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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES
2.  "For he died within a year of saying them, and he left a will behindhim. It was the queerest will that has ever been filed in the State ofKansas. His property was divided into three parts, and I was to haveone on condition that I found two Garridebs who would share theremainder. It's five million dollars for each if it is a cent, butwe can't lay a finger on it until we all three stand in a row."It was so big a chance that I just let my legal practice slideand I set forth looking for Garridebs. There is not one in theUnited States. I went through it, sir, with a fine-toothed comb andnever a Garrideb could I catch. Then I tried the old country. Sureenough there was the name in the London telephone directory. I wentafter him two days ago and explained the whole matter to him. But heis a lone man, like myself, with some women relations, but no men.It says three adult men in the will. So you see we still have avacancy, and if you can help to fill it we will be very ready to payyour charges."
3.  Holmes smiled. "There are reasons why we should come at once- verycogent reasons if my theories hold good. To-morrow, Mr. Bennett,will certainly see us in Camford. There is, if I remember right, aninn called the Chequers where the port used to be above mediocrity andthe linen was above reproached. I think, Watson, that our lot forthe next few days might be in less pleasant places."
4.  1904
5.  "If it was one of a pair you should surely be able to match it.""Well, we have them all laid out at the house if you would care tolook them over."
6.  "Lord Backwater tells me that I may place implicit reliance uponyour judgment and discretion. I have determined, therefore, to canupon you and to consult you in reference to the very painful eventwhich has occurred in connection with my wedding. Mr. Lestrade, ofScotland Yard, is acting already in the matter, but he assures me thathe sees no objection to your cooperation, and that he even thinks thatit might be of some assistance. I will call at four o'clock in theafternoon, and, should you have any other engagement at that time, Ihope that you will postpone it, as this matter is of paramountimportance."


1.  "Yes, there are nearly always some there."
2.  "You mean the old fellow who has just gone out?"
3.  Leaving the unconscious man in the charge of my housekeeper, weall three went down to the deadly lagoon. On the shingle there waspiled a little heap of towels and clothes left by the stricken man.Slowly I walked round the edge of the water, my comrades in Indianfile behind me. Most of the pool was quite shallow, but under thecliff where the beach was hollowed out it was four or five feetdeep. It was to this part that a swimmer would naturally go, for itformed a beautiful pellucid green pool as clear as crystal. A lineof rocks lay above it at the base of the cliff, and along this I ledthe way, peering eagerly into the depths beneath me. I had reached thedeepest and stillest pool when my eyes caught that for which they weresearching, and I burst into a shout of triumph.
4.  The relations between us in those latter days were peculiar. He wasa man of habits, narrow and concentrated habits, and I had becomeone of them. As an institution I was like the violin, the shagtobacco, the old black pipe, the index books, and others perhapsless excusable. When it was a case of active work and a comrade wasneeded upon whose nerve he could place some reliance, my role wasobvious. But apart from this I had uses. I was a whetstone for hismind. I stimulated him. He liked to think aloud in my presence. Hisremarks could hardly be said to be made to me- many of them would havebeen as appropriately addressed to his bedstead- but none the less,having formed the habit, it had become in some way helpful that Ishould register and interject. If I irritated him by a certainmethodical slowness in my mentality, that irritation served only tomake his own flame-like intuitions and impressions flash up the morevividly and swiftly. Such was my humble role in our alliance.When I arrived at Baker Street I found him huddled up in hisarmchair with updrawn knees, his pipe in his mouth and his browfurrowed with thought. It was clear that he was in the throes ofsome vexatious problem. With a wave of his hand he indicated my oldarmchair, but otherwise for half an hour he gave no sign that he wasaware of my presence. Then with a start he seemed to come from hisreverie, and with his usual whimsical smile he greeted me back to whathad once been my home.
5.  "'There are none missing. there cannot be any missing,' said he."'There are three missing. And you know where they are. Must Icall you a liar as well as a thief? Did I not see you trying to tearoff another piece?'
6.  "Youngish, sir- not over thirty."


