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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And I as a dutiful son, as they choose that I shall bedescended from you."
2.  "From time to time Caderousse darted on his wife keen,searching glances, but rapid as the lightning flash. Thestorm still continued. `There, there,' said La Carconte; `doyou hear that? upon my word, you did well to come back.' --`Nevertheless,' replied the jeweller, `if by the time I havefinished my supper the tempest has at all abated, I shallmake another start.' -- `It's the mistral,' said Caderousse,`and it will be sure to last till to-morrow morning.' Hesighed heavily. -- `Well,' said the jeweller, as he placedhimself at table, `all I can say is, so much the worse forthose who are abroad.' -- `Yes,' chimed in La Carconte,`they will have a wretched night of it.'
3.  Noirtier's face remained perfectly passive during this longpreamble, while, on the contrary, Villefort's eye wasendeavoring to penetrate into the inmost recesses of the oldman's heart.
4.  * Frederic Lemaitre -- French actor (1800-1876). RobertMacaire is the hero of two favorite melodramas -- "Chien deMontargis" and "Chien d'Aubry" -- and the name is applied tobold criminals as a term of derision.
5.  "At least, we shall see each other again, M. Morrel?" askedPenelon.
6.  Sinbad started and looked fixedly at him, as he replied,"What makes you suppose so?"


1.  "One only."
2.  "I said they would skin me," thought Danglars; but resolvingto resist the extortion, he said, "Come, how much do I oweyou for this fowl?"
3.  "Which is undergoing great fatigue and anxiety, my dearduke, when we have a telegraph which transmits messages inthree or four hours, and that without getting in the leastout of breath."
4.  "By me? Not at all, prince," said Monte Cristo laying amarked stress on the title, "what have I done for you? Arenot your name, your social position, and your meritsufficient?"
5.  "Yes, I will tell you all; but take away the young man; Icannot endure his presence."
6.  "That's better," cried the abbe; "now we are on the rightscent. Did you take anybody with you when you put into theport of Elba?"


1.  M. de Boville had indeed met the funeral procession whichwas taking Valentine to her last home on earth. The weatherwas dull and stormy, a cold wind shook the few remainingyellow leaves from the boughs of the trees, and scatteredthem among the crowd which filled the boulevards. M. deVillefort, a true Parisian, considered the cemetery ofPere-la-Chaise alone worthy of receiving the mortal remainsof a Parisian family; there alone the corpses belonging tohim would be surrounded by worthy associates. He hadtherefore purchased a vault, which was quickly occupied bymembers of his family. On the front of the monument wasinscribed: "The families of Saint-Meran and Villefort," forsuch had been the last wish expressed by poor Renee,Valentine's mother. The pompous procession therefore wendedits way towards Pere-la-Chaise from the FaubourgSaint-Honore. Having crossed Paris, it passed through theFaubourg du Temple, then leaving the exterior boulevards, itreached the cemetery. More than fifty private carriagesfollowed the twenty mourning-coaches, and behind them morethan five hundred persons joined in the procession on foot.
2.  "It is a great honor to me," returned Monte Cristo, "to bethus, on the first day of my arrival in Paris, brought incontact with a man whose merit equals his reputation, and towhom fortune has for once been equitable, but has she notstill on the plains of Metidja, or in the mountains ofAtlas, a marshal's staff to offer you?"
3.  "May I know the cause which procures me the pleasure ofseeing M. de Morcerf so early?"
4.  "The result was that the two men communicated with oneanother; how long they did so, nobody knows. One day the oldman fell ill and died. Now guess what the young one did?"
5.   "He shall receive then on returning from the mayor's."*
6.  "It is not he who plays!" exclaimed Lucien; "it is MadameDanglars: she is indeed daring."


1.  "Oh, no," answered Franz, "I had no such intention; and evenif I had felt a wish to witness the spectacle, I might havedone so from Monte Pincio -- could I not?"
2.  "So far I have appeared to answer his purpose."
3.  "Oh, it must not be called suffering; I feel a generaluneasiness, that is all. I have lost my appetite, and mystomach feels as if it were struggling to get accustomed tosomething." Noirtier did not lose a word of what Valentinesaid. "And what treatment do you adopt for this singularcomplaint?"
4、  "Impossible, madame; justice has its formalities."
5、  Penelon rolled his quid in his cheek, placed his hand beforehis mouth, turned his head, and sent a long jet oftobacco-juice into the antechamber, advanced his foot,balanced himself, and began, -- "You see, M. Morrel," saidhe, "we were somewhere between Cape Blanc and Cape Boyador,sailing with a fair breeze, south-south-west after a week'scalm, when Captain Gaumard comes up to me -- I was at thehelm I should tell you -- and says, `Penelon, what do youthink of those clouds coming up over there?' I was just thenlooking at them myself. `What do I think, captain? Why Ithink that they are rising faster than they have anybusiness to do, and that they would not be so black if theydidn't mean mischief.' -- `That's my opinion too,' said thecaptain, `and I'll take precautions accordingly. We arecarrying too much canvas. Avast, there, all hands! Take inthe studding-sl's and stow the flying jib.' It was time; thesquall was on us, and the vessel began to heel. `Ah,' saidthe captain, `we have still too much canvas set; all handslower the mains'l!' Five minutes after, it was down; and wesailed under mizzen-tops'ls and to'gall'nt sails. `Well,Penelon,' said the captain, `what makes you shake yourhead?' `Why,' I says, `I still think you've got too muchon.' `I think you're right,' answered he, `we shall have agale.' `A gale? More than that, we shall have a tempest, orI don't know what's what.' You could see the wind cominglike the dust at Montredon; luckily the captain understoodhis business. `Take in two reefs in the tops'ls,' cried thecaptain; `let go the bowlin's, haul the brace, lower theto'gall'nt sails, haul out the reef-tackles on the yards.'"




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      "And Mademoiselle d'Armilly," said the banker; "do youconsider her no one?" Then, turning to Monte Cristo, hesaid, "Prince Cavalcanti is a charming young man, is he not?But is he really a prince?"

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      "Oh, my poor mother," said Villefort, "to have such dutiesto perform at your age after such a blow!"

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      "The count had three windows at the Rospoli Palace?"

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    {  "Why so?"

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      "Had you commissioned me?" said Monte Cristo, feigninguneasiness.}

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      "Cedant arma togae," said Villefort with a bow.

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      "I fancy I have seen him before; and I even think herecognizes me."

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       "Touch nothing, my little friend," cried the count eagerly;"some of those liquids are not only dangerous to taste, buteven to inhale."

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    {  "Most likely," replied Vampa coolly.

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      "On yourself, then, unhappy man; on yourself?"