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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Indeed. Of what nature?"
2.  "Exactly, my daughter; that is precisely what I mean," saidDanglars, almost digging his nails into his breast, while hepreserved on his harsh features the smile of the heartlessthough clever man; "ruined -- yes, that is it."
3.  But on this occasion the precaution was superfluous, andeverything proceeded with the utmost smoothness andpoliteness. Four shallops came off with very little noisealongside the lugger, which, no doubt, in acknowledgement ofthe compliment, lowered her own shallop into the sea, andthe five boats worked so well that by two o'clock in themorning all the cargo was out of The Young Amelia and onterra firma. The same night, such a man of regularity wasthe patron of The Young Amelia, the profits were divided,and each man had a hundred Tuscan livres, or about eightyfrancs. But the voyage was not ended. They turned thebowsprit towards Sardinia, where they intended to take in acargo, which was to replace what had been discharged. Thesecond operation was as successful as the first, The YoungAmelia was in luck. This new cargo was destined for thecoast of the Duchy of Lucca, and consisted almost entirelyof Havana cigars, sherry, and Malaga wines.
4.  "We are here; -- take courage."
5.  "Ah," said Caderousse, "No. 30."
6.  "The register of the birth of Andrea Cavalcanti -- of yourson; is not his name Andrea?"


1.  "But what has the French Academy to do with all this?"
2.  "Why?" said Gaetano with a smile.
3.  The eyes of the paralytic expressed a multitude oftumultuous thoughts. "You like M. Maximilian Morrel, do younot, grandpapa?" asked Valentine.
4.  "Since my imprisonment," said Faria, "I have thought overall the most celebrated cases of escape on record. They haverarely been successful. Those that have been crowned withfull success have been long meditated upon, and carefullyarranged; such, for instance, as the escape of the Duc deBeaufort from the Chateau de Vincennes, that of the AbbeDubuquoi from For l'Eveque; of Latude from the Bastille.Then there are those for which chance sometimes affordsopportunity, and those are the best of all. Let us,therefore, wait patiently for some favorable moment, andwhen it presents itself, profit by it."
5.  "And was the sum a large one?"
6.  "`The president again arose, and having imposed silence,said, -- "Sir, you are too serious and too sensible a mannot to understand the consequences of our present situation,and your candor has already dictated to us the conditionswhich remain for us to offer you." The general, putting hishand on his sword, exclaimed, -- "If you talk of honor, donot begin by disavowing its laws, and impose nothing byviolence."


1.  "Yes."
2.  "It is not he," she murmured, and waited, in the assurancethat this was but a dream, for the man to disappear orassume some other form. Still, she felt her pulse, andfinding it throb violently she remembered that the bestmethod of dispelling such illusions was to drink, for adraught of the beverage prepared by the doctor to allay herfever seemed to cause a reaction of the brain, and for ashort time she suffered less. Valentine therefore reachedher hand towards the glass, but as soon as her trembling armleft the bed the apparition advanced more quickly towardsher, and approached the young girl so closely that shefancied she heard his breath, and felt the pressure of hishand.
3.  "In four days," said Morrel; "it is extraordinary!"
4.  "That there should be a famine!"
5.   "Listen," continued Villefort; "you can now have confidencein me after what I have done."
6.  "And will that be the first time you ever took thatjourney?"


1.  "No," said Villefort, burying his face in his hands, "no, ahundred times no!"
2.  "And what are his claims to the peerage?"
3.  "It is not grief, my dear Villefort," said the doctor;"grief may kill, although it rarely does, and never in aday, never in an hour, never in ten minutes." Villefort
4、  Notwithstanding the density of the crowd, M. de Villefortsaw it open before him. There is something so awe-inspiringin great afflictions that even in the worst times the firstemotion of a crowd has generally been to sympathize with thesufferer in a great catastrophe. Many people have beenassassinated in a tumult, but even criminals have rarelybeen insulted during trial. Thus Villefort passed throughthe mass of spectators and officers of the Palais, andwithdrew. Though he had acknowledged his guilt, he wasprotected by his grief. There are some situations which menunderstand by instinct, but which reason is powerless toexplain; in such cases the greatest poet is he who givesutterance to the most natural and vehement outburst ofsorrow. Those who hear the bitter cry are as much impressedas if they listened to an entire poem, and when the suffereris sincere they are right in regarding his outburst assublime.
5、  "That I have been singularly assisted."




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      "That tells me their name, and nothing else."

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      "He is."

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       "And there will be fine doings, if you do not take care."

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      "I beg your pardon, madame, but you were about to relatesome story, were you not? You said, `only imagine,' -- andthen paused. Pray continue."

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    {  These few words were uttered with an accent that left nodoubt of his sincerity; Dantes rose, dispersed the fragmentswith the same precaution as before, and pushed his bed backagainst the wall. He then gave himself up to his happiness.He would no longer be alone. He was, perhaps, about toregain his liberty; at the worst, he would have a companion,and captivity that is shared is but half captivity. Plaintsmade in common are almost prayers, and prayers where two orthree are gathered together invoke the mercy of heaven.

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      "Beauchamp will never retract."}

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      "Our magnificence makes you smile, count," said Maximilian,who had followed him with his eyes. "No, no," returned MonteCristo, pale as death, pressing one hand on his heart tostill its throbbings, while with the other he pointed to acrystal cover, beneath which a silken purse lay on a blackvelvet cushion. "I was wondering what could be thesignificance of this purse, with the paper at one end andthe large diamond at the other."

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      "Yes, he likes to keep himself shut up in his little room."

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       "And alone?"

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    {  "True, the garden is not large."

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      The Carnival was to commence on the morrow; therefore Alberthad not an instant to lose in setting forth the programme ofhis hopes, expectations, and claims to notice. With thisdesign he had engaged a box in the most conspicuous part ofthe theatre, and exerted himself to set off his personalattractions by the aid of the most rich and elaboratetoilet. The box taken by Albert was in the first circle;although each of the three tiers of boxes is deemed equallyaristocratic, and is, for this reason, generally styled the"nobility's boxes," and although the box engaged for the twofriends was sufficiently capacious to contain at least adozen persons, it had cost less than would be paid at someof the French theatres for one admitting merely fouroccupants. Another motive had influenced Albert's selectionof his seat, -- who knew but that, thus advantageouslyplaced, he might not in truth attract the notice of somefair Roman, and an introduction might ensue that wouldprocure him the offer of a seat in a carriage, or a place ina princely balcony, from which he might behold the gayetiesof the Carnival? These united considerations made Albertmore lively and anxious to please than he had hitherto been.Totally disregarding the business of the stage, he leanedfrom his box and began attentively scrutinizing the beautyof each pretty woman, aided by a powerful opera-glass; but,alas, this attempt to attract notice wholly failed; not evencuriosity had been excited, and it was but too apparent thatthe lovely creatures, into whose good graces he was desirousof stealing, were all so much engrossed with themselves,their lovers, or their own thoughts, that they had not somuch as noticed him or the manipulation of his glass.