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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then I trust that you at least will honour me with your company,"said Sherlock Holmes. "It is always a joy to meet an American, Mr.Moulton, for I am one of those who believe that the folly of a monarchand the blundering of a minister in far-gone years will not preventour children from being some day citizens of the same world-widecountry under a flag which shall be a quartering of the Union Jackwith the Stars and Stripes."
2.  "None of that, Mr. Holmes," cried the young woman. "I am not out formoney. Let me see this man in the mud, and I've got all I've workedfor- in the mud with my foot on his cursed face. That's my price.I'm with you to-morrow or any other day so long as you are on histrack. Porky here can tell you always where to find me."I did not see Holmes again until the following evening when we dinedonce more at our Strand restaurant. He shrugged his shoulders when Iasked him what luck he had had in his interview. Then he told thestory, which I would repeat in this way. His hard, dry statement needssome little editing to soften it into the terms of real life."There was no difficulty at all about the appointment," said Holmes,"for the girl glories in showing abject filial obedience in allsecondary things in an attempt to atone for her flagrant breach ofit in her engagement. The General 'phoned that all was ready, andthe fiery Miss W. turned up according to schedule, so that athalf-past five a cab deposited us outside 104 Berkeley Square, wherethe old soldier resides- one of those awful gray London castleswhich would make a church seem frivolous. A footman showed us in toa great yellow-curtained drawing-room, and there was the lady awaitingus, demure, pale, self-contained, as inflexible and remote as a snowimage on a mountain.
3.  "'You must drop it, Mr. Holmes,' said he, swaying his face about.'You really must, you know.'
4.  "And you might add of the attempted murder of one SherlockHolmes," remarked my friend with a chuckle. "To save an invalidtrouble, Inspector, Mr. Culverton Smith was good enough to give oursignal by turning up the gas. By the way, the prisoner has a small boxin the right-hand pocket of his coat which it would be as well toremove. Thank you. I would handle it gingerly if I were you. Put itdown here. It may play its part in the trial."
5.  "Dear me! that is friendship indeed."
6.  The two men had stopped opposite the window. Some chalk marks overthe waistcoat pocket were the only signs of billiards which I couldsee in one of them. The other was a very small, dark fellow, withhis hat pushed back and several packages under his arm."An old soldier, I perceive," said Sherlock.


1.  "This case grows upon me, Watson," said he. "There are decidedlysome points of interest in connection with it. In this early stage,I want you to realize those geographical features which may have agood deal to do with our investigation.
2.  "There is nothing here," said he. "The matches have, of course, beenused to light cigarettes. That is obvious from the shortness of theburnt end. Half the match is consumed in lighting a pipe or cigar. Butdear me! this cigarette stub is certainly remarkable. The gentlemanwas bearded and moustached, you say?"
3.  "That, of course, would open up the question as to what yourguarantee was worth."
4.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
5.  "But what is that compared with the number of your successes?""It is true that I have been generally successful."
6.  "Then you could hardly have been overheard?"


