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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I shall just have time to tell you the facts of the case beforewe get to Lee. It seems absurdly simple, and yet somehow, I can getnothing to go upon. There's plenty of thread, no doubt, but I can'tget the end of it into my hand. Now, I'll state the case clearly andconcisely to you, Watson, and maybe you can see a spark where all isdark to me."
2.  "Well, well, such is fame! But, then, if I remember right, you hadnot heard the name of Professor James Moriarty, who had one of thegreat brains of the century. Just give me down my index of biographiesfrom the shelf."
3.  "Very sorry to knock you up, Watson," said he, "but it's thecommon lot this morning. Mrs. Hudson has been knocked up, she retortedupon me, and I on you."
4.  "My brothers!" cried Mortimer Tregennis, white to his lips. "Theyare taking them to Helston."
5.  "Excellent, Watson! His seat, then, was either thirty orthirty-two."
6.  "You have clearly gone pretty deeply into my affairs or I should nothave found you where I did. Therefore, you know already, in allprobability, that I am running a dark horse for the Derby and thateverything depends upon my success. If I win, all is easy. If Ilose- well, I dare not think of that!"


1.  "No one save the printer."
2.  "How long is it?"
3.  I felt Holmes's hand steal into mine and give me a reassuring shake,as if to say that the situation was within his powers, and that he waseasy in his mind. I was not sure whether he had seen what was only tooobvious from my position, that the door of the safe was imperfectlyclosed, and that Milverton might at any moment observe it. In my ownmind I had determined that if I were sure, from the rigidity of hisgaze, that it had caught his eye, I would at once spring out, throw mygreat coat over his head, pinion him, and leave the rest to Holmes.But Milverton never looked up. He was languidly interested by thepapers in his hand, and page after page was turned as he followedthe argument of the lawyer. At least, I thought, when he hasfinished the document and the cigar he will go to his room, but beforehe had reached the end of either, there came a remarkable development,which turned our thoughts into quite another channel.
4.  There was one very large central room into which Ferguson led us.Here, in a huge old-fashioned fireplace with an iron screen behindit dated 1670, there blazed and spluttered a splendid log fire.The room, as I gazed round, was a most singular mixture of dates andof places. The half-panelled walls may well have belonged to theoriginal yeoman farmer of the seventeenth century. They wereornamented, however, on the lower part by a line of well-chosen modernwater-colours; while above, where yellow plaster took the place ofoak, there was hung a fine collection of South American utensils andweapons, which had been brought, no doubt, by the Peruvian ladyupstairs. Holmes rose, with that quick curiosity which sprang from hiseager mind, and examined them with some care. He returned with hiseyes full of thought.
5.  "Now, Miss Dunbar," said Holmes, "I beg you to tell us exactlywhat occurred that evening."
6.  .


1.  "You think so, too?"
2.  "Well, Watson, it's as well we have not to turn out to-night,"said Holmes, laying aside his lens and rolling up the palimpsest."I've done enough for one sitting. It is trying work for the eyes.So far as I can make out, it is nothing more exciting than anAbbey's accounts dating from the second half of the fifteenth century.Halloa! halloa! halloa! What's this?"
3.  "Well, maybe so," said the millionaire, though for a moment thereproof had brought the old angry gleam into his eyes. "I'm notpretending to be any better than I am. I guess all my life I've been aman that reached out his hand for what he wanted, and I never wantedanything more than the love and possession of that woman. I told herso."
4.  "My dear Mr. Grant Munro--" began Holmes.
5.   1891
6.  "Can you throw any light upon that?"


1.  "Because it was in my mind to put that little test which answered soadmirably. I fear you would not have gone so far."
2.  "`Never.'
3.  "And what did you see?"
4、  "Then came Miss Grace Dunbar. She answered our advertisement andbecame governess to our two children. Perhaps you have seen herportrait in the papers. The whole world has proclaimed that she alsois a very beautiful woman. Now, I make no pretence to be more moralthan my neighbours, and I will admit to you that I could not liveunder the same roof with such a woman and in daily contact with herwithout feeling a passionate regard for her. Do you blame me, Mr.Holmes?"
5、  "But they listened to my story with a smile. I am convincedthat the inspector has formed the opinion that the letters are allpractical jokes, and that the deaths of my relations were reallyaccidents, as the jury stated, and were not to be connected withthe warnings."