1.  "That is it on the dressing-table."
2.  "Show him up, Billy. This is the eminent peer who represents thevery highest interests," said Holmes. "He is an excellent and loyalperson, but rather of the old regime. Shall we make him unbend? Darewe venture upon a slight liberty? He knows, we may conjecture, nothingof what has occurred."
3.  "These are samples of the questions and answers which made up ourstrange half-spoken, half-written conversation. Again and again Ihad to ask him whether he would give in and sign the documents.Again and again I had the same indignant reply. But soon a happythought came to me. I took to adding on little sentences of my ownto each question, innocent ones at first, to test whether either ofour companions knew anything of the matter, and then, as I foundthat they showed no sign I played a more dangerous game. Ourconversation ran something like this:
4.  "Having gathered these facts, Watson, I smoked several pipes overthem, trying to separate those which were crucial from others whichwere merely incidental. There could be no question that the mostdistinctive and suggestive point in the case was the singulardisappearance of the door-key. A most careful search had failed todiscover it in the room. Therefore it must have been taken from it.But neither the colonel nor the colonel's wife could have taken it.That was perfectly clear. Therefore a third person must have enteredthe room. And that third person could only have come in through thewindow. It seemed to me that a careful examination of the room and thelawn might possibly reveal some traces of this mysteriousindividual. You know my methods, Watson. There was not one of themwhich I did not apply to the inquiry. And it ended by my discoveringtraces, but very different ones from those which I had expected. Therehad been a man in the room, and he had crossed the lawn coming fromthe road. I was able to obtain five very clear impressions of hisfootmarks: one in the roadway itself, at the point where he hadclimbed the low wall, two on the lawn, and two very faint ones uponthe stained boards near the window where he had entered. He hadapparently rushed across the lawn, for his toe-marks were muchdeeper than his heels. But it was not the man who surprised me. It washis companion."
5.   "I was not sure, but I know now. Well now, Susan, it will be worthten pounds to you if you will tell me who is at the back of Barney.""Someone that could lay down a thousand pounds for every ten youhave in the world."
6.  "And what did you learn from him?"


1.  "I am clearing out of here. I've had enough of you all. I'll sendfor my box to-morrow." She flounced for the door.
2.  "There are cases enough here, Watson," said he, looking at me withmischievous eyes. "I think that if you knew all that I had in this boxyou would ask me to pull some out instead of putting others in.""These are the records of your early work, then?" I asked. "I haveoften wished that I had notes of those cases."
3.  (See illustration.)
4、  "Only that it is a remarkable cow which walks, canters, and gallops.By George! Watson, it was no brain of a country publican thatthought out such a blind as that. The coast seems to be clear, savefor that lad in the smithy. Let us slip out and see what we can see."There were two rough-haired, unkempt horses in the tumble-downstable. Holmes raised the hind leg of one of them and laughed aloud."Old shoes, but newly shod-old shoes, but new nails. This casedeserves to be a classic. Let us go across to the smithy."The lad continued his work without regarding us. I saw Holmes'seye darting to right and left among the litter of iron and woodwhich was scattered about the floor. Suddenly, however, we heard astep behind us, and there was the landlord, his heavy eyebrows drawnover his savage eyes, his swarthy features convulsed with passion.He held a short, metal-headed stick in his hand, and he advanced in somenacing a fashion that I was right glad to feel the revolver in mypocket.
5、  "It is all surmise."




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      "There has been some new development?"

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      "No, no. The place belonged to her late husband, Sir James Norbertonhas no claim on it at all. It is only a life interest and reverts toher husband's brother. Meantime, she draws the rents every year.""And brother Robert, I suppose, spends the said rents?""That is about the size of it. He is a devil of a fellow and mustlead her a most uneasy life. Yet I have heard that she is devoted tohim. But what is amiss at Shoscombe?"

