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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Monsieur, I have eaten and drunk respectfully the crown you gaveme this morning, so that I have not a sou left in case I shouldbe cold."
2.  "That's true," said Athos, after a moment's silence, "that'strue! I never had one! Let us drink!"
3.  "Oh, he would kill me!"
5.  "Her lover."
6.  "Why so?"


1.  "And yet, me--you see plainly that I love you."
2.  "But," said D'Artagnan, "shall we not pursue that woman?""Later," said Athos. "I have measures to take."
3.  The storm increase, the flashes succeeded one another more rapidly, thethunder began to growl, and the wind, the precursor of a hurricane,whistled in the plumes and the hair of the horsemen.The cavalcade trotted on more sharply.
4.  He went then to the queen, and according to custom accosted herwith fresh menaces against those who surrounded her. Anne ofAustria lowered her head, allowed the torrent to flow on withoutreplying, hoping that it would cease of itself; but this was notwhat Louis XIII meant. Louis XIII wanted a discussion from whichsome light or other might break, convinced as he was that thecardinal had some afterthought and was preparing for him one ofthose terrible surprises which his Eminence was so skillful ingetting up. He arrived at this end by his persistence inaccusation.
5.  "Oh, my God!" said Mme. Bonacieux, what is that noise?""That of either our friends or our enemies," said Milady, with herterrible coolness. "Stay where you are, I will tell you."Mme. Bonacieux remained standing, mute, motionless, and pale as astatue.
6.  "And I," said Porthos, "do you think my strain cost me nothing?--without reckoning Mousqueton's wound, for which I had to have thesurgeon twice a day, and who charged me double on account of thatfoolish Mousqueton having allowed himself a ball in a part whichpeople generally only show to an apothecary; so I advised him totry never to get wounded there any more."


1.  "Oh, yes, and with all my heart; for I know what it is to bein love."
2.  "Armentieres," read Porthos; "Armentieres? I don't know such aplace."
3.  "I will never confess that but to the man--who should read tothe bottom of my soul!"
4.  "And when can I see this young lady, for whom I already feel so great asympathy?" asked Milady.
5.   The court of his hotel, situated in the Rue du Vieux-Colombier,resembled a camp from by six o'clock in the morning in summer andeight o'clock in winter. From fifty to sixty Musketeers, whoappeared to replace one another in order always to present animposing number, paraded constantly, armed to the teeth and readyfor anything. On one of those immense staircases, upon whosespace modern civilization would build a whole house. Ascended anddescended the office seekers of Paris, who ran after any sort offavor--gentlemen from the provinces anxious to be enrolled, andservants in all sorts of liveries, bringing and carrying messagesbetween their masters and M. de Treville. In the antechamber,upon long circular benches, reposed the elect; that is to say,those who were called. In this apartment a continued buzzingprevailed from morning till night, while M. de Treville, in hisoffice contiguous to this antechamber, received visits, listenedto complaints, gave his orders, and like the king in his balconyat the Louvre, had only to place himself at the window to reviewboth his men and arms.
6.  "The traitor!" murmured Mme. Bonacieux.


1.  "But," said Porthos, "I think I have an idea, in my turn.""Silence for Monsieur Porthos's idea!" said Aramis."I will ask leave of absence of Monsieur de Treville, onsome pretext or other which you must invent; I am not veryclever at pretexts. Milady does not know me; I will getaccess to her without her suspecting me, and when I catch mybeauty, I will strangle her."
2.  "The Guards of the cardinal! And why so?" asked Porthos, warmly."Because he plainly perceives that his piquette* stands in needof being enlivened by a mixture of good wine."
3.  It was not know whether, after the taking of the bastion,the Rochellais had evacuated it or left a garrison in it;the object then was to examine the place near enough toverify the reports.
4、  "Well, then, Monsieur Bernajoux," said D'Artagnan, tranquilly, "Iwill wait for you at the door."
5、  "Eh, how can I tell? My God! I know that I suffer, that's all.Give me anything you like, it is of little consequence.""Go and fetch Lord de Winter," said Felton, tired of theseeternal complaints.




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      "Oh, yes, very well; not only him, but some of his friends, MessieursPorthos and Aramis!"

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      "Are you quite sure of it?"

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       "What, then?" said Aramis, blushing."

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      "You mean to take your horse?"

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    {  "To horse, then, gentlemen; for it is getting late."The attendant was at the door, holding the cardinal's horseby the bridle. At a short distance a group of two men andthree horses appeared in the shade. These were the two menwho were to conduct Milady to the fort of the Point, andsuperintend her embarkation.

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      "On the contrary, my dear friend, this diamond became our onlyresource; with it I might regain our horses and their harnesses,and even money to pay our expenses on the road."}

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      "He must be called upon, and so ascertain if the thing be true ornot."

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      Then her brow darkened. "If he tells the baron," said she, "I amlost--for the baron, who knows very well that I shall not killmyself, will place me before him with a knife in my hand, and hewill discover that all this despair is but acted."She placed herself before the glass, and regarded herselfattentively; never had she appeared more beautiful."Oh, yes," said she, smiling, "but we won't tell him!"In the evening Lord de Winter accompanied the supper."Sir," said Milady, "is your presence an indispensable accessoryof my captivity? Could you not spare me the increase of torturewhich your visits cause me?"

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       "Tell me who this man was!" cried the young officer.Milady saw at a single glance all the painful feelings sheinspired in Felton by dwelling on every detail of her recital;but she would not spare him a single pang. The more profoundlyshe wounded his heart, the more certainly he would avenge her.She continued, then, as if she had not heard his exclamation, oras if she thought the moment was not yet come to reply to it."Only this time it was no longer an inert body, without feeling,that the villain had to deal with. I have told you that withoutbeing able to regain the complete exercise of my faculties, Iretained the sense of my danger. I struggled, then, with all mystrength, and doubtless opposed, weak as I was, a longresistance, for I heard him cry out, 'These miserable Puritans!I knew very well that they tired out their executioners, but Idid not believe them so strong against their lovers!'"Alas! this desperate resistance could not last long. I felt mystrength fail, and this time it was not my sleep that enabled thecoward to prevail, but my swoon."

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    {  On their way they met Grimaud. Athos made him a sign tocome with them. Grimaud, according to custom, obeyed insilence; the poor lad had nearly come to the pass offorgetting how to speak.

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      "Hold your tongue, Porthos," said Athos; "you are insupportable.""'--will you enter this carriage, and that without offering theleast resistance, without making the least noise?'""He took you for Buckingham!" cried D'Artagnan.