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      "I mean that I have earned the reward. I know where your son is, andI know some, at least, of those who are holding him."

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       "My dear fellow, pray come in."

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      And Holmes's fears came to be realized, for from that day to this noword has ever been heard either of the beautiful woman, the sinisterGerman, or the morose Englishman. Early that morning a peasant had meta cart containing several people and some very bulky boxes drivingrapidly in the direction of Reading, but there all traces of thefugitives disappeared, and even Holmes's ingenuity failed ever todiscover the least clue as to their whereabouts.

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    {  "Ham and eggs," I answered.

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      "It is final," said Holmes.}

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      "Fine birds they were, too. Now where did you get them from?"To my surprise the question provoked a burst of anger from thesalesman.

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      A crime of mysterious character was committed last night at 16Godolphin Street, one of the old-fashioned and secluded rows ofeighteenth century houses which lie between the river and the Abbey,almost in the shadow of the great Tower of the Houses of Parliament.This small but select mansion has been inhabited for some years by Mr.Eduardo Lucas, well known in society circles both on account of hischarming personality and because he has the well-deserved reputationof being one of the best amateur tenors in the country. Mr. Lucas isan unmarried man, thirty-four years of age, and his establishmentconsists of Mrs. Pringle, an elderly housekeeper, and of Mitton, hisvalet. The former retires early and sleeps at the top of the house.The valet was out for the evening, visiting a friend at Hammersmith.From ten o'clock onward Mr. Lucas had the house to himself. Whatoccurred during that time has not yet transpired, but at a quarterto twelve Police-constable Barrett, passing along Godolphin Streetobserved that the door of No. 16 was ajar. He knocked, but received noanswer. Perceiving a light in the front room, he advanced into thepassage and again knocked, but without reply. He then pushed openthe door and entered. The room was in a state of wild disorder, thefurniture being all swept to one side, and one chair lying on its backin the centre. Beside this chair, and still grasping one of itslegs, lay the unfortunate tenant of the house. He had been stabbedto the heart and must have died instantly. The knife with which thecrime had been committed was a curved Indian dagger, plucked down froma trophy of Oriental arms which adorned one of the walls. Robbery doesnot appear to have been the motive of the crime, for there had been noattempt to remove the valuable contents of the room. Mr. Eduardo Lucaswas so well known and popular that his violent and mysterious fatewill arouse painful interest and intense sympathy in a widespreadcircle of friends.

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       "That's good enough. Watson and I are famous fishermen- are wenot, Watson? You may address us in future at the Green Dragon. Weshould reach it to-night. I need not say that we don't want to seeyou, Mr. Mason, but a note will reach us, and no doubt I could findyou if I want you. When we have gone a little farther into thematter I will let you have a considered opinion."

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    {  "Unless we succeed in establishing an alternative theory, this manis lost. You can hardly find a flaw in the case which can now bepresented against him, and all further investigation has served tostrengthen it. By the way, there is one curious little point aboutthose papers which may serve us as the starting-point for aninquiry. On looking over the bank-book I found that the low state ofthe balance was principally due to large checks which have been madeout during the last year to Mr. Cornelius. I confess that I shouldbe interested to know who this Mr. Cornelius may be with whom aretired builder has had such very large transactions. Is it possiblethat he has had a hand in the affair? Cornelius might be a broker, butwe have found no scrip to correspond with these large payments.Failing any other indication, my researches must now take thedirection of an inquiry at the bank for the gentleman who has cashedthese checks. But I fear, my dear fellow, that our case will endingloriously by Lestrade hanging our client, which will certainly be atriumph for Scotland Yard."

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      "Exactly. Our first effort must be to find who are the tenants ofCharlington Hall. Then, again, how about the connection betweenCarruthers and Woodley, since they appear to be men of such adifferent type? How came they both to be so keen upon looking up RalphSmith's relations? One more point. What sort of a menage is it whichpays double the market price for a governess but does not keep ahorse, although six miles from the station? Odd, Watson- very odd!""You will go down?"