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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  So saying, he pulled out his own handkerchief, likewise a veryelegant handkerchief, and of fine cambric--though cambric wasdear at the period--but a handkerchief without embroidery andwithout arms, only ornamented with a single cipher, that of itsproprietor.
2.  This was too much for Felton.
3.  "Your Milady," said he, "appears to be an infamous creature,but not the less you have done wrong to deceive her. In onefashion or another you have a terrible enemy on your hands."While thus speaking Athos regarded with attention thesapphire set with diamonds which had taken, on D'Artagnan'sfinger, the place of the queen's ring, carefully kept in acasket.
4.  "The breakfast for these gentlemen is ready," said the host."Well, bring it," said Athos.
5.  "Did he come to arrest me?"
6.  "Yet I must know his name."


1.  "What is it?" said the light-horseman.
2.  "You jest!" said she, in a hollow voice.
3.  "Besides, in what manner can I make advances first?""By doing a thing which you know will be agreeable to her.""What is that?"
4.  "And you know who she is?"
5.  Half an hour after the entrance of the king, fresh acclamationswere heard; these announced the arrival of the queen. Thealdermen did as they had done before, and preceded by theirsergeants, advanced to receive their illustrious guest. Thequeen entered the great hall; and it was remarked that, like theking, she looked dull and even weary.
6.  "And now, my dear Athos," said he, "do me the kindness totell me where we are going?"


1.  "Her lover."
2.  "She then arose, and with altered voice, 'Ladies,' said she,'wait for me ten minutes, I shall soon return.' She then openedthe door of her alcove, and went out."
3.  "Scoundrel, infamous scoundrel!" howled Milady.
4.  "I have this," said he.
5.   "So that now it is no longer hatred, but vengeance.""Indeed!"
6.  Planchet mounted by the window and installed himself across thedoorway, while Grimaud went and shut himself up in the stable,undertaking that by five o'clock in the morning he and the fourhorses should be ready.


1.  "You are right; and upon my soul, I would give my life for ahair," said Athos. "Fortunately, the day after tomorrow weleave Paris. We are going according to all probability toLa Rochelle, and once gone--"
2.  "A knife, which she would return to me through the grating of thedoor a minute after she had received it," replied Felton."There is someone, then, concealed here whose throat this amiablelady is desirous of cutting," said De Winter, in an ironical,contemptuous tone.
3.  "What's the manner?" cried Athos. "Has she left Armentieres?"Grimaud made a sign in the affirmative. D'Artagnan groaned his teeth."Silence, D'Artagnan!" said Athos. I have charged myself with thisaffair. It is for me, then, to interrogate Grimaud.""Where is she?" asked Athos.
4、  "Seven thousand livres, in louis of twelve francs.""Seven thousand livres!" cried Porthos. "That poor littlediamond was worth seven thousand livres?"
5、  D'Artagnan bowed to the duke, and made his way as quickly aspossible to the riverside. Opposite the Tower of London he foundthe vessel that had been named to him, delivered his letter tothe captain, who after having it examined by the governor of theport made immediate preparations to sail.




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      "I will tell him that."

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      "You are afraid, Planchet?"

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       "He furnishes it, it is true, but he does not know that he hasthat honor."

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      "Yes, that's it, no doubt!" said Milady, returning the letter to Mme.Bonacieux, and letting her head sink pensively upon her bosom.At that moment they heard the gallop of a horse.

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    {  "Madame," replied Bonacieux, "your august mistress is aperfidious Spaniard, and what the cardinal does is well done.""Monsieur," said the young woman, "I know you to be cowardly,avaricious, and foolish, but I never till now believed youinfamous!"

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      "I will not suffer it! No, no, I would rather die!" cried thequeen, in whom the imperious blood of Spain and Austria began torise.}

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      Meanwhile the king, who, with more reason than the cardinal,showed his hatred for Buckingham, although scarcely arrivedwas in such a haste to meet the enemy that he commandedevery disposition to be made to drive the English from theIsle of Re, and afterward to press the siege of La Rochelle;but notwithstanding his earnest wish, he was delayed by thedissensions which broke out between MM. Bassompierre andSchomberg, against the Duc d'Angouleme.

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      "Do you know the numbers?"

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       "Marie Michon."

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    {  "Beware, D'Artagnan, beware," said Aramis. "You grow a littletoo warm, in my opinion, about the fate of Madame Bonacieux.Woman was created for our destruction, and it is from her weinherit all our miseries."

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      One day, when he had an appointment with a duchess, he endeavoredeven to borrow it of Athos. Athos, without saying anything,emptied his pockets, got together all his jewels, purses,aiguillettes, and gold chains, and offered them all to Porthos;but as to the sword, he said it was sealed to its place andshould never quit it until its master should himself quit hislodgings. In addition to the sword, there was a portraitrepresenting a nobleman of the time of Henry III, dressed withthe greatest elegance, and who wore the Order of the Holy Ghost;and this portrait had certain resemblances of lines with Athos,certain family likenesses which indicated that this great noble,a knight of the Order of the King, was his ancestor.Besides these, a casket of magnificent goldwork, with the samearms as the sword and the portrait, formed a middle ornament tothe mantelpiece, and assorted badly with the rest of thefurniture. Athos always carried the key of this coffer abouthim; but he one day opened it before Porthos, and Porthos wasconvinced that this coffer contained nothing but letters andpapers--love letters and family papers, no doubt.Porthos lived in an apartment, large in size and of verysumptuous appearance, in the Rue du Vieux-Colombier. Every timehe passed with a friend before his windows, at one of whichMousqueton was sure to be placed in full livery, Porthos raisedhis head and his hand, and said, "That is my abode!" But he wasnever to be found at home; he never invited anybody to go up withhim, and no one could form an idea of what his sumptuousapartment contained in the shape of real riches.