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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "We can get along if we economise. I'll pay you back all right."
2.  She took the letter the next morning, and at the corner droppedit reluctantly into the letter-box, still uncertain as to whethershe should do so or not. Then she took the car and went downtown.
3.  "All right," said Carrie resignedly, "I'll do it, but if I make afailure now it's your fault."
4.  With it once out and before him, it seemed a foolish thing tothink about leaving it. Certainly it would. Why, he could livequietly with Carrie for years.
5.  "Will you let me come back if I want to?" she asked, as if shenow had the upper hand and her companion was utterly subdued.
6.  "I don't like the actors in our company," she told Lola one day."They're all so struck on themselves."


1.  "The next train for Montreal leaves when?" he asked.
2.  The upshot of this was that the change was eventually effected;not without great gloom on the part of Carrie. It reallyaffected her more seriously than anything that had yet happened.She began to look upon Hurstwood wholly as a man, and not as alover or husband. She felt thoroughly bound to him as a wife,and that her lot was cast with his, whatever it might be; but shebegan to see that he was gloomy and taciturn, not a young,strong, and buoyant man. He looked a little bit old to her aboutthe eyes and mouth now, and there were other things which placedhim in his true rank, so far as her estimation was concerned.She began to feel that she had made a mistake. Incidentally, shealso began to recall the fact that he had practically forced herto flee with him.
3.  "Because," answered Carrie, "I never did."
4.  "Yes," said Mr. Kenny, and then, turning the word again added:"How are things out in Chicago?"
5.  The effect of this was like roiling helpless waters. Carrietroubled over it in her rocking-chair for days.
6.  Miss Osborne took it for granted that, like herself, Carrie'stime was her own. She invariably asked her to stay, proposinglittle outings and other things of that sort until Carrie beganneglecting her dinner hours. Hurstwood noticed it, but felt inno position to quarrel with her. Several times she came so lateas scarcely to have an hour in which to patch up a meal and startfor the theatre.


1.  Hurstwood glanced over his paper rather gayly. He seemed to havelost a load.
2.  Out came the sun by noon, and poured a golden flood through theiropen windows. Sparrows were twittering. There were laughter andsong in the air. Hurstwood could not keep his eyes from Carrie.She seemed the one ray of sunshine in all his trouble. Oh, ifshe would only love him wholly--only throw her arms around him inthe blissful spirit in which he had seen her in the little parkin Chicago--how happy he would be! It would repay him; it wouldshow him that he had not lost all. He would not care.
3.  "Oh, I can't," she said.
4.  "You'll stay with me, won't you?" he asked.
5.   "I want to see her. She's got to do all right. We'll make her,"and the manager gave one of his quick, steely half-smiles, whichwas a compound of good-nature and shrewdness.


1.  There was a good dinner in the flat that evening, owing to themere lifting of the terrible strain. Hurstwood went out for ashave, and returned with a fair-sized sirloin steak.
2.  Carrie smiled again. She felt the acuteness of Hurstwood'sposition, and wished deeply that she could be alone with him, butshe did not understand the change in Drouet. Hurstwood foundthat he could not talk, repressed as he was, and grudging Drouetevery moment of his presence, he bowed himself out with theelegance of a Faust. Outside he set his teeth with envy.
4、  "Yes," returned Carrie.
5、  "How would you like to try subduing London?" asked her manager,one afternoon.




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      "I thought you had gone with Pearl," she said to her lover.

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      "You're not mad at me, are you?" he asked softly.

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       Carrie gazed at him, and as she did so her ebbing courage halted.She saw that he himself was hesitating, and with a woman'sintuition realised that there was no occasion for great alarm.

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      Hurstwood was in his best form, as usual. He hadn't heard thatDrouet was out of town. He was but slightly affected by theintelligence, and devoted himself to the more general topicswhich would interest Carrie. It was surprising--the ease withwhich he conducted a conversation. He was like every man who hashad the advantage of practice and knows he has sympathy. He knewthat Carrie listened to him pleasurably, and, without the leasteffort, he fell into a train of observation which absorbed herfancy. He drew up his chair and modulated his voice to such adegree that what he said seemed wholly confidential. He confinedhimself almost exclusively to his observation of men andpleasures. He had been here and there, he had seen this andthat. Somehow he made Carrie wish to see similar things, and allthe while kept her aware of himself. She could not shut out theconsciousness of his individuality and presence for a moment. Hewould raise his eyes slowly in smiling emphasis of something, andshe was fixed by their magnetism. He would draw out, with theeasiest grace, her approval. Once he touched her hand foremphasis and she only smiled. He seemed to radiate an atmospherewhich suffused her being. He was never dull for a minute, andseemed to make her clever. At least, she brightened under hisinfluence until all her best side was exhibited. She felt thatshe was more clever with him than with others. At least, heseemed to find so much in her to applaud. There was not theslightest touch of patronage. Drouet was full of it.

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    {  "With no longings for what I may not have," she breathed inconclusion--and it was almost a sigh--"my existence hidden fromall save two in the wide world, and making my joy out of the joyof that innocent girl who will soon be his wife."

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      "I didn't want to introduce you as my wife, because you'd feelworse then if you didn't GO. They all know me so well. Butyou'll GO all right. Anyhow, you'll probably never meet any ofthem again."}

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      There had been appearing in the papers about this time rumoursand notices of an approaching strike on the trolley lines inBrooklyn. There was general dissatisfaction as to the hours oflabour required and the wages paid. As usual--and for someinexplicable reason--the men chose the winter for the forcing ofthe hand of their employers and the settlement of theirdifficulties.

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      All at once, after an exit, he caught sight of Carrie. She wasfrowning alone on the stage and the audience was giggling andlaughing.

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       "No, I wasn't," he answered.

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    {  "Well, she's got more gumption than any one I've seen here sofar--seems to take an interest in what she's doing."

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      Hurstwood smiled grimly, and the boy laughed.