1.  The Tiger of San Pedro! The whole history of the man came back to mein a flash. He had made his name as the most lewd and bloodthirstytyrant that had ever governed any country with a pretence tocivilization. Strong, fearless, and energetic, he had sufficientvirtue to enable him to impose his odious vices upon a cowering peoplefor ten or twelve years. His name was a terror through all CentralAmerica. At the end of that time there was a universal risingagainst him. But he was as cunning as he was cruel, and at the firstwhisper of coming trouble he had secretly conveyed his treasuresaboard a ship which was manned by devoted adherents. It was an emptypalace which was stormed by the insurgents next day. The dictator, histwo children, his secretary, and his wealth had all escaped them. Fromthat moment he had vanished from the world, and his identity hadbeen a frequent subject for comment in the European press."Yes, sir, Don Murillo, the Tiger of San Pedro," said Baynes. "Ifyou look it up you will find that the San Pedro colours are greenand white, same as in the note, Mr. Holmes. Henderson he calledhimself, but I traced him back, Paris and Rome and Madrid toBarcelona, where his ship came in in '86. They've been looking for himall the time for their revenge, but it is only now that they havebegun to find him out."
2.  We turned a corner in the lane as he spoke, and there was thebuilding close beside us. A yellow bar falling across the blackforeground showed that the door was not quite closed, and one windowin the upper story was brightly illuminated. As we looked, we saw adark blur moving across the blind.
3.  "I believe that no one abroad has seen it save the man who wrote it.I am well convinced that his Ministers- that the usual officialchannels have not been employed."
4.  "What happened was this: This young fellow had employed hisafternoon at the athletic grounds, where he had been practising thejump. He returned carrying his jumping shoes, which are provided, asyou are aware, with several sharp spikes. As he passed by yourwindow he saw, by means of his great height, these proofs upon yourtable, and conjectured what they were. No harm would have been donehad it not been that, as he passed your door, he perceived the keywhich had been left by the carelessness of your servant. A suddenimpulse came over him to enter, and see if they were indeed theproofs. It was not a dangerous exploit for he could always pretendthat he had simply looked in to ask a question.
5.   "I think I should like to sit quietly for a few minutes and think itout." He seated himself upon the stone ledge of the bridge, and Icould see his quick gray eyes darting their questioning glances inevery direction. Suddenly he sprang up again and ran across to theopposite parapet, whipped his lens from his pocket, and began toexamine the stonework.
6.  "But why would you not let me near you, since there was in truthno infection?"


1.  "He is armed and ready. If we shot him we could hardly get away in aplace like this. Besides, it's likely enough that the police knowwhatever evidence he has got. Hallo! What was that?"
2.  "Good, Simpson!" said Holmes, patting him on the head. "Comealong, Watson. This is the house." He sent in his card with amessage that he had come on important business, and a moment laterwe were face to face with the man whom we had come to see. In spite ofthe warm weather he was crouching over a fire, and the little room waslike an oven. The man sat all twisted and huddled in his chair in away which gave an indescribable impression of deformity, but theface which he turned towards us, though worn and swarthy, must at sometime have been remarkable for its beauty. He looked suspiciously at usnow out of yellow-shot, bilious eyes, and, without speaking or rising,he waved towards two chairs.
3.  "Upon my word, you may put it down to my weak nerves or not, but Ibelieve there is some deep political intrigue going on around me,and that for some reason that passes my understanding my life is aimedat by the conspirators. It sounds high-flown and absurd, butconsider the facts! Why should a thief try to break in at a bedroomwindow where there could be no hope of any plunder, and why shouldhe come with a long knife in his hand?"
4、  "In that case I shall continue my professional round. But Ishall come back in the evening at the hour you have mentioned, forI should like to see the solution of so tangled a business.""Very glad to see you. I dine at seven. There is a woodcock,I believe. By the way, in view of recent occurrences, perhaps Iought to ask Mrs. Hudson to examine its crop."
5、  "Then I'll tell our story right away," said the lady. "Frank hereand I met in '84, in McQuire's camp, near the Rockies, where pa wasworking a claim. We were engaged to each other, Frank and I; butthen one day father struck a rich pocket and made a pile, while poorFrank here had a claim that petered out and came to nothing. Thericher pa grew the poorer was Frank; so at last pa wouldn't hear ofour engagement lasting any longer, and he took me away to 'Frisco.Frank wouldn't throw up his hand, though; so he followed me there, andhe saw me without pa knowing anything about it. It would only havemade him mad to know, so we just fixed it all up for ourselves.Frank said that he would go and make his pile, too, and never comeback to claim me until he had as much as pa. So then I promised towait for him to the end of time and pledged myself not to marry anyoneelse while he lived. 'Why shouldn't we be married right away, then,'said he, 'and then I will feel sure of you; and I won't claim to beyour husband until I come back?' Well, we talked it over, and he hadfixed it all up so nicely, with a clergyman all ready in waiting, thatwe just did it right there; and then Frank went off to seek hisfortune, and I went back to pa.




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      "He gave an exclamation; that was all. I waited but he neverreturned. Then I walked home. Next morning, after the office opened,they came to inquire. About twelve o'clock we heard the terrible news.Oh, Mr. Holmes, if you could only, only save his honour! It was somuch to him."

