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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The gendarme looked irresolutely at his companion, whoreturned for answer a sign that said, "I see no great harmin telling him now," and the gendarme replied, --
2.  "Well, I will do better, Mercedes. I will be a sailor;instead of the costume of our fathers, which you despise, Iwill wear a varnished hat, a striped shirt, and a bluejacket, with an anchor on the buttons. Would not that dressplease you?"
3.  "Valentine," said Morrel, "death is in itself sacred."
4.  "But two million francs make a nice little sum," repliedMorcerf.
5.  "Excuse you for what? For the story? By no means; it reallyseems to me very curious."
6.  "There are no bandits," cried Debray.


1.  "Sire, I am sorry to tell your majesty a cruel fact; but thefeeling in Dauphine is quite the reverse of that in Provenceor Languedoc. The mountaineers are Bonapartists, sire."
2.  "Swear it."
3.  "Still," said Chateau-Renaud, "Dr. d'Avrigny, who attends mymother, declares he is in despair about it. But whom are youseeking, Debray?"
4.  "You, sir? -- you are my adopted father. But it was not you,I presume, who placed at my disposal 100,000 francs, which Ispent in four or five months; it was not you whomanufactured an Italian gentleman for my father; it was notyou who introduced me into the world, and had me invited toa certain dinner at Auteuil, which I fancy I am eating atthis moment, in company with the most distinguished peoplein Paris -- amongst the rest with a certain procureur, whoseacquaintance I did very wrong not to cultivate, for he wouldhave been very useful to me just now; -- it was not you, infact, who bailed me for one or two millions, when the fataldiscovery of my little secret took place. Come, speak, myworthy Corsican, speak!"
5.  "I suppose so," said Andrea with a triumphant smile, "sinceI am accepted. But I must not forget one grand point."
6.  "I was going to tell you. It seems" --


1.  "By introducing to you a new acquaintance."
2.  "Guard carefully the secret of your birth. Make no allusionto the past; nor upon any occasion be induced to pronouncethe names of your illustrious father or ill-fated mother."
3.  "A gentleman, and a diplomatist."
4.  "She is going to leave her house," said the steward.
5.   "Above us all, sir," was Monte Cristo's response, in a toneand with an emphasis so deep that Villefort involuntarilyshuddered. "I have my pride for men -- serpents always readyto threaten every one who would pass without crushing themunder foot. But I lay aside that pride before God, who hastaken me from nothing to make me what I am."
6.  "Sire, the kindness your majesty deigns to evince towards meis a recompense which so far surpasses my utmost ambitionthat I have nothing more to ask for."


1.  "I am sure I have, and you shall judge for yourself; butfirst listen to the history of this paper."
2.  "It is no doubt the same," said he. "Did you drink some too,M. Noirtier?"
3.  "But what was the fate of the guards who thus possessed hissecret?" asked Dantes of himself.
4、  "And now," said Morrel, "leave me alone, and endeavor tokeep your mother and sister away."
5、  "Before Mercedes should die," replied Fernand, with theaccents of unshaken resolution, "I would die myself!"




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      "You see, I travel with them."

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      "Do you hear him, Valentine?" exclaimed Haidee; "he saysthat through me he will suffer -- through me, who wouldyield my life for his." The count withdrew for a moment."Have I discovered the truth?" he said; "but whether it befor recompense or punishment, I accept my fate. Come,Haidee, come!" and throwing his arm around the young girl'swaist, he pressed the hand of Valentine, and disappeared.

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       "True," said Monte Cristo, "the loss of a sum of moneybecomes almost immaterial with a fortune such as youpossess, and to one of your philosophic spirit."

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      "He carried off the corpse, which he placed in his own bedwith its face to the wall; then he entered the emptydungeon, closed the entrance, and slipped into the sackwhich had contained the dead body. Did you ever hear of suchan idea?" Monte Cristo closed his eyes, and seemed again toexperience all the sensations he had felt when the coarsecanvas, yet moist with the cold dews of death, had touchedhis face. The jailer continued: "Now this was his project.He fancied that they buried the dead at the Chateau d'If,and imagining they would not expend much labor on the graveof a prisoner, he calculated on raising the earth with hisshoulders, but unfortunately their arrangements at theChateau frustrated his projects. They never buried the dead;they merely attached a heavy cannon-ball to the feet, andthen threw them into the sea. This is what was done. Theyoung man was thrown from the top of the rock; the corpsewas found on the bed next day, and the whole truth wasguessed, for the men who performed the office then mentionedwhat they had not dared to speak of before, that at themoment the corpse was thrown into the deep, they heard ashriek, which was almost immediately stifled by the water inwhich it disappeared." The count breathed with difficulty;the cold drops ran down his forehead, and his heart was fullof anguish.

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    {  "You are very humble to-day," remarked the governor; "youare not so always; the other day, for instance, when youtried to kill the turnkey."

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      "The second is, that you will not tell her that your fatherever served hers."}

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      "Then here is my master's card, -- the Baron Danglars. Youwill take it to the count, and say that, although in hasteto attend the Chamber, my master came out of his way to havethe honor of calling upon him."

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      "I have already fought three duels with him," said theEnglishman, "the first with the pistol, the second with thesword, and the third with the sabre."

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       "Yes; the road to Bayonne."

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    {  "The greater the amount, the more flattering it is to you;it gives you an idea of your value."

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      Villefort seemed stupefied with astonishment, and remainedgazing intently on the scene before him without uttering aword. He had not seen Morrel. After a moment of dumbcontemplation, during which his face became pale and hishair seemed to stand on end, he sprang towards the door,crying out, "Doctor, doctor! come instantly, pray come!"