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       "One day--it was in March, 1883--a letter with a foreign stamplay upon the table in front of the colonel's plate. It was not acommon thing for him to receive letters, for his bills were allpaid in ready money, and he had no friends of any sort. `FromIndia!' said he as he took it up, `Pondicherry postmark! What canthis be?' Opening it hurriedly, out there jumped five little driedorange pips, which pattered down upon his plate. I began to laughat this, but the laugh was struck from my lips at the sight of hisface. His lip had fallen, his eyes were protruding, his skin thecolour of putty, and he glared at the envelope which he still heldin his trembling hand, `K. K. K.!' he shrieked, and then, `My God,my God, my sins have overtaken me!'

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      We continued our systematic survey of the edge of the sodden portionof the moor, and soon our perseverance was gloriously rewarded.Right across the lower part of the bog lay a miry path. Holmes gavea cry of delight as he approached it. An impression like a fine bundleof telegraph wires ran down the centre of it. It was the Palmer tyres."Here is Herr Heidegger, sure enough!" cried Holmes, exultantly. "Myreasoning seems to have been pretty sound, Watson."

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    {  "Unfortunately, madam, I had no possible alternative. I have beencommissioned to recover this immensely important paper. I musttherefore ask you, madam, to be kind enough to place it in my hands."The lady sprang to her feet, with the colour all dashed in aninstant from her beautiful face. Her eyes glazed- she tottered- Ithought that she would faint. Then with a grand effort she ralliedfrom the shock, and a supreme astonishment and indignation chasedevery other expression from her features.

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      "I've got my facts pretty clear," said Stanley Hopkins. "All Iwant now is to know what they all mean. The story, so far as I canmake it out, is like this. Some years ago this country house, YoxleyOld Place, was taken by an elderly man, who gave the name of ProfessorCoram. He was an invalid, keeping his bed half the time, and the otherhalf hobbling round the house with a stick or being pushed about thegrounds by the gardener in a Bath chair. He was well liked by thefew neighbours who called upon him, and he has the reputation downthere of being a very learned man. His household used to consist of anelderly housekeeper, Mrs. Marker, and of a maid, Susan Tarlton.These have both been with him since his arrival, and they seem to bewomen of excellent character. The professor is writing a learned book,and he found it necessary, about a year ago, to engage a secretary.The first two that he tried were not successes, but the third, Mr.Willoughby Smith, a very young man straight from the university, seemsto have been just what his employer wanted. His work consisted inwriting all the morning to the professor's dictation, and he usuallyspent the evening in hunting up references and passages which boreupon the next day's work. This Willoughby Smith has nothing againsthim, either as a boy at Uppingham or as a young man at Cambridge. Ihave seen his testimonials, and from the first he was a decent, quiet,hard-worlding fellow, with no weak spot in him at all. And yet this isthe lad who has met his death this morning in the professor's studyunder circumstances which can point only to murder."}

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      "My God! It's Watson," said he. He was in a pitiable state ofreaction, with every nerve in a twitter. "I say, Watson, whato'clock is it?"

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      "I should have followed him through the open window if I had beenstronger. As it was, I rang the bell and roused the house. It tooksome little time, for the bell rings in the kitchen and the servantsall sleep upstairs. I shouted, however, and that brought Josephdown, and he roused the others. Joseph and the groom found marks onthe bed outside the window, but the weather has been so dry latelythat they found it hopeless to follow the trail across the grass.There's a place, however, on the wooden fence which skirts the roadwhich shows signs, they tell me, as if someone had got over, and hadsnapped the top of the rail in doing so. I have said nothing to thelocal police yet, for I thought I had best have your opinion first."This tale of our client's appeared to have an extraordinary effectupon Sherlock Holmes. He rose from his chair and paced about theroom in uncontrollable excitement.

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       "No, I have moved nothing."

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    {  "Well, it corroborates the young man's story to the extent thatthe will was drawn up by Jonas Oldacre in his journey yesterday. It iscurious- is it not?- that a man should draw up so important a documentin so haphazard a fashion. It suggests that he did not think it wasgoing to be of much practical importance. If a man drew up a willwhich he did not intend ever to be effective, he might do it so.""Well, he drew up his own death warrant at the same time," saidLestrade.

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      "'Which way did the woman go?' I cried.