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      "Quick, Watson, quick! Get it back again!" The wooden lid wasreplaced, and the drugget had only just been drawn straight whenLestrade's voice was heard in the passage. He found Holmes leaninglanguidly against the mantelpiece, resigned and patient,endeavouring to conceal his irrepressible yawns.

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       "That only two glasses were used, and that the dregs of both werepoured into a third glass, so as to give the false impression thatthree people had been here. In that way all the beeswing would be inthe last glass, would it not? Yes, I am convinced that this is so. Butif I have hit upon the true explanation of this one smallphenomenon, then in an instant the case rises from the commonplaceto the exceedingly remarkable, for it can only mean that LadyBrackenstall and her maid have deliberately lied to us, that not oneword of their story is to be believed, that they have some very strongreason for covering the real criminal, and that we must constructour case for ourselves without any help from them. That is the missionwhich now lies before us, and here, Watson, is the Sydenham train."The household at the Abbey Grange were much surprised at our return,but Sherlock Holmes, finding that Stanley Hopkins had gone off toreport to headquarters, took possession of the dining-room, locked thedoor upon the inside, and devoted himself for two hours to one ofthose minute and laborious investigations which form the solid basison which his brilliant edifices of deduction were reared. Seated ina corner like an interested student who observes the demonstrationof his professor, I followed every step of that remarkable research.The window, the curtains, the carpet, the chair, the rope- each inturn was minutely examined and duly pondered. The body of theunfortunate baronet had been removed, and all else remained as wehad seen it in the morning. Finally, to my astonishment, Holmesclimbed up on to the massive mantelpiece. Far above his head hungthe few inches of red cord which were still attached to the wire.For a long time he gazed upward at it, and then in an attempt to getnearer to it he rested his knee upon a wooden bracket on the wall.This brought his hand within a few inches of the broken end of therope, but it was not this so much as the bracket itself which seemedto engage his attention. Finally, he sprang down with an ejaculationof satisfaction.

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      "Ha! It is the answer!" He tore it open, glanced his eyes over it,and crumpled it into his pocket. "That's all right" said he."Have you found out anything?"

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    {  "Reginald Musgrave sat down opposite to me and lit the cigarettewhich I bad pushed towards him.

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      "And yet the motives of women are so inscrutable. You remember thewoman at Margate whom I suspected for the same reason. No powder onher nose- that proved to be the correct solution. How can you build onsuch a quicksand? Their most trivial action may mean volumes, or theirmost extraordinary conduct may depend upon a hairpin or a curlingtongs. Good-morning, Watson."}

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      Sherlock Holmes was rubbing his hands and chuckling as he added thisbizarre incident to his collection of strange episodes."Your experience is, so far as I know, perfectly unique!" said he."May I ask, sir, what you did then?"

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      "My report, as I expected, is a negative one," said Holmes. "Ihave seen Forbes, and I have seen your uncle, and I have set one ortwo trains of inquiry upon foot which may lead to something.""You have not lost heart, then?"

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       "'There are five sovereigns here,' said he, walking up to me, 'whichwill, I hope, be a sufficient fee. But remember,' he added, tapping melightly on the chest and giggling, 'if you speak to a human soul aboutthis-one human soul, mind-well, may God have mercy upon your soul!'"I cannot tell you the loathing and horror with which thisinsignificant-looking man inspired me. I could see him better now asthe lamp-light shone upon him. His features were peaky and sallow, andhis little pointed beard was thready and ill-nourished. He pushedhis face forward as he spoke and his lips and eyelids were continuallytwitching like a man with St. Vitus's dance. I could not help thinkingthat his strange, catchy little laugh was also a symptom of somenervous malady. The terror of his face lay in his eyes, however, steelgray, and glistening coldly with a malignant inexorable cruelty intheir depths.

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    {  "Well, sir, when a man does one queer thing, or two queer things,there may be a meaning to it, but when everything he does is queer,then you begin to wonder. I believe Shoscombe Prince and the Derbyhave turned his brain."

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      "Well, they don't seem to have got much. Mrs. Maberley waschloroformed and the house was- Ah! here is the lady herself."Our friend of yesterday, looking very pale and ill, had enteredthe room, leaning upon a little maidservant.