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1. 提高警惕:尽早隔离、尽早发现、尽早就医记者:怎么患上的新冠肺炎?印象深刻的症状有哪些?治愈者A(男,50岁):我在武汉工作,1月23日从武汉返回天津,25日晚出现了发热和咳嗽症状,后来逐渐加重,甚至觉得只剩肉没有骨头,没有力气,不想说话。
2.   As she spoke the goddess dispersed the mist and the land appeared.Then Ulysses rejoiced at finding himself again in his own land, andkissed the bounteous soil; he lifted up his hands and prayed to thenymphs, saying, "Naiad nymphs, daughters of Jove, I made sure that Iwas never again to see you, now therefore I greet you with allloving salutations, and I will bring you offerings as in the old days,if Jove's redoubtable daughter will grant me life, and bring my son tomanhood."
3.   'What is a proctor, Steerforth?' said I.
4. In the annals of climatology, 2014 surpassed 2010 as the warmest year. The 10 warmest years have all occurred since 1997, a reflection of the relentless planetary warming that scientists say is a consequence of human activity and poses profound long-term risks to civilization and nature.
5.   `Ah! So much the worse! A bitter taste it is that such poor cattle always have in their mouths, and hard lives they live, Jacques. Am I right, Jacques?'
6. 通报披露,青岛市2月6日12至24时新增2例新冠肺炎确诊病例,为一对医务人员夫妻,两人曾于1月19日搭乘A67107航班由昆明返回青岛,而该航班上目前已有多名确诊病例。


1. 近几年网红经济大行其道,各行各业开始不断出现“网红”人物。
2. 她建议,学校制订弹性上学时间。
3. 但是,该公司说一套做一套,不顾自身承诺,违法要求下属药店统一大幅提高口罩销售价格,将进价12.8元/个的口罩,销售价格哄抬至49元/个,进销差率近300%。
4. adj. 精美的,微妙的,美
5. 跟黄海投资三顿半的过程类似,高嵩投资橘朵的经历也有些曲折。
6.   Supper being served in to the Table, and hee seated according as theLady commanded; shee began to observe him very considerately; for hewas a goodly man, compleate in all perfection of person, a delicatepleasing countenance, a quicke alluring eye, fixed and constant, notwantonly gadding, in the joviall youthfulnesse of his time, and truesttemper for amorous apprehension; all these were as battering enginesagainst a Bulwarke of no strong resistance, and wrought strangely uponher flexible affections. And though shee fed heartily, as occasionconstrained, yet her thoughts had entertained a new kinde of diet,digested onely by the eye; yet so cunningly concealed, that nomotive to immodesty could be discerned. Her mercy thus extended to himin misery, drew on (by Table discourse) his birth, education, parents,friends, and alies; his wealthy possessions by Merchandize, and asound stability in his estate, but above all (and best of all) thesingle and sole condition of a batcheler; an apt and easie steele tostrike fire, especially upon such quicke taking tinder, and in atime favoured by Fortune.


1.   `There! I beg your pardon!' said Stryver.
2. 白皮书显示,2019年中国纯医美市场规模达2560亿元,近五年的平均增速为30%左右,预计2025年中国医美市场规模突破万亿元。
3. 500个第三方开发人员所做的产品研究所带来的收益。
4. 郑新林在明知郑新森实施网络诈骗,仍帮助郑新森提取、转移诈骗所得。
5. 点餐完成后,凭取餐号在柜台领取自己的餐点,部分试点餐厅会配备自取货架、增加标识,方便消费者自行取餐。
6. (b)v/100m(a)+m/(60m(a)+40m(a))=200


1. 据悉,祖玛旗下拥有包装业务,必胜客一直在有限的基础上测试祖玛的圆形盒子。
2.   "Sire," said the princess to her father, "you wish me to marry, and I know you desire to please me, for which I am very grateful. But, indeed, I have no inclination to change my state, for where could I find so happy a life amidst so many beautiful and delightful surroundings? I feel that I could never be as happy with any husband as I am here, and I beg you not to press one on me."
3. 成立的四个月内,白山在CDN行业内几个关键技术上都做了提升,如把SHAQUE秒刷技术(页面刷新)提高了400多倍,从原来的秒级直接拉到毫秒级。
4.   "Monte Cristo in the name of an island, and he has a familyname."
5. 单词global 联想记忆:
6.   "Never mind that," returned the doctor, "the thing is to find a way out of it."


1. 直到中午12点半,急诊内的警察仍未散去,下午1点左右,警方现场勘查的人员进入抢救室。
2.   Ulysses went back to his own place, and Eumaeus strewed some greenbrushwood on the floor and threw a sheepskin on top of it forTelemachus to sit upon. Then the swineherd brought them platters ofcold meat, the remains from what they had eaten the day before, and hefilled the bread baskets with bread as fast as he could. He mixed winealso in bowls of ivy-wood, and took his seat facing Ulysses. Then theylaid their hands on the good things that were before them, and as soonas they had had enough to eat and drink Telemachus said to Eumaeus,"Old friend, where does this stranger come from? How did his crewbring him to Ithaca, and who were they?-for assuredly he did notcome here by land"'
3. 我们一直在配合部门(阳泉市场监管局)调查。

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      The men of Rhodes, being rather constrained thereto, then of anyfree disposition in themselves, with teares in their eyes, deliveredIphigenia to Chynon; who beholding her in like manner to weepe, thusspake unto her. Noble Lady, do not any way discomfort your selfe,for I am your Chynon, who have more right and true title to you, andmuch better doe deserve to enjoy you, by my long continued affectionto you, then Pasimondo can any way plead; because you belong to himbut onely by promise. So, bringing her aboord his owne ship, where theGentlemen his companions gave her kinde welcome, without touchingany thing else belonging to the Rhodians, he gave them free liberty todepart.