ruin, so coolly resolved upon, so cruellypursued.


1.  "And will you make the same promise to my love?" criedD'Artagnan, beside himself with joy.
2.  At length Felton, who had not yet looked at Milady, turned towardher.
3.  "But D'Artagnan! D'Artagnan! if he comes?"
4、  "There are five of them," said Athos, half aloud, "and we are butthree; we shall be beaten again, and must die on the spot, for,on my part, I declare I will never appear again before thecaptain as a conquered man."
5、  "You have truly, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, bowing again, "acourtesy, for which, I assure you, I am very grateful.""You confuse me," replied Athos, with his gentlemanly air; "letus talk of something else, if you please. Ah, s'blood, how youhave hurt me! My shoulder quite burns."




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      "Gentlemen," said Athos, "no divided attention, I beg; leteach one pick out his man."

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      "You will find that it is as good as another."

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       "As one confides a letter to the hollow of a tree, to the wing ofa pigeon, to the collar of a dog."

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      "At these words he blew a whistle; the globe of fire whichlighted the room reascended and disappeared. I found myselfagain in complete darkness. The same noise of a door opening andshutting was repeated the instant afterward; the flaming globedescended afresh, and I was completely alone.

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    {  M. de Treville was the father of his soldiers. The lowest or theleast known of them, as soon as he assumed the uniform of thecompany, was as sure of his aid and support as if he had been hisown brother.

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      Porthos wept; Aramis pointed toward heaven; Athos made the sign of thecross.}

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      Milady, pale as a corpse, endeavored to cry out; but herswollen tongue could utter no more than a hoarse sound whichhad nothing human in it and resembled the rattle of a wildbeast. Motionless against the dark tapestry, with her hairin disorder, she appeared like a horrid image of terror.Athos slowly raised his pistol, stretched out his arm sothat the weapon almost touched Milady's forehead, and then,in a voice the more terrible from having the supremecalmness of a fixed resolution, "Madame," said he, "you willthis instant deliver to me the paper the cardinal signed; orupon my soul, I will blow your brains out."

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      "Monsieur, you act wrongly in endeavoring to mortify me," saidD'Artagnan, in whom the natural quarrelsome spirit began to speakmore loudly than his pacific resolutions. "I am from Gascony, itis true; and since you know it, there is no occasion to tell youthat Gascons are not very patient, so that when they have beggedto be excused once, were it even for a folly, they are convincedthat they have done already at least as much again as they oughtto have done."

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       To death we can aspire."

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    {  "Show it to the abbess, and tell her that someone will come and fetchme, either today or tomorrow, and that I am to follow the person whopresents himself in your name."

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      Then he explained to him the cause of his visit, and the service herequired of him. But scarcely had he expressed his request when theunknown, who remained standing before the Musketeer, drew back withsigns of terror, and refused. Then Athos took from his pocket a smallpaper, on which two lines were written, accompanied by a signature anda seal, and presented them to him who had made too prematurely thesesigns of repugnance. The tall man had scarcely read these lines, seenthe signature, and recognized the seal, when he bowed to denote that hehad no longer any objection to make, and that he was ready to obey.Athos required no more. He arose, bowed, went out, returned by the sameway he came, re-entered the hotel, and went to his apartment.At daybreak D'Artagnan entered the chamber, and demanded what was to bedone.