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1. 单词securities 联想记忆:
2. 德拉姆在加拿大只呆了五个月,但他充分利用了这段时间,在各省听取了各种意见。回国后,他提交了一份具有历史意义的报告;这份报告成为英帝国发展史上的一个里程碑。除了建议两个加拿大再次合并外,他的伟大贡献还在于提出了允许殖民地实行“责任政府制”的重大建议:
3.   "It's a common enough lash. But I don't know why it should be tied.""That is not quite so common, is it? Ah, me! it's a wicked world,and when a clever man turns his brains to crime it is the worst ofall. I think that I have seen enough now, Miss Stoner, and with yourpermission we shall walk out upon the lawn."
4. 百度搜索是大家获取信息和知识的主要途径,过去十多天,百度App不间断运营新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎相关权威资讯,平均每天有超过10亿人次通过百度搜索了解疫情。
5. 如今微信指数也出来子,也自是闲不住的在微信群里与众好友一起研究了一下微信指数的算法,群里有位大神得出的微信指数算法是:采用数据:总阅读数R、总点赞数Z、发布文章数N、该帐号当前最高阅读数Rmax、该帐户最高点赞数Zmax。
6.   "In that case I will go." And the two carriages passed ontowards their different destinations. Madame Danglarstherefore came, not only beautiful in person, but radiantwith splendor; she entered by one door at the time whenMercedes appeared at the door. The countess took Albert tomeet Madame Danglars. He approached, paid her some wellmerited compliments on her toilet, and offered his arm toconduct her to a seat. Albert looked around him. "You arelooking for my daughter?" said the baroness, smiling.


1. 一般通过以下两个机构是可以税前扣除,一个是中国境内符合一定条件的公益组织,二是县级以上人民政府及其部门等国家机关。
2. 上游新闻记者在采访中了解到,今年11月8日,吴某找李姓大夫讨要说法时,因情绪激动打了李大夫,并因此被北京公安局朝阳分局拘留5日。
3. 现在放松了,原来可不行,外地人来买房必须是本科学历,而且要有985、211高校的大学毕业证才行。
4. 我们以前考察了剩余价值怎样从资本产生,现在我们考察资本怎样从剩余价值产生。把剩余价值当作资本使用,或者说,把剩余价值再转化为资本,叫做资本积累。
5. 几个月前我们就帮助一家做旅游地产的商业公司购买了一个儿童游乐的项目。
6. "It's warm. It's soft!" she almost sobbed. "It's real. It must be!"


1. 朱馆长表示,此前王女士为了完成父亲遗愿多次来回奔波,所以他们这次带了设备、票据以及相应的表格,主动上门服务:在父亲去世近半年后,王女士与殡仪馆工作人员终于确定了骨灰洒江日期。
2.   "O little child, alas! what is thy guilt, That never wroughtest sin as yet, pardie?* *par Dieu; by God Why will thine harde* father have thee spilt?** *cruel **destroyed O mercy, deare Constable," quoth she, "And let my little child here dwell with thee: And if thou dar'st not save him from blame, So kiss him ones in his father's name."
3. 红星新闻记者从警方处证实了此事,并获悉警方已经对该事件展开调查。
4. 只有从不断的变革当中,才能找到未来企业发展的新模式。
5. 说是将自动化应用到披萨生产,但对于稍微复杂的工序,例如给披萨加料,还是需要人工的操作。
6. 目前我上岗了三个班次:27日凌晨4点—8点,28日凌晨0点—4点,28日20点—24点。


1.   35. Under his tongue a true love he bare: some sweet herb; another reading, however, is "a true love-knot," which may have been of the nature of a charm.
2. )在云徙内部有三大战役一说,指的是它早期重要的三家客户:茅台、珠江啤酒、以及日化直销公司如新。
3.   "Well, my friend, and what do you think now? Have you ever heard of anyone who has suffered more, or had more narrow escapes than I have? Is it not just that I should now enjoy a life of ease and tranquillity?"
4. niconico还常常举办用户的MAD大赛,例如2015年,niconico举办了大热动画《一拳超人》的静止画MAD大赛,优胜者成功拿到了10万日元的奖金。
5. 7.You Haven't Gotten a Raise in the Last Two Years
6. 但如今,小米手机最大的竞争对手早已不是iPhone,而是华为、OPPO和vivo。


1. 从小白到资深用户的转化,是一个循序渐进的过程,需要产品的持续引导和承接。
2. 单词arrogant 联想记忆:
3. 依照法律规定,二被告应共同承担民事侵权责任。

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      Now to the temple of Dian the chaste As shortly as I can I will me haste, To telle you all the descriptioun. Depainted be the walles up and down Of hunting and of shamefast chastity. There saw I how woful Calistope,<52> When that Dian aggrieved was with her, Was turned from a woman to a bear, And after was she made the lodestar*: *pole star Thus was it painted, I can say no far*; *farther Her son is eke a star as men may see. There saw I Dane <53> turn'd into a tree, I meane not the goddess Diane, But Peneus' daughter, which that hight Dane. There saw I Actaeon an hart y-maked*, *made For vengeance that he saw Dian all naked: I saw how that his houndes have him caught, And freten* him, for that they knew him not. *devour Yet painted was, a little farthermore How Atalanta hunted the wild boar; And Meleager, and many other mo', For which Diana wrought them care and woe. There saw I many another wondrous story, The which me list not drawen to memory. This goddess on an hart full high was set*, *seated With smalle houndes all about her feet, And underneath her feet she had a moon, Waxing it was, and shoulde wane soon. In gaudy green her statue clothed was, With bow in hand, and arrows in a case*. *quiver Her eyen caste she full low adown, Where Pluto hath his darke regioun. A woman travailing was her beforn, But, for her child so longe was unborn, Full piteously Lucina <54> gan she call, And saide; "Help, for thou may'st best of all." Well could he painte lifelike that it wrought; With many a florin he the hues had bought. Now be these listes made, and Theseus, That at his greate cost arrayed thus The temples, and the theatre every deal*, *part <55> When it was done, him liked wonder well.

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