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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Not trained to reason or introspect himself, he could not analysethe change that was taking place in his mind, and hence his body,but he felt the depression of it. Constant comparison betweenhis old state and his new showed a balance for the worse, whichproduced a constant state of gloom or, at least, depression.Now, it has been shown experimentally that a constantly subduedframe of mind produces certain poisons in the blood, calledkatastates, just as virtuous feelings of pleasure and delightproduce helpful chemicals called anastates. The poisonsgenerated by remorse inveigh against the system, and eventuallyproduce marked physical deterioration. To these Hurstwood wassubject.
2.  "Well, my dear," he asked, "how did you come out?"
3.  "We'll go some other time," she said at last, finding no readymeans of escape.
4.  He got up and looked out the window into the chilly street. Itcame gradually into his mind, as he stood there, to go toBrooklyn.
5.  So now, the house, to his mind, had a most pleasing andcomfortable appearance. In the hall he found an evening paper,laid there by the maid and forgotten by Mrs. Hurstwood. In thedining-room the table was clean laid with linen and napery andshiny with glasses and decorated china. Through an open door hesaw into the kitchen, where the fire was crackling in the stoveand the evening meal already well under way. Out in the smallback yard was George, Jr., frolicking with a young dog he hadrecently purchased, and in the parlour Jessica was playing at thepiano, the sounds of a merry waltz filling every nook and cornerof the comfortable home. Every one, like himself, seemed to haveregained his good spirits, to be in sympathy with youth andbeauty, to be inclined to joy and merry-making. He felt as if hecould say a good word all around himself, and took a most genialglance at the spread table and polished sideboard before goingupstairs to read his paper in the comfortable armchair of thesitting-room which looked through the open windows into thestreet. When he entered there, however, he found his wifebrushing her hair and musing to herself the while.
6.  Carrie thought this over. She had never been on the road.


1.  How true it is that words are but the vague shadows of thevolumes we mean. Little audible links, they are, chainingtogether great inaudible feelings and purposes. Here were thesetwo, bandying little phrases, drawing purses, looking at cards,and both unconscious of how inarticulate all their real feelingswere. Neither was wise enough to be sure of the working of themind of the other. He could not tell how his luring succeeded.She could not realise that she was drifting, until he secured heraddress. Now she felt that she had yielded something--he, thathe had gained a victory. Already they felt that they weresomehow associated. Already he took control in directing theconversation. His words were easy. Her manner was relaxed.
2.  "Your turn next, Miss Madenda," said the prompter.
3.  "I don't think he wants to buy," he said to himself. "He doesn'ttalk right."
4.  He sat down in a rocking-chair to think the better, drawing upone leg on his knee and frowning mightily. His mind ran on at agreat rate.
5.  Chapter XXII
6.  "Oh, an hour or so ago. What makes you ask that?"


1.  Mrs. Hurstwood bit her lip.
2.  "I don't know. He's got a high fever."
3.  "If we got married as soon as we got to the other end of thejourney it would be all right."
4.  Carrie became disgusted. "Such a man," she said to herselffrequently. More and more she visited. She put most of herspare money in clothes, which, after all, was not an astonishingamount. At last the opera she was with announced its departurewithin four weeks. "Last two weeks of the Great Comic Operasuccess ----The--------," etc., was upon all billboards and inthe newspapers, before she acted.
5.   "That is good," he said. "If she'll do that all through, I thinkit will take."
6.  Hurstwood laid down his fifteen cents and crept off with wearysteps to his allotted room. It was a dingy affair--wooden,dusty, hard. A small gas-jet furnished sufficient light for sorueful a corner.


1.  "He couldn't hurt you," she returned. "You might have some funwith him."
2.  They decided to move Friday, which was two days away. Now thatthe thing was settled, Carrie's heart misgave her. She felt verymuch like a criminal in the matter. Each day looking atHurstwood, she had realised that, along with the disagreeablenessof his attitude, there was something pathetic.
3.  "Oh, dat iss all over," said the German. "I vill not sell now."
4、  Hurstwood sat and read by his radiator in the corner. He did nottry to think about his need of work. This storm being soterrific, and tying up all things, robbed him of the need. Hemade himself wholly comfortable and toasted his feet.
5、  "You are to use this room, Miss Madenda," said one of the stagelackeys.




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      "Were you at McVickar's?" said Hurstwood, with the best grace inthe world.

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      Drouet took on a slightly more serious tone. He was uncertain asto whether she was joking or not.

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       "I'd get that idea out of my head, if I were you. It's a lotmore difficult than you think."

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      The result of this was that she secretly resolved to try. Itdidn't matter about him. She was not going to be dragged intopoverty and something worse to suit him. She could act. Shecould get something and then work up. What would he say then?She pictured herself already appearing in some fine performanceon Broadway; of going every evening to her dressing-room andmaking up. Then she would come out at eleven o'clock and see thecarriages ranged about, waiting for the people. It did notmatter whether she was the star or not. If she were only oncein, getting a decent salary, wearing the kind of clothes sheliked, having the money to do with, going here and there as shepleased, how delightful it would all be. Her mind ran over thispicture all the day long. Hurstwood's dreary state made itsbeauty become more and more vivid.

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    {  Carrie had thought of going for a walk, and had put on a lightgrey woollen dress with a jaunty double-breasted jacket. She hadout her hat and gloves, and was fastening a white lace tie abouther throat when the housemaid brought up the information that Mr.Hurstwood wished to see her.

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      "Hurstwood!" exclaimed Carrie, rising. Her face had changedseveral shades since this announcement was made. She lookedwithin and without herself in a half-dazed way.}

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      "No," said Lola, "not very often. You won't go anywhere. That'swhat's the matter with you."

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      Hurstwood sat and read by his radiator in the corner. He did nottry to think about his need of work. This storm being soterrific, and tying up all things, robbed him of the need. Hemade himself wholly comfortable and toasted his feet.

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       "I'll not give him the rest of my money," said Carrie. "I doenough. I am going to get me something to wear."

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    {  The second time he gave a similar excuse, but the third time thefeeling about it in Carrie's mind was a little bit out of theordinary.

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      Drouet's assurance now misgave him. Shallow as was his mentalobservation, there was that in the things which had happenedwhich made his little power of analysis useless. Carrie wasstill with him, but not helpless and pleading. There was a liltin her voice which was new. She did not study him with eyesexpressive of dependence. The drummer was feeling the shadow ofsomething which was coming. It coloured his feelings and madehim develop those little attentions and say those little wordswhich were mere forefendations against danger.