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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No; you are, on the contrary, adorable."
2.  significantly, "that it was I who came to seek you, and thatI did all in my power to prevent this misfortune befallingyou."
3.  "And you say that one of your friends lives in that house?""I say so, and I repeat it for the third time; that house is oneinhabited by my friend, and that friend is Aramis.""All this will be cleared up at a later period," murmured theyoung woman; "no, monsieur, be silent."
4.  And the travelers buried their rowels in their horses' flanks,who thus vigorously stimulated recovered their energies. Theyarrived at Amiens at midnight, and alighted at the AUBERGE of theGolden Lily.
5.  "Capital! Adieu, Chevalier."
6.  There was a moment of trouble and confusion in the assembly.Everybody had remarked that something had passed between the kingand queen; but both of them had spoken so low that everybody, outof respect, withdrew several steps, so that nobody had heardanything. The violins began to sound with all their might, butnobody listened to them.


1.  Thinking of all this, and from time to time giving a touchof the spur to his horse, D'Artagnan completed his shortjourney, and arrived at St. Germain. He had just passed bythe pavilion in which ten years later Louis XIV was born.He rode up a very quiet street, looking to the right and theleft to see if he could catch any vestige of his beautifulEnglishwoman, when from the ground floor of a pretty house,which, according to the fashion of the time, had no windowtoward the street, he saw a face peep out with which hethought he was acquainted. This person walked along theterrace, which was ornamented with flowers. Planchetrecognized him first.
2.  The commissary, who had till this time held his head down overhis papers, looked up to see what sort of person he had to dowith. This commissary was a man of very repulsive mien, with apointed nose, with yellow and salient cheek bones, with eyessmall but keen and penetrating, and an expression of countenanceresembling at once the polecat and the fox. His head, supportedby a long and flexible neck, issued from his large black robe,balancing itself with a motion very much like that of thetortoise thrusting his head out of his shell. He began by askingM. Bonacieux his name, age, condition, and abode.The accused replied that his name was Jacques Michel Bonacieux,that he was fifty-one years old, a retired mercer, and lived Ruedes Fossoyeurs, No. 14.
3.  "Eh, eh!" said Bonacieux, slapping a plump, round bag, whichreturned a sound a money; "what do you think of this, MadamePreacher?"
4.  establishment, and to give himself up to those littleattentions which "the harder one is, the more they please,"as old soldiers say.
5.  "The devil!" thought Porthos, as he walked away, "it appearsI am getting nearer to Monsieur Coquenard's strongbox atlast."
6.  But D'Artagnan took very little heed of the eloquent discourse ofM. Bazin; and as he had no desire to support a polemic discussionwith his friend's valet, he simply moved him out of the way withone hand, and with the other turned the handle of the door ofNumber Five. The door opened, and D'Artagnan went into thechamber.


1.  "At least I hope so," said the novice, with an expression of joy whichshe made no effort to disguise.
2.  He called successively at the abodes of Athos, Porthos, andAramis. Neither of them had returned. Their lackeys likewisewere absent, and nothing had been heard of either the one or theother. He would have inquired after them of their mistresses,but he was neither acquainted with Porthos's nor Aramis's, and asto Athos, he had none.
3.  "But in coming too early I should be afraid of awakening yourMajesty."
4.  "I do not know that; what I do know is that he is a creature ofthe cardinal, his evil genius."
5.   Milady heard these few words and caught at a shadow of hope."D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan!" cried she; "remember that I loved you!"The young man rose and took a step toward her.
6.  "Yes, sire."


1.  "Cone at dinnertime."
2.  "My dear Athos," said Aramis, "you speak like Nestor, whowas, as everyone knows, the wisest among the Greeks.""Well, then," said Athos, "it is agreed. Planchet and Bazinshall go. Everything considered, I am not sorry to retainGrimaud; he is accustomed to my ways, and I am particular.Yesterday's affair must have shaken him a little; his voyagewould upset him quite."
3.  "Scoundrel, infamous scoundrel!" howled Milady.
4、  "Reckoning still further, that as long as you do me the honor toremain in my house I shall never speak to you about rent--""Very kind!"
5、  "I never lie, madame."




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      One day when oppressed with a mortal weariness of mind, withouthope in the negotiations with the city; without news fromEngland, the cardinal went out, without any other aim than to beout of doors, and accompanied only by Cahusac and La Houdiniere,strolled along the beach. Mingling the immensity of his dreamswith the immensity of the ocean, he came, his horse going at afoot's pace, to a hill from the top of which he perceived behinda hedge, reclining on the sand and catching in its passage one ofthose rays of the sun so rare at this period of the year, sevenmen surrounded by empty bottles. Four of these men were ourMusketeers, preparing to listen to a letter one of them had justreceived. This letter was so important that it made them forsaketheir cards and their dice on the drumhead.

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      "Come here, Monsieur Captain," said he, "come here, that I maygrowl at you. Do you know that his Eminence has been makingfresh complaints against your Musketeers, and that with so muchemotion, that this evening his Eminence is indisposed? Ah, theseMusketeers of yours are very devils--fellows to be hanged.""No, sire," replied Treville, who saw at the first glance howthings would go, "on the contrary, they are good creatures, asmeek as lambs, and have but one desire, I'll be their warranty.And that is that their swords may never leave their scabbards butin your majesty's service. But what are they to do? The Guardsof Monsieur the Cardinal are forever seeking quarrels with them,and for the honor of the corps even, the poor young men areobliged to defend themselves."

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       "I promised to come," said Felton, "and I have come.""You promised me something else."

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      "I am satisfied with having killed that fellow, my boy,seeing that it is blessed bread to kill an Englishman; butif I had pocketed his pistoles, they would have weighed medown like a remorse.

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    {  Planchet grasped him by the throat, and pressed as hard as hecould. "Monsieur," said he, "as long as I hold him in thismanner, he can't cry, I'll be bound; but as soon as I let go hewill howl again. I know him for a Norman, and Normans areobstinate."

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      It is well known how violent the king's prejudices were againstthe queen, and how carefully these prejudices were kept up by thecardinal, who in affairs of intrigue mistrusted women infinitelymore than men. One of the grand causes of this prejudice was thefriendship of Anne of Austria for Mme. de Chevreuse. These twowomen gave him more uneasiness than the war with Spain, thequarrel with England, or the embarrassment of the finances. Inhis eyes and to his conviction, Mme. de Chevreuse not only servedthe queen in her political intrigues, but, what tormented himstill more, in her amorous intrigues.}

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      D'Artagnan comprehended their irresolution.

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      "I will go this very evening to Treville, whom I will request toask this favor for me of his brother-in-law, MonsieurDessessart."

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       "Oh, my God!" said Mme. Bonacieux, what is that noise?""That of either our friends or our enemies," said Milady, with herterrible coolness. "Stay where you are, I will tell you."Mme. Bonacieux remained standing, mute, motionless, and pale as astatue.

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    {  D'Artagnan placed his hand upon the queen's diamond, whichhe wore, and quickly turned the stone inward; but it was toolate.

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      "One of your friends?" interrupted Mme. Bonacieux."Without doubt; Aramis is one of my best friends.""Aramis! Who is he?"