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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Bah, Chateau-Renaud," returned Debray, "you only know yourdull and gloomy Faubourg Saint-Germain; do not pay anyattention to him, count -- live in the Chaussee d'Antin,that's the real centre of Paris."
2.  "Yes, but to be captain one must do a little flattery toone's patrons."
3.  "It is as I tell you."
4.  "I saw it done."
5.  "Well, then, after this first visit has been made we shallcount on you."
6.  "Then I shall say the duel did not take place?"


1.  "Well, the fact is, Morrel, I was thinking that I too amweary of life, and since an opportunity presents itself" --
2.  "I recognized you, some time since, as the insolent dandywho so gracefully mounted his horse in the Champs Elysees."
3.  "No," said the count, with an imperceptible smile ofcontempt, for he had no wish to be seen in the young man'ssociety, -- "no; I prefer listening to you here, my dear M.Andrea; we can chat better in-doors, and there is nocoachman to overhear our conversation." The count returnedto a small drawing-room on the first floor, sat down, andcrossing his legs motioned to the young man to take a seatalso. Andrea assumed his gayest manner. "You know, my dearcount," said he, "the ceremony is to take place thisevening. At nine o'clock the contract is to be signed at myfather-in-law's."
4.  "Well, M. de Monte Cristo has just carried off their fivemillions."
5.  "And I say to you, fabulous as it may seem, I tell it as atrue one from beginning to end. The brigands had carried meoff, and conducted me to a gloomy spot, called the Catacombsof Saint Sebastian."
6.  "Why, we must inquire into that," was Caderousse's reply;and turning towards the young man, said, "Well, Catalan,can't you make up your mind?"


1.  "And you sit there, tearing your hair, instead of seeking toremedy your condition; I did not think that was the way ofyour people."
2.  "But you say you have watched?" said Valentine uneasily;"where have you been? -- I have not seen you." The countextended his hand towards the library. "I was hidden behindthat door," he said, "which leads into the next house, whichI have rented." Valentine turned her eyes away, and, with anindignant expression of pride and modest fear, exclaimed:"Sir, I think you have been guilty of an unparalleledintrusion, and that what you call protection is more like aninsult."
3.  "Certainly; and that is why M. and Madame de Saint-Meranhave died; that is why M. Noirtier was sentenced the day hemade you his heir; that is why you, in your turn, are to die-- it is because your father would inherit your property,and your brother, his only son, succeed to his."
4.  "As regards the Marchesa Corsinari" --
5.   "How many covers?"
6.  "Hollo! what's the matter at the Chateau d'If?" said thecaptain.


1.  "You have suffered a great deal, sir?" said Franzinquiringly.
2.  "Now see here, will that be all? Eh? And will you nottorment me any more?"
3.  "Yes, I insist."
4、  "No, it is unnecessary; Bertuccio will show me a light." AndMonte Cristo accompanied these words by the gift of two goldpieces, which produced a torrent of thanks and blessingsfrom the concierge. "Ah, monsieur," said he, after havingvainly searched on the mantle-piece and the shelves, "I havenot got any candles."
5、  "It is not he who plays!" exclaimed Lucien; "it is MadameDanglars: she is indeed daring."




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      "That seems to me as hazardous as uncertain, and convincesme that my scheme is far better than yours."

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      "`"Because, sir," said the president, "you have insulted aman, and that man will not go one step farther withoutdemanding honorable reparation."

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       "Gracious heavens!" exclaimed Dantes, "what is the matter?what has happened?"

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      "But now you are happy?"

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    {  "But you, my poor child?"

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      "Monsieur," continued the prisoner, "I am the Abbe Faria,born at Rome. I was for twenty years Cardinal Spada'ssecretary; I was arrested, why, I know not, toward thebeginning of the year 1811; since then I have demanded myliberty from the Italian and French government."}

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      "The Marquis of Saint-Meran. Ah, I am sure he has not soldthe house for what he gave for it."

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      "My good friend, as in all probability I own my presentsafety to that influence, it would ill become me to searchtoo closely into its source; therefore, instead ofcondemning him for his intimacy with outlaws, you must giveme leave to excuse any little irregularity there may be insuch a connection; not altogether for preserving my life,for my own idea was that it never was in much danger, butcertainly for saving me 4,000 piastres, which, beingtranslated, means neither more nor less than 24,000 livresof our money -- a sum at which, most assuredly, I shouldnever have been estimated in France, proving mostindisputably," added Albert with a laugh, "that no prophetis honored in his own country."

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       "So Franz must wait. Why was not M. de Saint-Meran alsograndfather to Mademoiselle Danglars?"

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    {  "Well," said Eugenie cheerfully, "we have then only to packup our trunks; we shall start the evening of the signing ofthe contract, instead of the evening of the wedding -- thatis all."

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      "Oh, that is different," cried the abbe; "and we shallunderstand each other, I hope."